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  1. looks like we both have the same issue greyham, only I'm on CE and you're on PC. I'll try reinstalling regardless, if that doesn't work could someone who isn't experiencing the issue upload the level from their folder? If it doesn't work at that point then all I could think of is it's either an issue with the drivers I'm using or the hardware in general, which would pretty much suck. has either of these issues popped up anywhere else in the game? It looks like we both experienced them on the same campaign missions. EDIT- reinstalled, deleted 'HaloCE' folder within the 'My Games' folder, downloaded B40 map from halomaps along with the universal UI to access it, problem still persists. haven't checked the B30 map yet but I'll assume the problems are still there as well.
  2. both only the first one is a bit different on my end http://imgur.com/a/OkB4X in catalyst I have anisotropic filtering on but that's it, I'll disable it and see if it changes anything. edit-no change
  3. Recently I noticed when moving around certain parts of maps(mostly campaign) I'll see what I can best explain as textures stretching across my screen, and on the 'Assault on the Control Room' level the glass sections within the first corridor appear gray and grainy until I approach them and look upward, then they appear as they should. As for multiplayer maps i've only tested Bloodgulch and Battle Creek, Bloodgulch had no issues although Battle Creek i noticed it once when exiting the blue base from the front entrance. Any ideas? :/ Halo CE - 1.10 HAC2 - Yes OS - No GPU - AMD Radeon HD 7770 CPU - AMD FX-4100
  4. So using guerilla i change the grenade tags but when I test them in game it only shows the new one when I throw the grenades. the grenade pickups on the map are still shown as the original ones. I thought I saw somewhere that I need to use sapien but anytime i view a map on there only vehicles and objectives appear and not the weapons/equipment. What am I missing? T_T