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  1. Blasphemy!!!! Off with this heretic's head!!!
  2. I get what you're saying but I disagree. When someone downloads a song on the internet without paying, they are stealing. They are taking something that someone put hours of work into in order to sell and make money. When they do this they are, in a sense, stealing that persons hard work and effort. This brings me to my point. The person who wrote the song and the ones who published and supplied it are the victims because they are not getting anything for their work. People need the money for pay rolls, supplies, bills, personal items, and they depend on their products to get the money that they use to sustain ther lives. If that product is stolen then they do not get the money they earned and in turn, their capability to sustain their lives and enjoy the rewards of work is reduced. For some reason that happens when you have a bad connection. I thought it only happened with phones, but I guess I was wrong.
  3. You should try sqeezing a couple of lemons in your DrPepper. It's heavenly.
  4. Sierra Mist Natural beats both of those.
  5. Video games Collecting swords Occasionally reading
  6. I used to like Heroes when it was good. Sgt. Frog I might get into Battlestar Galactica or maybe even Breaking bad. From what I've heard, they are both good.
  7. What if one of them has backne?
  8. Well find out what kind of snake they are and if they are not dangerous then just let them chill or put them in a bucket and move them somewhere. If your tired of something, burning it is not the solution.
  9. LMAO
  10. Dr. Pepper
  11. Man, talk about spare time. It looks cool but it looks a little uncomfortable. You should smooth out the insde.
  12. I'm just going to stick with cars. Maybe I'll get a street bike somewhere in the future but I doubt it would make much of a difference. The ice caps were originally lush with vegetation anyway.
  13. Lol ok. I find nothing wrong with your relationship example as long as the parents are fully consenting to it.
  14. Well in the case of lolicon hentai. There is not victim because the images are just drawings and the children are not real. It is illegal in some places and legal in others. Although many people are pushing for it to be completely illegal. This poses a problem. Banning what people can and can't draw is an infringment of freedom of speech. The moment you start banning what people can and can't draw is the moment you open the opportunity to ban what people can and can't think or fantasize about. Drawing is an expression of the imagination and if you ban certain things from being drawn then you open the gateway for theoutlawing of certain thoughts. There are very few crimes that are truely victimless.
  15. Many of those can actually have victims. One could argue that the ones drinking and doing drugs are the victims. Prostitution is a different matter.