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  1. What i DIDNT do today was build my Ryzen 7 system. Friggin Case arrived, keyboard arrived....the 3rd box with all the goodies...delayed a day...Fuckers.
  2. Very sorry mate.
  3. and on a sunday. sheesh.
  4. hate those germ splattering fuckers that get everyone sick.
  5. Mr Mom 2.0 update installed (so much for retirement) 1st day of school - ahhhhhhhh My oldest boy started his Senior Year in High School this morning, and my youngest is starting Kindergarten in approx 1 hour. oboy.
  6. Did you just group me in with Iggy? He is waaay older than i am. and no where near as good looking as i am. (assumed)
  7. you couldnt let me bask in my delusions
  8. I have officially Retired. No more commute, boss, etc Although i am considering a couple of startups i may develop, my immediate plans are to do Absolutely nothing or as close to it as I can get.
  9. Congrats man, awesome news.
  10. It's all about the benjamins...Pretty much same shit program heah in floriduh. It's no longer about the child.