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  1. Since this is here, this is another version of Chimera (that has Lua support) that I worked on that could be used: https://github.com/it300/Chimera600 Comes with these couple changes (including the ones from gbMichelle's -581)
  2. Is there any way to bypass the stupid limitation in SAPP that makes it so you can't have a Lua script execute `reload`? Trying to set up a script that auto-updates server files (which works) but this block on the reload command is only thing getting in the way. I tried using firebird and crash the server to get it to restart the server (which works on windows as long as you have vcredist 2015 installed) which wont work on linux with the versions of wine that support SAPP. Tried making a module for ffi but failed (and tried to use the execute_script code from chimera -572 because I don't know asm. But kept getting an error saying `"push %0;"` is an unsupported instruction.)
  3. Sweet, if you want an easier way to detect input I have a custom build of Chimera (currently called -17.572) which has 2 Lua API functions like `get_key_press(VK_Key_Code)` `chat_out(Message, Mode)`. chimera.zip Other stuff that was done to this custom version:
  4. I am currently running 10.2.1 on wine fine, up-time hitting the month+ mark. Try different versions (even older versions) of wine in order to get it to run. Each Linux OS can have a quirk that requires a specific version of wine. I primarily work with Ubuntu. Ubuntu 12.04 = wine1.7 Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 = wine1.6 Ubuntu 18.04+ = unknown Also make sure you have English locale packages installed.
  5. Vehicles break balance a lot and it is not something I am interested in doing as it makes the job of the zombies much harder. Giving zombie players grenades just makes things weird for human players as well. The problem giving all zombies camo for 20 seconds when one picks up camo with SAPP is it doesn't have an "ObjectInteraction" callback, which means its a bit more annoying to detect if they picked up a camouflage(but doable.) Also my SAPP script supports the Nav points, it just requires the right game type to be set up. It should be one the ones I included in my release. I do have an updated script on the back burner that is more stable but haven't had enough players in a server to make sure its 100% working the way I want.
  6. A script that, when you enter a vehicle after dying, teleports you to your last checkpoint (maintaining your yaw, pitch, and roll in those checkpoints as well.) This script is primarily made to accommodate maps that revolve around racing in vehicles (ex: halocart.) race_checkpoints.lua Note: Only works for Custom Edition.
  7. That would be a yes, hence this:
  8. I AM NOT ASKING FOR THIS FOR 60 FPS ANIMATIONS. With that out of the way, the reason I am asking for this is to be able to run server and client at 60hz tick-rate. HAC2's recent update allows for the server to sync multiple things with the client, two of which are gravity and tick-rate. The idea is that with the 60hz tick-rate/animations SAPP's nolead will be (in theory) be twice as accurate as it is now. I am willing to put up $50 of my own money at the time to the person that does this, but you must have a PayPal account for me to send money to in order to get it. Requirements of this request are: - Works with chimera_tps 60 (or with HAC2, time 60) - Weapons function as they would in 30hz (so fire rate, reload time, bullet velocity. In my experience, projectile velocity for weapons that use bullets, so sniper, pistol, assault rifle, and ect does not need to be changed.) - Movement is scaled properly - Fall damage stun is corrected - Anything else that is needed to make the game look and feel the way it does in 30hz tick-rate. Things you should not need to do: - Correct tag weights/gravity scale, HAC2/SAPP should manually set these for HAC2 users with the use of the gravity command server side. (In the case that you do correct object gravity scale and weights, please make it known in your post, and don't use the gravity command below when testing. Also if the gravity setting below doesnt work, try cutting it in half again, its bee a while since I tested this.) Optional: - Refined tags Bugs I can forgive: - Inactive vehicles floating after being hit with a melee or explosive (60hz does break some physics checks, I can probably fix this server side with a Lua script.) How would I ask of you to test this? Well first you will need a SAPP 10.2.1 server and HAC2 on your client. HAC2/SAPP should sync the settings below if you have the latest HAC2 from: In SAPP's init.txt you will want these commands: speed_hack_detection 0 gamespeed 60 gravity 0.001782589592 Note: You may need to use 25% gravity ( ‭0.000891294796‬ ), the setting above is 50%. It depends on how you make the maps, not sure but that is the case with this map by Kirby: http://maps.halonet.net/maps/bloodgulch_60fps.zip, but this map used his custom tags are very screwy. SAPP 10.2.1 Halo CE Server Download If you do this please DM me to your finished post with an email I should send the $50 to after I have tested them, thank you.
  9. Do you have any errors from the halocded console? That's the only way I can help. Otherwise it will do that if the command is not used right or map repo is being blocked by EGS.
  10. The combination will: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The client does not need the script, but its not recommended because in other servers it will alter your perception even more of what you think shoudl have hit. But once again: because The script is only useful ON THE CLIENT IF the server has the script as well. Once again, why its NOT RECOMMENDED to be used on the client side.
  11. Here is a little global script for Chimera -572 (and its derivatives) that removes the Flag nav/distance indicator from CTF game modes. Made it because the distance indicator is always in front and can block your view of players or entire bases in the case of using the semi-refined maps by Vaporeon.) remove_ctf_nav.lua
  12. This script will make servers register about 10-30% more of your shots if your cross-hair is red. This script is intended to be used server side only. How the script works: Well what it does is loop through all the bipd tags and change something called the autoaim_width, this is the effective range of the auto_aim in Halo (also known as bullet magnetism.) By reducing the auto_aim width, when you aim correctly the bullets will tend to curve stronger into the bipd, making them more likely to hit, and making the servers simulation more likely to give you the hit. hit_reg_fix.lua
  13. This script does as it says, it spoof's scrim_mode being on. This is because scrim_mode is flawed for many reasons, one of which made this script possible. The idea of scrim_mode was to disable SAPP's cheat commands from being used by server admins in, scrims/competitive matches, but many people have found many ways around this in the past. The bonus of scrim_mode being on is it blocks all other Lua scripts from running, including ones that fix issues in the game, allow new game modes, and more. But with this script, if you type `/info` in chat, it will say scrim_mode is on, even when its not. That is as long as you do not enable scrim_mode within the init or sapp's init. spoof_scrimmode.lua
  14. What this script will do is change a players spawn point if the spawn point picked by the game is under "suppression" (by a friendly player taking damage.) In the case it is suppressed, the script will then force a random ctf spawn (from your team) for you to spawn on. Spawns that are also under suppression or blocked will not be picked as well. This script borrows from Kavawavi's ralliedteams.lua, it was very useful in the making of this script. spawn_point_suppression.lua