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  1. Nice script, but that video's audio is something else...
  2. Its a map converted from CE to PC, just checked halomaps.org and generally the author is stated there. Ex: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=3426
  3. Sounds like my script, cause that's a known issue with the current release. Sorry haven't posted an updated script yet to resolve that issue.
  4. Thank you, I'll have to keep this video saved.
  5. Didn't know if I should post this in modding but, I was wondering if anyone could find the client counterpart (address not sig) to these: stats_header = 0x5BD720 network_struct = read_dword(sig_scan("F3ABA1????????BA????????C740??????????E8????????668B0D") + 3) Asking because I tried myself and had no luck (even tried what giraffe recommended with using olydbg and also had no luck.) Could be that they don't exist on the client but I'm not sure. Edit: Found: client_network_struct = 0x7FC6A0
  6. I am looking for the address of the re-spawn time address for equipment. If anyone could point me the right way that would be great.
  7. init.txt (prevents fall damage) cheat_jetpack 1 events.txt (teleports them up) event_spawn 'm $n 0 0 50'
  8. Reading the table isn't a problem as long as it is saved the way it is shown above. Also SAPP is using LuaJIT 2.1.0-beta2. print(jit.version)
  9. Update: I am still in need of an ffi module to do this due to the limitations of SAPP's Lua implementation running off of HaloCE's main thread thus causing the server to lock up until the file is finished being saved.
  10. Wont sync properly.
  11. I am in need of a multi-threaded ffi module that can save a Lua table (so that it does not use up HaloCE's thread why saving a large Lua table to a file.) Current Lua code writing the file: https://pastebin.com/s6aVdNkF I need it to save the file formatted like so: return { [1] = { [35] = { [1] = { [1] = "Tooth", [2] = "-1" }, [2] = { [1] = "Donut", [2] = "-1" }, [3] = { [1] = "Hambone", [2] = "-1" }, [4] = { [1] = "Goat", [2] = "-1" } } } }
  12. Fixed, re-download.
  13. This will work as long as they only have one weapon. api_version = "" function OnScriptLoad() register_callback(cb['EVENT_DIE'], "OnPlayerDeath") end function OnScriptUnload() end function OnPlayerDeath(VictimIndex, KillerIndex) local m_object = get_dynamic_player(VictimIndex) if m_object ~= 0 then local m_weaponID = read_dword(m_object + 0x118) local weapon_address = get_object_memory(m_weaponID) if weapon_address ~= 0 then local weapon_tag = lookup_tag(read_dword(weapon_address)) if weapon_tag ~= 0 then local tag = read_string(read_dword(weapon_tag + 0x10)) if tag ~= "weapons\\ball\ball" or tag ~= "weapons\\flag\\flag" then destroy_object(m_weaponID) end end end end end If you need it to check for other weapons let me know. Also since I'm not just using the mapIds it may not work on protected maps, but if you need that I'll re-write it using that then.
  14. This script will allow you to drive as a gunner (and more.) Features: - Drive as gunner - Drive as passenger If there is no driver: (and drive as passenger is false) - Set passenger in driver seat If there is a driver: - Set passenger in gunner seat Download - Seat Mod
  15. Here is the script that was used in that video (also has more options than the version by Shaft.) seat_mod.lua