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    Modder, Videogamer, and Student
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    Science, Halo, Star Wars, Astronomy, Technology, and History

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  1. Here you go guys
  2. Sorry Tucker, it has been too long since I saw ModHalo. I'm used to the old group from my friends list that i posted with in the forums 4 years ago, most folks must have joined when I was absent but it's still good to see you guys.
  3. I think that technology taking a more active role in our society can be both beneficial and bad. I'm one that loves the advance of technology that takes us into something that we couldn't have imagined before. For example, fully automated robots, spaceships, virtual hand interaction, and advanced healing. It has its drawbacks too, for example without electricity the machines will not work and will be stuck, and if nobody knows how to use them or repair them when they are broken we will be lost. That's why I like to understand whichever technologies I use (cars, microwave oven, laundry machines, dryer, and my favorite, the PC). It's a passion of mine. Or if technology replaces too much, we will have no more jobs, as robotic machines just need a power supply and don't need health insurance, minimum wage, food, and can work 24\7. Automation is good and nowadays necessary, as long we don't exaggerate and understand it enough to control it. We are close to making AI's, and we must be very careful, because they might be friendly, but they're unpredictable. If it was for me, I'd use technology for the good of humanity, but many of the corporations and lobbies in power will just use it for profits and wars. For example, we have lots of renewable energy sources, but those in power still use petrol because they make a lot of money from it. But when the planet is devastated by the effects of Global Warming, then these "gentlemen" will think of how they destroyed a beautiful planet, or maybe not because when that happens they will all be dead. Same for the guns\war business, if anybody on Earth didn't kill each other in pointless wars, they would be without money, Zero, Finiti, but hey let's cause a war for our business!
  4. I've added you as a friend! See you around.
  5. Hello, Cereal, good to see you! I remember you being one of my friends from ModHalo, along with SnipeYa, Gruntlord, and Odish. Don't worry bro, it was 4 years ago since I've had the last login, it's normal, for that I must apologize for not being there, but believe me, it was a lot of trouble. I had loads of problems for a long time then my HDD broke leaving all my previous data gone, so I had to give up my mods and I couldn't get back to ModHalo. When I settled all up and returned I heard something happened to the site so I received a message from Tucker, and here I am.
  6. I've always wanted to go to Mars, to be one of the first to settle the red planet, but the life there would be hellish, don't get me wrong, I appreciate the quiet, but live with the same people 24\7 in the same places with little to no privacy it can become insane! You'll have to live in the same places over and over again, do the same actions over and over. You can never see the sun, have horrible and painful muscle and bone problems due of the low gravity even if you exercise all day. None of your friends\family can come and it's a dead planet. Then there are problems with food and drink,food will be a lot hard to make due of the basic\acid iron oxide terrain, then there's water, much harder, they'll have to construct a huge aqueduct from one of the poles to wherever the base is, melt it, boil it to remove contamination. Then there's the illness treatment, maintenance of the base, ect ect. It's not worth all the trouble in my opinion. Unless of course you decide to terraform Mars, but that's something that we can't do (yet). Maybe when i'll be an old man we will have the tech and begin to do it. In the meantime, I'll just say good luck to those 100 brave (or insane?) people that have decided to leave good old Earth for Mars.
  7. Thank you, Thank you everyone for the welcome! It's good to see some old members from ModHalo too! There aren't any other (modhalo) members? Hello, SnipeYa, so much time, eh? Hello Tucker!
  8. Hello, nice to meet you! Hey, excuse me if I'm wrong, but are you The Cereal Killer from ModHalo? If so, well met buddy.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm Darel Elite (Jiralhanae Destroyer for the old Modhalo members). I'm a sci-fi fan and gamer, I've played many games such as Overlord, Mass Effect, KOTOR, Dragon Age, Jedi Academy, Dungeon Keeper (the 1997 original game). I was a former Halo modder but I stopped modding about 2 years ago when my HDD died. I also have a passion for science, geology, astronomy, and history. I came here after Tucker told me that most of the community migrated here. Well, I hope to find new friends. See you around! -Darel Elite
  10. Hello everyone I'm Darel Elite, but some of you may remember me as Jiralhanae Destroyer from Modhalo. I learned of Opencarnage when I was invited by Tucker933 that told me that much of the old ModHalo community had migrated here because the site was half dead for some reason. I modded Halo CE SP to the extreme and made a lot of tutorials, but my modding skills are a bit rusty since my former HDD died about 2 years ago and 3 years of work went down the drain. I like sci-fi video games, and the RPGs are my favorite gameplay type, I also like astronomy, geology, science, and history. My English has improved since then, but it's not perfect yet. I hope that ModHalo will be restored, in the mean time, I hope we will be good friends. See you around! Darel Elite out.