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  1. init.txt scorelimit 500 lua_load ralliedteams events.txt- event_kill 'score $n +10' event_kill $score=500 'sv_map_next;sv_say "Score-Limit Reached!"'
  2. Okay, well on every player death I get a red line of text in the console and when in-game, as a zombie if you hold down the shoot key it will spawn 1000's of oddballs and after like 15 seconds of holding it down every one in the server gets an exception data and halo crashes
  3. I don't know if its just me, but i get alot of errors in dev console
  4. Can someone please make a auto-kick script for clan tags and names? e.g. if i want to kick someone who has "aLTis" in there name or all "(SBB)" members
  5. someone reported it to gametracker and Smg cloud said he just paid someone a bunch of money to make a script for it..
  6. wow, they are fast downloads... are you planning on testing all of these in one session?
  7. would it be possible to make a weapon variable? like: event_kill $weapon: "weapons/sniper rifle/sniper rifle";say * "$killer sniper $victim"'
  8. oh ok thanks
  9. well changecolor 1 cyan is ffa colors but instead of "1" , i want the code for red and blue dont worry, i remember, its rt or bt
  10. what is red team and blue team?
  11. Would it be possible to make a script like phasor has when a player joins the server for the first time it says: $name is unique player: $playernumber on the server?
  12. cool, and it works great
  13. so i just make a newplayers txt?
  14. It would be cool if there was a script for sapp that in zombies modes, when you kill a zombie it drops a ammo cartridge on there body of the weapons you killed them with.
  15. so i would just put lua_load cartridge or do "event_start $mode:zombies 'lua_load cartridge'
  16. is there a script to make a afk bot on the server?
  17. some times it spams and sends dozens of messages to the chat
  18. so is there a script for this?
  19. lots of POQ servers have afks in them which have weird names such as: weasel, the bear, killer etc.
  20. i would like to see a ragequit script for SAPP, there is one for phasor
  21. does anyone know what is wrong with my init.txt tho? the script works when i do lua_load teabag ingame, but my init doesnt work with anything.
  22. i cant get my init to work in is placed in the sapp folder and the server obviously is reading it can anyone please tell me whats wrong. v1 log 1 log_rotation 16384 sapp_rcon 1 afk_kick 500 ping_kick 400 antihalofp 1 anticaps 1 antispam 2 anticamp 30 8 antiwarp 6 save_scores 1 map_skip 51 aimbot_ban 2000 1 1440 sapp_console 1 no_lead 1 chat_console_echo 1 block_tc 1 lua 1 lua_load teabag
  23. thanks i havent used lua much before.. can you please write me the events script for this
  24. Could anyone make a t-bagging script like the one on phasor which records the players x y z coords when he dies and if the killer presses the ctrl button repeatedly in the area.