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  1. Problem is you then have to re-install all the programmes as well.
  2. Thanks for your help guys and gals, as suggested I can find no reliable way to do it without a re-install. Imaging the disc could also cause issues due to sector (I think) alignment when restoring onto a GPT disk when the image was taken on a MBR disk, I need to look into that more.
  3. Ok so drivers ^^^^ could be an option. I will look into that and try and find some. In the meantime I am trying to set up to try converting an MBR boot HDD to GPT boot HDD without trashing it, Just need to find another HDD to image my drive to first.
  4. Now I have been asked by Krazy1 to post this She has a PC that has a 4TB drive as the boot drive but it is set up as an MBR drive. The PC has a UEFI BIOS so it will support GPT discs. I know it is possible to convert a non boot MBR disc to a GPT drive without trashing the partitions using MiniTool : http://download.cnet.com/MiniTool-Partition-Wizard-Free-Edition/3000-2094_4-10962200.html but I don't know if it is possible to do it with a boot disc (without trashing partitions). Can anyone help?
  5. I only speak English and I am from England. I do a lot of work with European customers and I always feel lazy and embarrassed that I don't know any of their languages (I understand some French) and yet they nearly all speak fluent English
  6. 'Tis a Great Tit
  7. Thanks ol pals very decent of you dontcha know.
  8. Yes that is correct. It is for experimental reasons not playing as such.
  9. Yes they do, here is the rest of the set up: init1.txt sv_name "Andy's Halo-1" sv_public 0 sv_maxplayers 12 sv_mapcycle_timeout 5 sv_rcon_password "xxxxx" load mapcycle_begin Halo1 SAPP init.txt sapp_mapcycle 1 Halo1 Mapcycle.txt timberland:CTF:0:16 dangercanyon:CTF:0:16
  10. C:\Halo\haloded.exe -path C:\Halo1\ -exec C:\Halo\init1.txt -port 2302 C:\Halo\haloded.exe -path C:\Halo2\ -exec C:\Halo\init2.txt -port 2305
  11. I am running them with a separate folder for each instance but Haloded,exe running in one folder. I have different init.txt files for each in the main folder and use the -execute option to select the appropriate one. I have SAPP set up and use the -path option to point to the separate folders for each instance that then contain the SAPP init.txt files and the mapcycle.txt files etc. The servers are running because I can connect to them via direct IP but only one of them will appear in my LAN lobby at a time. I wasn't clear about that in the op, they are not broadcast to the internet lobby, they are set to 'sv_public 0' and they have different server names and ports. Thanks for your help. Toxic
  12. Hi, I have set up a couple of Halo PC servers on one PC on my LAN but I can only ever see one of them in the lobby. I can access both via direct IP. Have I done something wrong or is this just the way it is? TIA for any advice. Toxic
  13. I don't really like it, especially as Tucker says as crouching defeats it.