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  1. Much obliged! Forgot to specify that it would be nice to set an admin. level based exception (i.e. lvl 4 admins. are exempt). Cheers.
  2. If a player joins, say, using a variable colour, I'd like to be able to chose a colour to switch said player to, else be able to set it to randomly select another colour. Thanks for any help with this.
  3. Ahh, right on. I'll have to have a closer look at it, some time. Apologies for the (possibly) redundant topic, then.
  4. Hey—thanks. Actually, having looked through it, that wouldn't be quite what I were looking for… although, perhaps I should continue my request there(?). That script appears to just be like an in-game report, not unlike pressing F1. I were hoping for something that creates a log-file, and also allows you to input your own points value for each aspect, to make your own scoring algorithm (does the math for you, maybe). Just a tool you could use, if hosting tournaments/scrims, instead of relying on taking and later tallying screenshots.
  5. Would be lovely to have a script record stats, to easier host tournaments and scrims. Ideally, you'd be able to assign a variable points value, for every stat (i.e. 1 kill = 3 points, etc.). I'm sure there are other things I'm leaving out, but I would leave that up to whomever tackles this, and only look to assist, along the way. Regards, JuliquE (-db-goNe) Diverging from the Believable
  6. Clearing through the cob-webs, here, I were wondering if it's possible to block times recorded by a given hash code, in the case of a known glitcher, for instance (SAPP doesn't catch all instances of warping, it seems).
  7. A month on, since your latest update, and we finally got around to testing it out, this past Saturday. Loads fine, now, for what it's worth. A shame that, upon falling to your death, you're switched without penalty, as that's just encouragement for people to hide at a height, and then plummet just prior to being caught, to stop the seekers scoring points. Again, a simple fix of docking a variable number of points from someone that dies from fall damage should do the trick; the problem I had, when attempting a fix via an event script, was that, when a new game/round starts, and people are switched over to the red team, as hiders, they would always lose three points, because, technically, they will have died upon being switched. If you could address that possible exploit, as well as have the script balance teams upon the game's conclusion, that would be lovely. In the mean time, thanks heaps for this.
  8. I did, yeh (just double-checked).
  9. Got a chance, the first time, yesterday, to give this a run, and it wouldn't load the gametype; the announcer said "slayer," at the start (as usual), after which nothing followed. It wasn't until I uploaded the previous version of the script and reloaded SAPP, that it ran.
  10. Quick suggestion. People are often plunging to their death to avoid being caught, only to respawn, albeit without camo and speed boost (which I'm not sure is penalty enough). I agree that they should respawn, giving seekers the chance to get points for catching them, however, perhaps, in addition to the existing penalty, losing some number of points when you die might solve this problem.
  11. The value for "red_score" seems to be reflected in terms of deaths, for some reason; so, when you're caught by a blue, you're given two deaths. Something must have broken in the latest update, as it was working properly, before. If I find anything else, I'll report it.
  12. Yeh… thought I noticed you had addressed late joiners to the game, already, in the previous release; something's been undone, then. As for unbalanced teams: I meant as far as number of players; for instance, if there are no survivors of the final round (everyone caught), the next gametype begins with everyone on blue team.
  13. Had us another Saturday session, last night, on our mixed games server ((R.O.C.K.S.)), and I've one or two observations. The red corpses are disappearing fast enough, between rounds, on the default setting, for me. People seem to be almost exclusively joining red team, now, if a game is in progress; again, it'd be nice for them to join red before seekers are released, and blue afterwards. Huge incentive for this is that people joining late tend to spawn around others hiding; their panicked movement draws attention to those of whom may have otherwise gone undetected. Finally, the teams are still unbalanced, when the next gametype begins. Thanks for taking the time. P.S. If anyone would like to join us, some time, and maybe you're a more casual fan of racing, we play in the aforementioned no-rules, mixed games server every other Saturday, from 3:30p Eastern, or on an impromptu basis (again, often on Saturdays, and from the same time).
  14. Some updated observations and suggestions: Turning off console messages seems to have fixed things, for the most part, as said… however, if ever either of the players suffering this issue are caught, they're unable to move until the start of the next round (same symptoms as listed, above). When a new round starts, the red corpses left from the previous round give hints to where people are/were. If there's a way to see them deleted, prior to the start of the next round, that would be great. A member of ours thought it would be an idea to reward any single remaining red, to have survived the round, with two points, instead of the usual one. Finally, after the hide & seek match, the teams are always grossly unbalanced. Hope it's possible you could see teams balanced, at the game's conclusion (though I could imagine sorting this via events). Cheers.
  15. Finally got to test this change out, tonight. Seems to have fixed the issue, but, of course, without the console messages, the game(type) can be a tad bit confusing for some.