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  1. So there is a food that in essence is "tasty faggots", so instead of asking a friend, "hey bob, wanna go grab a pizza after work?, one could ask " hey bob, wanna go get some tasty faggots after work?
  2. Did some early Christmas shopping for the boys NERF/Minecraft and related...some new Nerf guns and ammo packs. One of the items >
  3. I don't think i could take living in that type of society, all the compliments (truth) i would receive on how handsome i am would become tedious.
  4. Assembly Assembled - Ready to be plated -
  5. naw smartass... I didn't forget. It hasn't happened yet. Made the sauce yesterday (simmered all day), Dinner will be Sunday. Lasagna for me is an Event, not just a meal. Alot of time goes into it and by the time it comes out of the oven I have very little thought other than to devour. As for the google pic/link... good for you , it was for presenting my menu selections, not necessarily the pic of the specific meal i am preparing. Because blackberry kush will be used in the process of preparing for the meal, i apologize in advance that there probably will not be pictures of said meal.
  6. Put the red sauce on to simmer all day in preparation for the Lasagna i will be making for Saturday dinner. The Lasagna will have Mozzarella, riccotta, italian sweet sausage, ground beef, pepperoni, mushrooms, tomatoes. Gonna be good. If i can remember, ill take a pic.
  7. It's 74f/23c
  8. I know of several fishing spots I would be happy to show this pitiful example of a human.
  9. That would depend on the weather/temperature/location preferences of the ferret squeezer , would you concur?
  10. Received my Outdoor Licenses today! Im good to go for Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing plus my Hunting Stamps for deer, turkey and waterfowl. oh yeeh
  11. sounds like good weather for squeezing ferrets and eating beef jerky
  12. sounds like good fishing weather