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  1. I hadn't updated this thread in over a year, and in that time the mod came out... oops? Well anyways, Dreamweb 2 became Halo CE+, which you can find on ModDB. https://www.moddb.com/mods/halo-ce/downloads Release contains 4 MP maps and released on 3 platforms: MCC, Custom Edition, & Xbox (2 maps)
  2. It's been about a month since I posted the OP for the thread, wanted to let people know that despite some really messy personal problems I'm still working on this. Core tagset is getting much closer to completion, with me moving much of my focus on vehicles. Admittedly development slowed down a lot in the last month but that's primarily my fault, I hope to also get more of the pre-halo content ready for next update as well. Future update posts will hopefully be monthly depending on everything.
  3. WHAT IS DREAMWEB 2? Dreamweb 2 is a project by VKMT, a modding team I've been leading with a bunch of friends for the last 6 years. Dreamweb 2 is a brand new project, built from the ground up, with little being reused from the original. If you're wondering what Dreamweb 1 was, here you go: https://haloce3.com/downloads/tags/misc-tags/dreamweb-final/ Dreamweb 2 aims to go back to the roots of Halo 1 and Custom Edition, fueled by our love of much simpler mods and fun maps such as Coldsnap and Extinction. We're offering a much more customizable version of many of the assets featured in Halo CE. Things similar to this have been done in the past but not to this extent. Dreamweb 2 will feature a much more customizable version of the base Halo 1 tagset, with features such as color change. Dreamweb 2 will also offer extended content such as new weapons, weapon variants, content from pre-release versions of Halo, and more. We hope to bring new life into Custom Edition by providing both players and modders new content to add to the Halo CE sandbox. We may look into the possibility of bringing Dreamweb 2 to MCC but at the moment that is not a priority. ASSET CUSTOMIZATION The assets in Dreamweb 2 are primarily designed to be easy to use and modifiable both within the engine or your 3D modelling program of choice (exporting models to CE still requires 3DSMax for now). Being able to make changes should not only be simple but it should also be fun. One of the major features (and a carryover from Dreamweb 1) is making our core tags all color change enabled. Many of our weapons utilize all the color change flags to manipulate as many areas of a weapon as possible. This will also prevent the age old problem of stuffing maps with multiple texture files with certain changes just for certain color or variant changes. This also means you can do these sorts of changes through a real-time tag editor, such as the one originally made by Sprinkle. In the demo video above, we showcase the real-time editor being used to change the Assault Rifle's appearance. We have worked to ensure these color change features can be applied to any other assets based on their original H1 weapon (weapons that share the same unwrap and texture data), for example, here is the Assault Rifle CC shaders on Vuthakral's Pre-Halo AR. Likewise, Covenant weapons are equally modifiable. Beyond color change customization, we are also working to streamline the process of changing particle effect colors. We are also working on model variants for certain weapons (Assault Rifle by savinpvtmike). NEW CONTENT AND FEATURES Besides modified content, new and original content is being made for Dreamweb 2 as well. One of the pieces of content you might already know about is our Pre-Xbox Halo Spartan. NOTE: THIS ASSET IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS While we have come a long way in making a faithful version to that spartan model, there are still adjustments being made by team members to get it as close to 1:1 as possible. We are looking forward to adding more pre-xbox content to DW2 in the future. Revamped content such as the Pre-Xbox Assault Rifle (by Vuthakral and myself) as well as Halo CE styled Halo 2 assets will be coming as a part of Dreamweb 2. The video below shows a few of the human weapons in action: We are also adding new HUD variants, such as this HUD based on the Gamestock 2001 gameplay reveal of Halo: You may have noticed that the screenshot above takes place on A30. The reason for that is simple, Dreamweb 2 will also encapsulate a modified version of the Halo: Combat Evolved campaign utilizing our new tagset. This is not meant to be a reimagining of the Halo: Combat Evolved campaign (unlike SPV3) but instead a showcase of the tags as well as a classic styled remix of the original game. Below, footage of our version of A30: At this time, we do not have a release date for Dreamweb 2. Our plan is to release content packs in stages, beginning with our modified H:CE tagset and ending with our remix of the H:CE campaign. This thread will be updated with releases and progress reports as we hit milestones in development. That is all we have to show for now, please enjoy this final tease as we continue to work on Dreamweb 2: You can also see updates via the Halo CE Reclaimers Discord server! Don't forget to assign yourself the VKMT Updates role to stay up to date. VKMT currently is:
  4. This looks really sweet, I think a lot more people are finally willing to do more stock oriented mods with MCC looming. I always loved old school campaign mods like Contact despite how egregiously flawed they were, and to see more of something like that but with more thought put into it is exciting. I'm happy to see stuff like this, the approach to the 1.5 tagset is definitely an interesting and subtle take on extending the sandbox but I look forward to seeing it nonetheless. How far do you all plan to go for the overall visual quality of the 1.5 tagset? Is a tasteful visual boost in all of CE's assets a goal at some point? EDIT: I'd be interested in giving feedback, you can reach me in my private messages and I'll try to respond after work.
  5. I broke even. The HUD by default is now the stock one, with the option to use the Refined HUD if you already have it. OP has been updated to reflect this change + the new link, nothing else is different. For those wondering why I have 2 versions even though they're mostly interchangeable, it's primarily because of the grenade HUD using the new bitmaps in the interface tag. I don't know too much about HUDs so I'm sure there's other differences.
  6. I'll try to see if I can later update it to also support the stock HUD, not in my current plans at the moment but if enough people are looking for that I'll give it a go.
  7. PRE XBOX STYLED HALO 1 ASSAULT RIFLE (VERSION 1.1) FEATURES: 2 main weapon variants, _gl (based on Macworld 99) and _e3 (based on E3 2000) 4 different skin variants each Modified AR diffuse tif to make your own skins B30_GL test map. Also included Spirals ODSTs in the map because they looked cool NEW IN 1.1: Stock version of HUD, with option to use the Halo CE Refined HUD CREDITS: Sean - Tagging, green and brown skin variant, animation editing, polish and release Echo77 - The original skin that created this idea, used as the "echo" variant in tags Vuthakral - Models for Grenade Launcher and Standard variants AI - Grenade launcher fire animation CMT - BRG Projectile, SPV1 AR, Color Changing Ammo Counter (modified by me) AltSierra117 - 42 Round HUD (modified by me) DOWNLOAD HERE (VERSION 1.1)
  8. I tried asking the SBB sub discord, but the extent of what I got was one good idea and "remake Halo Reach the game." I'm interested in seeing what events in the novels and even other forms of media (Halo Legends maybe?) Could make interesting content for CE, for the sake of making my life not a living hell, please refrain from Insurrection stuff for now. I'll take 343 lore but it's not what I'd ideally like to make for obvious reasons. My current list of ideas is: -Victory at Pegasi Delta (Ghosts of Onyx) -Castle Base (First Strike) -Orbital Defense generators (Fall of Reach) -Siege on Gladshiem (Contact Harvest) (Possible Play as Johnson) -The Rubble (Cole Protocol) (Fighting Thel Vadamee could be interesting) I haven't read all the novels yet but I'm wondering what other noteworthy events there are and to see what I should be reading up on, I didn't list any space battles because I'd ideally want a good amount of infantry based combat. Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing some good ideas.
  9. Due to popular demand the original DINC has been retired, RIP, now it's proper. Dreamweb's initial release is on track for Summer, with the content updates coming shortly after. After the initial release (excluding forerunner weapons which will come in a seperate update) Dreamwebs push will be exclusively on custom content and additions, however we'll give a nice taste of that in the initial release, like this Mark V: (Heavy reworks of the model are in construction) Dutch02 (some of you might recognize that name) is modelling the new armors for Dreamweb, and he's an excellent partner to have for the project. All that really needs to be done for Dreamweb initial is the classic armors, LODs, and some animations for weapons, than it will be ready for all to consume. I'll be ready to talk more Dreamweb during our 3 year anniversary. Although I'll be focusing almost exclusively on post release, as everything that's coming in Dreamweb this summer has already been seen in a mostly polished state. There really aren't too many surprises. Festivities begin April 14th with Black Ops 3, and then ending the 25th with Dreamweb. FINAL NOTE: Is there anyone in here good at UV unwrapping objects and is active? I can handle texturing, thanks to anyone who replies!
  10. Thanks guys, ended up having friends over. We decided to play Roblox as a joke... I now am trying to get banned so I never have to be around the game anymore, 2 probably underage Roblox girls are after me D:
  11. First 15 minutes of being 17, it sucks lmao

  12. I got hipster clothes I'm not gonna wear, and bought a game for myself, just another day for me really. Just another day for me... *shrug*
  13. Merry Christmas. We are also showing off some new BO3 content, this will be the only time its mentioned here, don't worry!
  14. Hey guys, I guess this is worth a little heads up, the team is now called Dreams in a Cryotank, and we also are working on multiple games alongside CE now. We'll be having our next reveal on Xmas, 9 PM PST. And not only will we have some cool new Dreamweb stuff to show, we'll also be showing off content made for Black Ops 3.
  15. The original Sector 09 was a multiple person effort, but the final was only made by one person.