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  1. I used the default ports and all that so yes. I have five CoD4:Modern Warfare servers running just fine...
  2. If you have an IM program such as Steam, Evolve or Discord, let me know the ID and we can go from there.
  3. I am not sure that is a good idea, my server may detect it is being DDoS'ed or our hosts may say that and shut off my server. I could do teamviewer at some point so you can look at it all for yourself if you like, that's one way to get this figured out I think.
  4. What is it that needs to be done to keep them online? I can write to my hosts and ask them to look in to it if needs be but I am not holding out much hope here.
  5. I have seen the above mentioned thread and I tried it, still crashing... Also, the servers, all 5 of them, are being run on a dedicated server in a large datacenter in the United States. As are all of our dedicated servers.
  6. Solaris is correct. I am running a full dedicated server and trying to run CoD:WaW servers on it... But getting them crash and cannot be scanned by GameTracker. The odd thing is that I have CoD4: Modern Warfare running just fine. I don't know what could be causing this and I have tried everything, literally.
  7. Well, that's something I was trying... But it would not see the game at all, not on the update list. Is there anything you can think of that would cause this?
  8. Basically then, I was right? I knew that neutron stars are only a few miles across, I kind of got my numbers mixed there, I was half asleep when I wrote that post. Indeed, a neutron star is the corpse of a star that doesn't have quite enough mass to become a black hole, they still have a lot of gravity though.
  9. More mass = more gravity. Simple.
  10. Here is the console window logs when starting the servers
  11. Source is "How the Universe Works" Season 1 Episode 2 "Black Holes".
  12. I cannot get them to work again, so I don't think that will be possible.
  13. No, that's not exactly what I said. Let me rephrase: The more massive something is, the more gravity it has. An object with the mass of a black hole that is packed in to an area so small for example has so much gravity, that nothing, not even light can escape, what we see is the "event horizon" where the point of no return is. This is still only a theory, however, it is widely accepted at this point. If I was someone who was either a degree/Ph.D in physics, I could write one of the longest posts on this board with a dozen calculations that would get your heads spinning! But I am not anywhere near there just yet.
  14. That I cannot say since it happens when I am offline. I have had our server guru look in to it and even he cant get them going anymore. Can anyone here assist me or should I say "us"? Let me get a screenshot of task manager for you to show you what they are all using, you will see that they are all using roughly 115MB of RAM (we have 72GB by the way). The below screenshot was taken just a few minutes ago and uploaded to photobucket to embed here.