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  1. Currently 82, sunny blue skies, Going to hit 88 today. Turning off the puter and hitting the pool with my boys.
  2. The Giant King...with my yungin. excellent movie.
  3. Dedicated to the mother of my children and my wife of 31 years today
  4. I use the Arc method from about 12 feet away works well for me, practice makes perfect...
  5. cant wait to see it.
  6. Stopped on way home to wet a line. Had a small bass on...but couldnt land it...next time
  7. On the 1st day of summer vacation I... Went out for breakfast with my 5 yo Went shopping for mulch, flowers, outdoor pillows and misc home goods @Home Depot Went shopping at the Everything a dollar store - spider man and US flag balloon (to signal the beginning of summer vacation according to my 5yo) water balloons, misc squirt guns, water cannons, big bouncy balls, candy, toys etc Came home, planted some purdy flowers, watered plants, put down mulch, mowed the lawn Played several rounds of Killer Zombie Water Nerf w/ 5yo
  8. BBQ? shame on you for not giving details. Edit: And is it really Bbq if you dont get a "Ya'll come back now, Heah" on the way out
  9. My morning drive music this morning.