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  1. Hey guys. I'd like to update this again for you, though my interests are elsewhere these days, admittedly. If someone could compile a list of most recent changes, I'll do a thorough job and add them to the guide. (I just don't want to spend time hunting for changes, when you guys are already well involved!) Thanks
  2. Updated to include the patched v1.10 exe to support large address awareness and included @Vaporeon's updated UUI.
  3. That black screen was probably caused by forcing MSAA in your graphics card control panel
  4. Hey, Ztren,

    I read your Halo CE Ultimate Enhancement Guide and did most of the enhancements you recommended. There is one that I am having trouble doing, which is Step 10: Enable Discord Rich Presence. I've researched a lot of solutions that did not have my desired result. Can you please send me instructions on how to make it work and update my stats automatically? Thanks!

  5. Are you mistaking that for build -581? I've just uploaded it. If a build -582 exists can you compile it for me?
  6. Updated Vaporeon's stock UI to include a more detailed mouse sensitivity menu. Updated Chimera from build -572 to build -581. Release notes: " - Fixes a major crash bug to do with reloading a checkpoint that was made in a different BSP. (Interpolation object set would be mismatched)"
  7. @Vaporeon's join-compatible Refined multiplayer maps have been updated from r9 to r10 to include HUD fixes.
  8. @Vaporeon's join-compatible Refined multiplayer maps have been updated from r8 to r9 to use better quality xbox bitmaps with less compression artifacts
  9. @Vaporeon's join-compatible Refined multiplayer maps have been updated from r7 to r8.
  10. Added Storm's The Omega Campaign and DaLode's B40 Firefight.
  11. Updated to include AmaiSosi by u/yumiris, a superior OpenSauce installer.
  12. Finally, now that Destiny 2 was free I was able to edit my old topic and redirect it here. Bungie a while back made it such that you had to play Destiny 2 before being able to edit or make threads on their forum, so now that I've played it, I was able to edit it. No more people asking me about -use21! (Don't ask) Also a substantive revision of the guide has taken place to remove all instances of Halo PC. It's time to migrate to Halo CE people! Updated the Halo CE Discord rich presence plugin to the latest version (v1.01)
  13. With the recent release of the Refined project updating both singleplayer and multiplayer maps, there is no longer any objective reason whatsoever to prefer using Halo PC over Halo CE, so I'm considering removing its instances altogether from my guide. Any opinions on the matter?
  14. Updated to include the join-compatible updated multiplayer maps from the Refined project
  15. ask him yourself on Discord: (SBB) Storm#8401