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  1. The cloud come installed on 8.0 / 8.1 and now to be on 10. There is no way to remove any of the file you store there. They do a back up of everything (all the time) just like with a credit report. You get to see what the reporting companies want you to see and the bank gets to see something else. So If you save something today on the cloud and tomorrow you decide to delete it. Yep You see it gone... Wrong. it is still on the backup. I had a CFO of a large company (that I previously work for) find out the hard way. He thought by deleting the memo and e-mails that pointed wrong doing to him would be gone. (sorry) I had the back-ups...So everything is open for further investigation if needed. If you are doing nothing wrong, then don't worry. Just watch what you put there!!! Those pic. you thought were special, can be hacked. Those love letters that you really don't want others to see. Guess what, you will never know just who works for these folks and what may or may not pop back up when you really don't want them to. BTW option. Not really. You are required to register a G-Mail account to register your Windows products now. The min. that happens it is linked to a Cloud part that you may or may not think you are active on. Just like some of the anti-virus programs. they load their own virus on in the software so there is always something to make you feel good when they find it. (.lol) Planned support for their software.. Building your own system is great. Just remember, you have to find the drivers for your hardware some where. (mfg) best. these "I will find it for you" programs again look at your system and do what every they want when they provide you with software. (Those disclaimers) that most folks pass over. (lol).
  2. Without the background to the development of Windows 10, how can you discuss it. Unless you are a programer that worked with these programs, you have no way to comment on what is good or bad with Windows 10. New customers that will be stuck with Window 10 will not realize the full potential or drawbacks to what is behind the program. Microsoft is attempting to switch to the pads and phones, leaving out the number of real users that still are strapped to a computer. Bottom line... It was a rush to production as explained in previous post. If you don't purchase a touch screen, you will only be using less than 20% of the value of the program. Sad. Still what is worst is the fact that it is build on other platforms that were not orginally designed for public use. Much of the new MS product have their own version of Spyware built right in. Oh. Lets use the Cloud that is a large portion of these programs. It may seem like a dream come true so you don't have to save your backups. Great for you. But remember it never goes away!!!! As for a elephant in the room. There is now quite a bit of hardware that can not be used with Windows 10 or even Windows 8. The software development areas are not keeping up with the advancements of the new MS programs. Here is a piece of information on Windows 10. : (Juan Carlos Perez of PC World advises):"This collection of combined software ability means keystrokes, voice information and speech to text can all be captured, making it a little less appealing than past models, and raising a few concerns for privacy. Microsoft has said that the newest release will come with a privacy statement informing all users of all information that can be collected, but this means reading the fine print is more important now than ever before." Nice buyer be ware that will be attached to you new purchase of a computer. Oh why we may pine for the old days.
  3. Microsoft is known for playing with software before it is really ready for release. For some reason, they feel they have to keep ahead of Apple. Sad. Just like Windows CE. It was never finished, so they changed the name to Windows 2000. Wow Could not keep that running, so lets take the Advanced copy of NT(Busniness) and turn it into Windows XP (outstanding. A network system that was close to NT). Opps . now lets take things one mess futher. Let's release Windows 10. Bad enought Windows 8 and 8.1 were messed up by attaching the Cloud to it. But windows 10 will (like previous post) not work with all hardware or processors. I have been working with the micorsoft techs behind the sceen. It take a (level 2) or greater tech to help you with the problems. The phone in techs read from scripts. Most of them can only help you on level 1 information. then they redirect you back to the website with helps with nothing. Even if you call in for open tech support, you get a recording that ends up sending you back to the web. (how sad) Back to Windows 8 and 8.1. This program was written to support the touch screen monitors. Parts were taken from the windows base phone for touch screen and windows based pads. (very Sad) What is even worst...... Both these programs were written from XP-Enterprise and NT(Server) programs. (WoW) lets dump XP and move on to Windows7 , now 8 and 8.1 What a joke.. When they have to drop to coding to adjust windows 8 series, the codes were those written to debug XP. Thank-you MS for such great programs. BTW. the free windows 8 (cloud) that requires a MS e-mail, has a major bug in it. Again the support desk (tech level1) sends you back to the web.... If you are a business, they will pop in to your set-up and make the adjustment to help that (free) storage to work. ((((DO NOT USE IT !!!! ))))... Along with this program, facebook, twitter, ms chat and several others (Big Brother is Watching). and as for the Cloud. You may think you remove things from there. WRONG it is on their back up programs. You see it gone, but yesterdays backup still have everything there. Joke is on who? My small imput. AVG can get stuck if you don't remove it properly. PC Clean and the others do not remove all the parts. try Revouninstall (free version) do not pay for it..... then if you know operating system. do a regedit and look for AVG. there you can see just was left behind. You can get the program from cnet.com/downloads. I use this program to wipe hd's clean of all files. Build by some gov. geeks