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  1. Agree 100% and furthurmore if anyone isn't a criminal they need not fear. Neither me, my family, friends or neighbors---all law abiding---have ever been bothered by law enforcement. There was no need to be. I guess you said it yourself the best cops don't shoot regularly. They are, however, regular human beings who make mistakes in situations where they get a few seconds to make life altering decisions. Are all laws fair and correct? No, but it's not the job of law enforcement to question it but do their job as they're trained. Cops are not judges who interpret law. If you have problems with laws, contact your local politicians. Demand they lobby congress or however else start the ball rolling to change it.
  2. Thank you. Cool photo Is it military, political or religious, lol.
  3. I hope no one discovers my age as I don't wish to die nobly ( or otherwise ) at the hands of the Age Squardron. I found you guys by a Google query on the Valhalla carnage.
  4. Thank you for the welcome & the insightful comment. It's refreshing to participate in a forum of this genre. As it so often happens, doing the next best thing is better than nothing at all. At least, the unfortunate victim's funerals would have been paid for & maybe even a fund for their children, etc. When cops kill criminals in NYC, the families get restitution. The Valhalla carnage victims should, as well. The railroad lost no time in claiming it wasn't their fault. What a chance they lost an opportunity for positive public relations to at least offer sympathy.
  5. Calling the driver that caused this crash... taking 6 lives & maiming others... a " lady " is being undeservedly polite. I call her a b***h. No rational person can believe she didn't know she was on train tracks! She was either suicidal or on drugs. Cry for her? Not me. The only reason I wish she had survived is to bring full responsibility on her and sue her ass off.