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  1. Solrac liked a post in a topic by aushrk in T-Bagging Script   
    Could anyone make a t-bagging script like the one on phasor which records the players x y z coords when he dies and if the killer presses the ctrl button repeatedly in the area.
  2. aushrk liked a post in a topic by aLTis in Halo: Revolution   
    Good thing I don't have a life.
  3. dmb1 liked a post in a topic by aushrk in Request a Script   
    scorelimit 500
    lua_load ralliedteams
    event_kill 'score $n +10'
    event_kill $score=500 'sv_map_next;sv_say "Score-Limit Reached!"'
  4. aushrk liked a post in a topic by NeX in Name Kick   
  5. aushrk liked a post in a topic by Sceny in SmG ruined Halo   
    This is old news, but 7 8 9.
  6. aushrk liked a post in a topic by NeX in Halo: Revolution   

    There will be no more public releases until the public beta (obviously), but I will still post updates, progress pics and such.
    There is still steady progress

  7. aushrk liked a post in a topic by NeX in Halo: Revolution   
    Working on Valhalla. I may skimp on some visuals to get them all in, but hey. Gameplay testing is key here, so some textures may slip through for the time being. 

    Updates on Valhalla
    Fixed the <Missing String> problem with the Shade. All messages are now working correctly.
    Completely retextured the H3 Pelican model for the crashsite. Haven't yet added effects for it, but that's a job for tomorrow.
    Tried a newer mix of foliage, from animated grass patches to a better variety of detail objects, including thistles, cotton, weed stalks, ferns, and the good old field grass and cattails.
    So far I have found 0 collision issues with this map, and it's easily become one of my favorites to do so far. I may leave the snow at the top of the canyons, since I like the idea of an isolated oasis of green amid a snowy area.
    Fixed issue where frag grenades did not make a splash effect upon entering a body of water. They now respond similarly to the plasma grenades.
    Color-coded the teleporter jet effect emitters, man cannons are too unpredictable for online play in Halo 1, so they are now teleports. Should keep gameplay relatively the same. Spawns in an open area, so it won't blind side simply because it's a teleporter.
    Valhalla current pics:
    Still to do for final rev game night:
    Spice up Coagulation's foliage.
    Enable day/night sync scripting and lightmaps for Coagulation's dark BSP.
    Add detail objects to portent's snowy grass areas.
    Add night BSP to Valhalla, implement day/night sync scripts.
    ~attempt to diagnose issue with Midship~
    If I can't get midship into playable status by tomorrow night, I will make it my primary focus to get that map in good shape for the public Beta release. Again I apologize for the inconvenience, it's one of the best looking indoor maps I've done in my own opinion, I'd like to share it.
  8. aushrk liked a post in a topic by Kavawuvi in Weapon Variable   
    Remember that the currently held weapon isn't always the weapon that was used to kill someone. For example, if one killed someone with a grenade while holding a sniper rifle, or if they ran someone over while holding a sniper rifle.
    Here's your script: weaponvariable.lua

    Also know that event_wpickup will have the previous weapon of the player due to the timing of scripts.

    Example usage:
  9. Kavawuvi liked a post in a topic by aushrk in Tailored Join Messages   
    cool, and it works great
  10. aushrk liked a post in a topic by giraffe in Ragequit   
    Try this (I did very minimal testing):
  11. x-dec liked a post in a topic by aushrk in Ragequit   
    i would like to see a ragequit script for SAPP, there is one for phasor