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  1. In that case, then it is a good job that my dedi has 72GB of RAM ... And that my current PC has 32GB and my new one, being built later this month will have 64GB...
  2. Here's a question... and I am not sure if this will make sense... If the tag space was to be increased fromm 23MB to 64MB, would that not put extra demands on the computer system's resources? I mean, it would mmake sense if it did...
  3. Hey, thanks for this, could you remind me how it needs to be added? Is it just the "lua_load sprinting.lua" command in the SAPP init.txt file? Here is our server running TSCE_Multiplayer_V1. Not sure if I am allowed to post this here. Shout out to aLTis for reminding me of how to add the script. Thanks. NOTE: Server is not in Germany, it is in USA, the IP was formerly in Germany.
  4. It is the cheats that are destroying this "small community". We know that there are clans out there that allow cheats to play with impunity, but we are certainly not one of those clans. We are doing everything that is possible to keep those cheaters out of our servers, regardless of who they are! A lot of people who play Halo actually come to our boards, and tell us that someone is cheating, and while the most recent ones, we know about as we have banned them before, some multiple times, they keep coming back by changing thier IP, but we have found a potential solution and have implemented it. So far, it appears to be working well as a matter of fact. What I find happens a lot, is that players on Halo, especially a certain few, tend to cheat, and wait to be banned, be it via the autoban system, or via an admin that bans them. They then run to youtube or Facebook and post a video of them being banned but only show the parts where they were not cheating, and make it out that they were banned for "no reason". That is annoying as they never show the full truth and only half of what actually happened. I have no started to live stream all of my games, and now that I have a faster upload speed, I can do so in much better quality. It helps when I need proof of cheats in our servers. Recently, we find that a lot of players are glitching, especially in DangerCanyon where the 2 bases meet with a cliff in between, I have filmed it happen and banned the player doing it, its cheating, and will not be tolerated.
  5. @Kavawuvi, I am as active as I can be, but I find that a lot of players are online when I am in bed, since the US for example are between 5 hours (east coast) and 8 hours (west coast) behind us. This of course does not include Hawaii. It is a struggle to be around when I am so tired, and sometimes, especially at the weekends, I sleep all day to be up and able to play online most of the night, then back to bed for the day. It is something I am trying to mmanage, but it is not easy, believe me. This is why I thought a script could be written that would help us to combat these botting scum of the Halo Community. We have had members of other clans post about people botting in our servers, and most occasions they provide evidence, and I spend hours updating all of the servers to keep that player out, the updates are always done at the weekend usually on a Sunday. People also report that known cheats like "fou" are playing in our servers and I have managed to get the BoS "event" thing to work as well. What we need are more members that we can promote to admins and have them help to moderate our servers, but these days, it is very difficult to get people to join us!
  6. So I have recently heard that someone calling himself "Roberto" has released a new aimbot that can evade SAPP detection scripts... Is there something that scipters in SAPP can do to combat this, evil scourge on the Halo community? Here is the video he uploaded and the download links... The second one, a so called "injector.dll" file cannot be downloaded as Mediafire did the right thing and marked it as "dangerous", well done to them... The download links are on the youtube page if this helps.
  7. Why not? Also, I have sucessfully changed the settings in the server files to show "[PLAYER_NAME], your IP has been logged." Thus, player IP's will no longer be displayed, but are still entered in to the server logs.
  8. I assume you mean "fou", if so, I would have to agree with you. He is one of many toxic players that just don't know how to take know how to take no for an answer! We have had some players from other clans report him, and I have him on our BoS list, and he is unlikely to be removed because he is a cheater and for no other reason. He walls, and there have been reports that he is also an aimbotter as well, which would not surprise me. He will never be allowed on our servers again, as he is not only on a BoS order, but once I get that "nameban" installed, I will be adding him to it, assuming it operates in a similar way to the original "banned.txt" file.
  9. I have found that the IP's that this idiot uses are all from the same general range, I mean the first block is ALWAYS the same, but the others seem to be different. Also the CD key he uses is the same so far in all the entries that I have seen of him joining. We have banned him so many times, that I have lost count, but he always ruins the game for everyone with his cheating and it is frustrating that we cant keep him out. If I was to ban the first block of his IP, assuming that is possible, it would potentially ban millions of other potentially innocent players. This is why I am trying to find a way to keep just "fou" out, and not many other players as a result of that idiots cheating. After updating the events file, the IP is still shown to the player, when I changed it not to, what could be causing it? Side note, I did try to reload SAPP, but got the same issue.
  10. So we have been having a lot of issues with a paticular player recently, calling himself "fou". We have had many occasions where he has seen fit to enter our servers and wall all the time, and I do mean ALL the time. We have had many people visit our forums, often from other clans, and tell us about him and we have been trying to find ways to keep him out of our servers, and the only viable solution was to ban his CD key until we find a solution to this issue. Banning his CD key has resulted in many people visiting our forums saying that they have been banned for no reason, and in a way they are right, but it turns out that banning "fou's" CD key, has also banned them without me realising until today when 2 members of our clan contacted me saying that they were banned. I looked at the logs, and pinned it down to the CD key that they were using being identical to "fou's". I have an event added to the "events.txt" file that should be banning people when they enter, but it does not appear to be working, and wondered if there is some help here that I can get to make it work, so I can keep "fou" out, hopefully. Also, I have changed the server so that instead of saying the players IP address when someone joins, although it is omnly to them, I changed it to say "Your IP has been logged." but after rebooting, it still shows the IP of the player and I qam not sure why. This could be related to the cache, assuming SAPP has one, if so, where would I find it? Thanks again. @Java @Tucker933
  11. Is it possible to get the SAPP files to save in the same location as the init.txt file which I can also move to Google Drive?
  12. Its only stored in the Google Drive folder which is located in the user files, more specifically, my account, and synced constantly to Google via Google Drive Sync so we reduce the risk of losing stuff in the future. Similar to Dropbox.
  13. Thanks. I will look in to this and report back with my results. *EDIT* After looking at the article linked by Kavawuvi, the game servers are stored on multiple seperate physical disks with different drive letters. The article appears to indicate that the symbolic link option is restricted to a single volume, meaning that it would not be possible to use this as an option. Thanks for the idea.
  14. I thought the Matrix was unhackable? LOL!