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  1. Nice work on the Deathwatch models, although I wouldn't say that encompasses their entire job description. I GM a Deathwatch game so I find those quite cool; at some point I want to add a Deathwatch Rhino and Land Raider to my collection.
  2. I'd be interested in seeing these. 40k is a hobby of mine as well. Not that I actually have anyone to play the game with, but I also have all the digital games.
  3. Video below. Fullscreen recommended. This is just the prologue and I'm impressed. Made with zero budget, non-profit, and with all volunteers in spare time, this has the potential to put Warhammer 40,000 on the map for a broader audience. Even if you haven't the slightest clue what 40k's about it's a pretty cool video, made entirely in CGI that makes the Ultramarines movie of a few years ago wet itself. Any thoughts from the community here? I know almost nobody else is really a 40k fan here, but I felt this video should be shared as widely as possible.
  4. Ask Australians. AFAIK, they already pay those types of outrageous prices.
  5. Never played a videogame aside from the odd SNES game until I played Halo on the Xbox. Led to me getting a PC and starting gaming.
  6. I've got my eye on you, kids. Until next holiday...
  7. G'day. Recently I decided to host a game of Deathwatch online- for those unfamiliar with tabletop RPG, it's the same genre as Dungeons and Dragons, rolling dice to determine outcomes and stats, with some roleplay in the mix. I already have enough players to actually host the game, but it's a low enough number that I'd like more if I can find any interested. Experience is not required as long as you have the willingness to learn, but it is a Warhammer 40,000 RPG, which may interest or turn you away, depending. In Deathwatch in particular, the players play Space Marines from a diverse background working together. There are a pretty hefty number of rulebooks with relevant information(all as PDFs), but you aren't required to read them in detail. Skimming or even passing over whole sections is fine as long as you get the general gist and correctly roll a character. The start date of the campaign is November 25th, 5:30 EST. From there games will happen every two weeks. We are, however, doing a lot of practice sessions because most of the people involved have never done tabletop RPGs before(myself included), which is proving to be helpful. Deathwatch games tend to be combat-heavy, which is reflected in the sessions. We're using Roll20 to play. If interested you can leave a comment in the thread, PM me, or add me on Steam. One of the party members decided to make sprites of the existing squad members using some existing sprite sheets.
  8. Once the scene's done and all the images are taken, you'd be able to see that the Word Bearers(the dudes in red and black) are besieging an Ultramarines bunker with heavy firepower. The Ultramarines are coming up the flank to reinforce their allies.
  9. Been building some scenes in 40k. Working on a new one with some Ultramarines now. Thinking of taking these and the rest when I finish them to DeviantArt- thoughts? Comments or critique welcome. I may upload more images as I do more of this scene.
  10. Manipulative and false-faced are excellent words to describe Hillary. Trump is as popular as he is because he portrays himself as a political "outsider," which many Americans feel is necessary to shake up the political system. The problem here, of course, is that Donald Trump is not only an outsider, he's a completely frakking nuts outsider. So while voting outside the norm may be in order, I'm not sure how voting for this is.
  11. Additional images, yey. Also now with fingerposing.
  12. I suck at art. The closest I come is those poses. ...Which take entirely too long to make, sometimes.
  13. Races suck, how about a shooting range with bolters
  14. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1gtnfQnGr7n Also, NSFW, in the sense that it's full of harsh language.
  15. I have somewhere around 2.5 years worth of total game hours(had around 2 last I was able to check on Xfire, and it's been quite some time since then...) Had 1500 hours in Halo Combat Evolved. 2500 in Custom Edition. Now I have around 1800-1900 hours in Dawn of War 2 and 1600 or so in Dawn of War 1, counting all the games together and my nonsteam versions. Possibly more. I think I'm beyond the point of brief recess.
  16. Dawn of War 3(big surprise.) Look at this shit!
  17. Even if there's too much red tape for Trump to start throwing nukes, which I can believe, his aggressive tactics and seemingly random posture switching- to the extent that people preparing to debate him prepare for TWO Trumps- do not seem like qualities I'd want in someone that negotiates with foreign countries. It makes him look deeply untrustworthy. Even if he appears serious and well-mannered for now, there's always that lingering thought that the man will likely turn around and go back to insanity the next day, which wouldn't exactly promote good discussion.
  18. 2050... Apple has expanded their products to all corners of the market. Need to submit a research paper? Buy a stack of paper-thin, ultra-bendy tablets that can download papers of any format directly to them and display on either side using a touch screen. Want to really bling your appearance? New fabric-like computers allow for shirts, pants, and even socks, undergarments, and shoes that display whatever image you want with no loss in comfort, durability, or flexibility. You can even enable touch functions and use your sleeve as a calculator or watch, or put on a show using only your body and your iCloth. Want a phone, but don't want the bulk? The specially-made iPhone 44 is so thin and flexible that you can fold it up and put it in your pocket like a sheet of paper, without the wrinkles. All you need to charge it is a light source with specially-made solar panels ringing the device, and it will connect to any wireless device of your choosing. Want the most advanced in automobile technology? iAuto is five-star safety and mileage in a tiny package. Never worry about parking space again with our patented technology that allows you to simply fold your car up in thirty easy steps and store it anywhere you would store a dining table. Buy Apple today. Coming soon: neural-interface devices!
  19. When it boils down to it, both candidates are conniving and deceitful in different ways. Trump disguises his deceit with bombastic rhetoric about his policies that either make no sense or have no chance of actually occurring, but looks out for himself more than any group of people- including the American people as a whole. His blatant hate speech combined with the sensitivity of a rampaging elephant make poor statesmanship, and, although I don't recall the source, I remember hearing at one point his foreign policy adviser quit because Trump couldn't understand why you shouldn't use nukes if you have them. Every time I listen to the guy it sounds like I'm listening to someone that needs a few more milligrams on their meds. Hillary directly and indirectly led to a complete and utter failure of security in Benghazi and royally screwed the DoD, essentially botching her responsibilities. There's a host of sources that point to her using her term as Secretary of State for personal gain and the benefit of her "charity organization" the Clinton Foundation. Her email server was a colossal failure of security in every sense. Her deceit has the air of someone who thinks they're clever and tries to keep their deceit covered up, but instead has no damn idea what they're doing. She botches half the things she tries to cover up. Given the choice I'll probably vote Hillary because you know what a thief is going to do, but a madman? Trump is the very definition of "wild card" in politics. We've had presidents scheme and presidents that were awful at their job before, and consequently got nothing done, but we've never had Andrew Jackson with nukes. Nevermind that it requires a sign-off to use a nuclear device; I have no doubt in my mind that Trump could find the necessary signatures. Ramble, ramble. That's my impressions of the current political shitstorm.
  20. Gee, that sounds pleasant. What about it flat-out not working and Spiridonov only having partial attachment to the body? Start paralyzed, end paralyzed.
  21. Prepare to be purged