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  1. Currently 92 sunny, had a breeze a couple minutes ago, a herd of wasps flew by
  2. Wipe its ass and break off the horns. ( Rare, thick cut, some fat, should be pool of blood on plate - for dipping your bread in)
  3. ssdd dream big
  4. sunshine. warm. good.
  5. noice. My oldest boy was telling me about a new service being offered in limited areas google fiber advertising speeds upwards of 1000 mbps...not available in my area yet but looks like a possible option for me aside from comcast. With 4 days of rain with it brings 4 days of intermittent internet. Smokin
  6. wow. thanks for sharing.
  7. yer so lucky, Heah in florida we have to scream "stand my ground" before i can shoot, currently there are no caliber restrictions but there are protesters pushing for .40 and lower
  8. ditto. word.
  9. It was probably covered in that book you read prior to taking your written driving test.