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  1. Brings back chills when I first watch this outstanding movie.
  2. I've been watch Black Clover. I like the show so far, but my only complaint is the voice for Asta in the Japanese dub. It's so annoying haha.
  3. UPDATE: The consumer never got back to me about the app, so I never sold it to the company. From this experience, I have learned that I should have documented contracts and come to an agreement before I start anything. Otherwise, I would just be wasting my time like what just happened in this situation.
  4. Annihilation and Maze Runner: Death Cure
  5. Hey guys, I am working on a website for my Capstone Project and I am having unusual issues with some PHP. I have used the password_verify() function before and never had issues with it until now. Every time I try to use it with a password that contains a pound(#) symbol it returns false. The function returns true for anything else but that. The encrypted password used with the password_hash() function is working and I am pretty sure that it is inserting into the database correctly . Below is my code, please let me know if you notice anything that may be causing the issue or if you need more information. THIS IS DRIVING ME INSANE!! This is how I am inserting it into the database: require_once("mydb.php"); $fullName = $_REQUEST['fullName']; $prefName = $_REQUEST['prefName']; $gender = $_REQUEST['gender']; $profile = $_REQUEST['profile']; $email = $_REQUEST['email']; $username = $_REQUEST['username']; $password = $_REQUEST['password']; $password = password_hash($password, PASSWORD_BCRYPT); $query = "insert into USERS(full_name, preferred_name, username, password, gender, email, profile, comment_penalties, upload_penalties)" . " values('$fullName', '$prefName', '$username', '$password', '$gender', '$email', '$profile', 0, 0);"; $result = mysqli_query($conn, $query); if($result) { header("Location: login.php?status=1"); die(); } else { echo mysqli_error($conn); } mysqli_close($conn); This is how I am validating my password with the hash: <?php require_once('mydb.php'); $username = $_POST['username']; $password = $_POST['password']; //gets password based on the username function getPassword($username) { global $conn; $hash = ''; $query = "select PASSWORD from USERS where USERNAME='$username';"; $result = mysqli_query($conn, $query); if(mysqli_num_rows($result) > 0) { while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) { $hash = $row['PASSWORD']; } return $hash; } } //gets userID function getUserID($username) { global $conn; $userID = 0; $query = "select ID from USERS where USERNAME='$username';"; $result = mysqli_query($conn, $query); if(mysqli_num_rows($result) > 0) { while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) { $userID = $row['ID']; } return $userID; } } if(password_verify($password, getPassword($username))) { //creates a session for username and redirects to the index page session_start(); $userID = getUserID($username); $_SESSION['USERID'] = $userID; header("Location: index.html?userID=$userID"); } else { //return to login page with an error status header("Location: login.php?status=2"); } mysqli_close($conn); ?> UPDATE Okay never mind. I figured out why. The pound symbol was being treated as a fragment when I was passing it along through a URL.
  6. Definitely watching Shokugeki No Souma S3, Dies Irae , and Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru
  7. Hope everything went well for you!
  8. Home made fried rice.
  9. Thanks for the heads up! I shall definitely look into this and bring it up in the next meeting. I appreciate all the help and the advice you guys are giving me. I will stand my ground and will not let this arrogant bastard pay me cheap for something I worked hard on. If he doesn't want it... that's fine with me. He can continue writing everyone's times in his fucking notebook. The next time I do this for someone, I am going to discuss a price before coding anything to make sure the consumer is not wasting my time. I have learned my lesson and I'll keep you guys updated of the results.
  10. Yea I'll probably do what you mentioned. $50 is just not enough and in the long run I can always sell it to a different company.
  11. We discussed about exchanging the app for money beforehand; however, he wanted me to show him a demo of the application before deciding on a price. And that is the current stage I am in right now. I showed him the demo, everything works like it should, and he said it is very nice. I honestly don't think he knows how much apps like these usually cost and I can tell from speaking to him that he looks down on programmers. Also, I was wondering the same thing of why he couldn't just use an existing app like TSheets. But I guess he just wants an exclusive app for the company.
  12. Hey guys, I need yall's opinion on this matter. I am making a mobile app for a local company in my area. The app is used to keep track of employees' time sheets. They are able to clock in/clock out their times, calculates their hours, and sections them off by weeks. Now for the admin, he/she can view an employee's time sheet, and delete, modify, and add an employee. I know it is a simple app but my question is, what is a reasonable amount to charge the consumer for this app? The consumer is offering $50 for the app which is ridiculously low. I asked him for around $250-$500, but he's not willing to offer that amount.