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  1. Helldivers and Project:CARS plus almost all it's DLC.
  2. DICE has definitely taken a few liberties with the history for playability (imo). However,in a preview video i saw a few things that were historically accurate, chief among them an M1903 "Springfield" rifle fitted with a Pedersen device,which was developed to provide US Army soldiers with trench-clearing fire capability(in addition to pump shotguns,which the Germans disliked so much they stated anyone captured with one would be executed on the spot!). Not 100 % sure it saw action but some were definitely produced,after the war they were confiscated and destroyed to prevent them falling into the "wrong" hands,i.e. criminals.Didn't seem to stop them as they picked up "Tommy" guns(Thompson submachine gun) ,which were a very short time from making an appearance in WW1. By America's entrance into combat in the war in the spring of 1918,there were hundreds of tanks available to the Allies,it was the Germans who had very few tanks. Flamethrowers, submachine guns,anti tank rifles and squad automatic weapons (Chauchat and one other French design) had all made appearances in combat by war's end. The first aircraft carrier was being tested by the British by war's end,and submarines and unrestricted sub warfare were ostensibly the reason America entered the war. I'm interested to see how the chemical warfare is handled in game among other things. As far as actual history goes a most eye opening book about the cost of the war from the American perspective is "The Illusion of Victory" by Thomas Fleming,which opened my eyes to the staggering tolls in dead and wounded we suffered in about 9 months of fighting,and the prohibitive retribution taken against Germany which led directly to WW2. Fleming casts the French and especially the British as the villians of the book,and i'm not so sure that's an inaccurate portrayal,too complicated to get into here but a very good alternative view of America's involvement if you were interested.
  3. So i have been wanting one of these for awhile now,and my daughter and her boyfriend/fiance(status seems to be that,although neither will admit it lol) obliged me by getting me one for my birthday recently. So my first impressions have been good,although i am just learning what to do to make profiles and such,i'm looking to do a Halo profile(game needs to be added to my Steam list first). It was hard just to find a place to get profiles to download,the support in Steam for user profiles is not strong so far.Some games have built in support on Steam,Borderlands 2 seems to work pretty well,Shadow of Mordor is a little less so,i have developed a profile for Rogue Trooper,but it needs a little work so i haven't uploaded it yet. The amount of things that the haptic pads can be set to do is amazing,i think this is a viable solution for a console/living room TV setup for PC.I love Big Picture mode so far as well. The one thing i have really noticed so far is that muscle memory is a pain to relearn lol. The ABXY buttons being the main sticking point,they are below the right haptic pad and smaller than an xbox 360 gamepad,it has taken a while to get to where i can hit the right one most of the time. Anyone else mess around with one yet?
  4. Nice to see Rogue Trooper get some love here,game is great but the multiplayer no longer is working(not the end of the world).This game has/had co-op multiplayer,when it really needed competitve asymmetric multiplayer. It plays well with GeDoSaTo and ReShade for higher resolution and lighting effects and looks pretty good for its age!
  5. Thanks for the release NeX! D/l ing now and will get some games in later... Feels kinda like an early xmas here lol!
  6. Yeah car issues definitely suck,it's why i went to tech school to be an auto technician,i had the choice of carpentry or cars,now as a homeowner i think maybe i made the wrong choice,lol... Hope your Elantra works out well for you Nex,i'd get the front end parts checked if you haven't already,check fluids and tire pressures every fillup ,etc. A little maintenance goes a long way towards a happy owner
  7. Nex did you ever come to a conclusion on your car issues? Or even get a satisfactory explanation of what happened?
  8. Nex, I fix cars for a living, ASE certified and all that, been doing it for a living 30 years now. If you still need help/advice let me know, I'll read your post and check common failures, your Zetec is probably an interference engine which means there's a high probability it bent valves, which is a high dollar fix. Ah, I see in your post it isn't so you need to have them show you the damage, even if it's not interference if you were going fast enough it could still have bent valves, I have seen it before. They should be able to prove their diagnosis to you, if they can't i'd go elsewhere.
  9. Nice one, Sceny, lol. I would try to remember last change to your pc, added program,updates, or anti-virus scan possibly identifying a necessary file as a virus. You also could see if your case is full of dust, or if you went inside of it recently, check connections, etc. First and best suggestion is what Sceny said. Save your modded files (maps mostly) and do a fresh install. Just some suggestions that i'm sure you've considered.
  10. Sorry to hear this news, NeX. Real life comes first, hope you come back to this project at some point. I want to say thanks for what is done, great work!
  11. Good looking stuff, NeX, looking forward to the finished product.
  12. Hi!
  13. Hi there!
  14. Yep, I remember seeing NOS guys on the server at ATP but I haven't even been over there in awhile, so idk who is or isn't even there anymore, which is too bad. It was a real popular server a few years back for sure.