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  1. As you said, adding the BR sounds good, but I think it would break the whole balance. I think the set is excellent as it is, the BR would basically have to be a combination of the pistol and AR together, which is not needed since humans spawn with them. It would probably end up being OP. New weapons spawn points would be great! Just lying on the floor is "classic" but not very logical. You should try a few spawn points and see if they fit well, I think it's a very good idea. It would make the maps more polished than they already are. Player spawns should be tweaked as well, when I spawn on beavercreek with an elite I get stuck in a tree and have to crouch-jump a few times to get myself out of there. All in all, small changes could be made, but the maps are already very nice.
  2. Whenever I connect to the servers, no one joins to play even though I stay ~20 minutes, that's really unfortunate because the maps are awesome. You should do more publicity to get more people to join.
  3. Nice to see this work coming to completion, amazing work NeX!
  4. Hi NeX, Won't be able to join your gamenight as I'm travelling but I'll be testing those maps locally as I did before and get back to you if I see any big issues.
  5. My suggestion is: put it on halomaps and just leave it and don't read the comments, you only want people to know about it. That forum is filled with trolls but there are a lot of good people too that don't post anything but that just go on this website to check news on projects.
  6. Looks awesome! Well done! I really like that it's written in covenant language, nice detail.
  7. Ah, thanks, I was asking myself why there was FP human arms instead of elites. Thanks for the info, keep up the good work!
  8. Thanks, I didn't know it had to be the same. I thought it was possible to make different HUD for different bipeds and in that process, changing the colour as well. Thanks for the info, it's always good to know.
  9. The HUD looks great although I think you should have different colours of the HUD for spartans and elites (maybe you already have this implemented already). The shields look like they need to be bigger, although a minimalistic HUD would be pretty nice. For the maps, a good mix would be preferable: two big teams, two mid size and two small ones.
  10. Hi Nex! So I spent 10 minutes playing those maps (sorry didn't have any more time than that). They look great! I've never played those before so I can't tell many problems. Trench: Glitch Showcase video - There is a wall in each base that is empty of collision, you can fire through the wall. I show the particular walls in the video. - Foliage tends to appear and disappear with distance, maybe that's just for performance issues. - When firing the rocket after makes the sound to search for a target, there is no firing animation (as seen in the video). Delta Ruins: Couldn't catch a lot of problems. - Probably everyone spotted it but there's an infinitely falling warthog on top of the map. Made me laugh. - Same foliage problem as before, could be due to performance of the map.
  11. I was crouch jumping but I guess I'm not very good at it haha
  12. Hi Nex! Thanks for the new maps, I just had a quick 15 minutes run through them. First thought: Midship is a masterpiece, I had my jaw dropped the whole time! It's amazing, Sanctuary was amazing but this is another league all together, great work!! Although the two maps are not exempt of little bugs that I was able to pick out: Midship: Glitch showcase video: - In bottom mid, one of the pillars for the upper platform that has the overshield is completely empty inside, you can go through it. Also, how are we supposed to get to the overshield? It's in a impractical spot for the H1 jump height in my opinion. - The platform with the plasma rockets is very difficult to jump on to. It might be you designed it that way, and it's great, but I'm just letting you know if it's a problem. Personally it just adds to the skill level. - The shadow of the plasma rocket goes through the platform and lands on the bottom one. - As with previous maps, the weapons spawn time is far too fast. The plasma rockets spawns every 7 seconds. Beavercreek: No need for a video, couldn't catch any major glitches - When using human weapons on the water, there is no splash of water like in Sanctuary. The plasma guns have the splash but not bullets. - Weapons spawn too fast as previously. I didn't have time to go through more of the maps but I hope that helps!
  13. Hi Nex! So this morning I logged on to your server and there was another player there. We just played 10 minutes and looked at the bipeds. So the first thing we noticed is with the carbine. When a player picks up the carbine, other people watching him see his left hand completely off, it doesn't hold the weapon. The second thing we noticed is that in Sanctuary, there is a hole on top of the pillars supporting the bridges that lead to the shrine. Someone can shoot through it and throw grenades through as well. It could make some pretty skilled shots. Also, the guy pointed out that there is some kind of invisible part to the carbine when reloading. The thing that holds the canister has some sort of layer to it that is extremely thin and doesn't show much, not a big deal since it's just on the reloading (not everyone will reloading after each shot). Anyways, these are small and probably insignificant things we discovered today. Hope it helps!
  14. Hi Nex, So I just went through Sanctuary for 10 minutes and I noticed that the sniper rifle respawns a bit too fast. I'm guessing you want 100 seconds or 120 seconds between the sniper spawns since it's a power weapon. Also next to the spawn of the shotgun, outside of the little tunnel on the other side than the flag, you've put a little destroyed platform to jump to get to the frag grenades that are on a high platform. However you can't jump or crouch-jump to it, the little platform on the ground is too far from the building, if being able to jump to this platform is what you had in mind, you'll have to make it closer. These two observations are what I've seen today but you might have already fixed them or they were intentional, I do not know but I hope it helps!
  15. Could you make the beta test start earlier and last longer please? 8pm EST is very late for me (2am GMT+1).