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  1. I am going to order it on 11th of November. I liked it very much. It is really cool.
  2. I always keep them separate. I have lot many friends on FB which I know but I keep them separate as they are far from me and I don't believe everyone so I mostly don't do personal chatting with them.
  3. I din't liked that game at all as it has very less graphics and it is boring. Well the pics are OK. Nice job.
  4. I have the one of light wave. They costed me about 45$. I bought them from Dubai. I also own the one of samsung which are of 25$.
  5. Nice pics. Are you a fan of Battlefield 3. I like it very much and I often play it. I am very good at it. Have you completed the game?
  6. I just got a new tablet of samsung. It is samsung galaxy tab 2. I liked it a bit but I prefer using my old tab. I a ordering iphone 5.
  7. It is really cool and I am going to order it as soon as my exams are over. I am a fan of apple products. I also liked all its features which are cool and especially the apps on it.
  8. I am always in contact with my friends on Facebook and I also use Skype to talk with my close friends.
  9. Is there anyone here who is still a fan of cs 1.6 multiplayer? If you are a fan please let me know? I am not a fan of it but I enjoy playing it sometimes.
  10. I think this is really a classic game and I really like it. This game has no bad parts and is really cool. I have started playing this game just before some hours and I have really liked it because I love action games.
  11. Today is a really a day full of fun for me because today I had a really good time in my collage. Today I won first prize in website creating competition. After that when I visited home, I and my friends went to city center mall and really had a lot of fun there and then I reached home and then sat on computer and now I am sharing my happiness with you.
  12. OH I like playing games sometimes and only if they are of high graphics. Its a type of good entertainment and relaxation for a brain.
  13. Congratulations! Its a nice car dude.
  14. woke up. Then brushed and bathed. Then played on pc for a while. Then I studied for my exams are there and then remembered of posting on OC so now am posting.