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  1. thanks for the help. it works great.
  2. Is this possible to make a script to locking height, for air vehicles like banshee, phantom and etc ? so i don't need to keep the moving in order to keep my flying height. And also i got inspired from halo wars 2, where the air vehicles can stay & locked height.
  3. could you just give your example script ? Also i didnt know what specific do you want to script ?
  4. try to use the command "set tod [number]". in your rcon or sapp command or console if it's lan
  5. ok sure, i will do it with my new script in future that i am also working from lua tutorialspoint.com and etc and 002 helped me about how safe file works by give me a example script. i will do like what you did.
  6. i just want to help.... but if it make sense, i will remove it, because i already know the real author. and i guess, i shouldn't post a script that i didnt make. but anyway thx for information
  7. wut, idk i just found it in other latino forum by googling. i didnt mean to remove it. i am really sorry EDIT : as you can see, i didnt claim it. i said there is a script and that i am still load it in my sv. also, i am trying to make other script with help other script like 002 told me before. yes i know, i am still beginner in lua lol, but now i guess, you finished the problem
  8. i think so. maybe its better way than write longer character to show player lol
  9. umm, i might try to make it, not sure when i will finish it, i am busy atm EDIT : if someone already helped him. then ignore me lol
  10. honestly, i agreed with you. this is the reason why sehe wil not ever the votekick script to be released in sapp. but if michelle want a votekick option, maybe you can try the script above
  11. deleted
  12. did you create the gametype, first ? it should working fine.. or maybe try restart the server. because thats the only way to load new gametype maybe this will solve your events
  13. you can use $mode too as alternative way or maybe if you want try for custom gametype, then i recommend use it.
  14. oh not sure, because last minutes ago, i didnt get any problem with the new server and faced 2v2, 2v1, or ffa. it just fine for me... maybe you can try rejoin in another time. maybe it will solve your problem connection
  15. this really need for testing command/event/script. thanks for release it