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  1. Finally, now that Destiny 2 was free I was able to edit my old topic and redirect it here. Bungie a while back made it such that you had to play Destiny 2 before being able to edit or make threads on their forum, so now that I've played it, I was able to edit it. No more people asking me about -use21! (Don't ask) Also a substantive revision of the guide has taken place to remove all instances of Halo PC. It's time to migrate to Halo CE people! Updated the Halo CE Discord rich presence plugin to the latest version (v1.01)
  2. With the recent release of the Refined project updating both singleplayer and multiplayer maps, there is no longer any objective reason whatsoever to prefer using Halo PC over Halo CE, so I'm considering removing its instances altogether from my guide. Any opinions on the matter?
  3. Updated to include the join-compatible updated multiplayer maps from the Refined project
  4. ask him yourself on Discord: (SBB) Storm#8401
  5. You can run Halo in any resolution using either the vidmode parameter: -vidmode xxxx,xxxx,xx i.e. 1920,1080,60 or Chimera custom resolution argument: chimera_set_resolution i.e. chimera_set_resolution <width> <height> [refresh rate] [vsync] [windowed] Later you'll probably also want to execute chimera_block_vysnc 1, as the vidmode argument forces vysnc So I don't think you need an external program. P.S., chimera's command is better, it can be adjusted on the fly --- Removed the patched executable as it caused lag with open sauce enabled, for more information on this patched executable see here.
  6. Added @Moses_of_Egypt's new release: the Refined Campaign
  7. Vaporean's UI has been updated to include a higher quality Halo ring shader.
  8. Added optimized configuration files for HAC 2 and Chimera and added descriptions to both.
  9. Guide has been updated to include a patched executable that fixes a problem whereby halo's rendering of mirrored geometry gets gradually worse with every increase in processor core.
  10. Added CMT's The Truth and Reconciliation. Suggestions for new maps to add would be much appreciated.
  11. Yes! Here it is. Rebel Army
  12. From @Moses_of_Egypt on the Discord: "it's mainly a couple textures mortis has to tweak. in the meantime we're finding things to fix here and there" So it sounds like a couple of days to a couple of weeks.
  13. This guide aims to present the finest iterations of creative work ever made for Halo Custom Edition. So you've made it through my previous guide, congrats! Here is where the fun begins. This guide assumes you are using the Universal User Interface and Open Sauce. S I N G L E P L A Y E R Halo CE Refined Campaign "For 15 years, the only version of Halo for PC has been Gearbox's wrinkled port. Imperfect, but not fundamentally broken. This project is our attempt to smooth all those wrinkles and provide a port that even die-hard Halo purists will be happy with. Everything that was possible to fix has been addressed. Things that were considered impossible to restore, have been restored using clever workarounds. Many high-fidelity textures and a high resolution HUD have replaced the original compressed versions. To all Halo enthusiasts out there, we present to you, the Halo Refined project." -- @Moses_of_Egypt A full list of changes can be found here. Singleplayer Version 3 "SPV3 is a total overhaul of the Halo 1 campaign for the PC. The mod not only includes new weapons, enemies, vehicles, areas to explore and new levels, but also contains a remastered soundtrack and easter eggs such as terminals that explain the changes to the story, and skulls which add new twists onto the gameplay." -- @Masterz1337 Note: SPV3 is a stand alone installation, it creates its own copy of Halo CE. Requires Open Sauce. CMT's The Silent Cartographer Evolved "The Silent Cartographer: Evolved (TSC:E) is a ground-up re-imagining of the Halo: Combat Evolved map of the same name. The map comes with an all-new layout, a vast array of custom content, a reconstructed weapon set emphasizing improvisation and variety in tactics, and plenty of hidden secrets to discover. It is the final Halo CE project for many of CMT's members - a labor of love and hate spanning almost three years of development. ''' -- teh lag. Note: This is the original The Silent Cartographer Evolved from 2015 before the release of SPV3 in 2017. This edition does not contain armour abilities and other changes brought about by SPV3. I have included it separately here as it should be experienced in its original state before being merged into the SPV3 tag- and feature-set, most especially its horror mode contained within the Noble difficulty. Requires Open Sauce. CMT's The Truth and Reconciliation "Custom Mapping Team, or CMT, is comprised of some of the Halo community's oldest, best, and brightest talent, brought together under the common goal of making the most complete, fresh, and entertaining Halo 1 campaign mod in the game's long and storied history. As the culmination of several years of work and experience, SPv3 is the most comprehensive modification of Halo 1's campaign yet, extensively revising and adding to the core gameplay while almost completely overhauling the visuals and audio." -- teh Lag Note: This is the original CMT The Truth and Reconciliation from 2012 before the release of SPV3 in 2017, in a word, a beta. It is however worth playing in its original state before it was heavily modified by the SPV3 tag- and feature-set. To launch using the Universal UI go to Campaign > Classic Campaign > New Campaign > The Truth and Reconciliation. Requires Open Sauce. Operation Takedown "Spartan Gray. It’s up to you. A structure in Ice Fields contains a forerunner panel with possible information leading to some form of weapon. However the Covenant are after it too. Get to that panel and copy the information before the Covenant delete it!'' -- @MattDratt Project Lumoria "Lumoria is a two part episodic experience for Halo: Custom Edition. Started in late 2009, the project evolved into much more then just a simple single player level. Lumoria became the prime of 2010 for CE, and became one of the best single player levels ever created for the CE modding community. Including classic Halo: Combat Evolved gameplay, and the same sense of beauty and wonder, Lumoria brings the player back into a new world like never before." -- Higuy & L0d3x SOI's Singleplayer Adventure "SOI's Singleplayer Adventure is a complete overhaul of the original Halo CE campaign, which provides updated graphics and new features. Every single aspect of the original campaign has been changed: characters, vehicles, weapons, even the BSP shaders and the musics. Other than aesthetics, you will find also a wide range of weapons, each one with its unique functions. Assault Rifle has an attached grenade launcher (which acts like the Pro-Pipe from Reach), Rocket Launcher has an overcharged mode that fires faster rockets, Needler now is a burst-fire weapon, and so on. Vehicles have been improved as well, and same goes for the encounters and the actor_variants." -- @SOI Covert Ops ''A text-based Role Playing Style single player campaign'' -- Noobyourmom DMT Air "Air is a raceing game. You play as a elite who must race through a forruner relic into the city high charity and land on the Covenenent Capital ship as quickly as possible." -- Inferno F I R E F I G H T Sector 09 ''Today is the last day of your lives, soldiers. Welcome to Sector 09, where you will face your inevitable death in the city of Mombasa. This ODST-Inspired Firefight will teach you the environment and the enemies you will encounter by progressing in difficulty the more waves you defeat. No two firefight experiences will ever be the same on sector09, as it is designed to randomly spawn waves on a set of conditions. This firefight has been in the works for four years. I am very excited to give you guys what you have been anticipating and waiting for.'' -- @Nickster5000 Requires Open Sauce. Firefight Descent "The year is 2552. Delta Halo has recently been discovered by the crew members of the In Amber Clad. You are a new breed of Helljumper. Specially trained for extended combat, and wearing armor fitted with technology not unlike that of the legendary SPARTAN soldiers, you are ready to take more punishment than most marines could ever imagine. Today, you have learned that Covenant forces are taking interest in a mysterious structure roughly 3000 km from the nearest UNSC stronghold location. Your mission is to go in and eliminate as many of their forces as possible to pave the way for a full assault. You have waited a long time for this opportunity. The time has come to perform your duty. Prepare to descend into hell." -- Mooseguy & Pepzi Firefight Portent "This map is essentially a Firefight map with one catch: the pause menu is used as an interface for purchasing equipment, weapons, and other things. You, the player, will face multitudes of enemies, in set waves of varying difficulties.'' -- Gamma 927 Note: Disable Open Sauce's HUD centering by pressing F7 in-game to avoid a centred visor glitch. Nebulaphobia To launch this map, type map_name nebulaphobia_a into the console. Requires Open Sauce. H O N O U R A B L E M E N T I O N S Firefight Fisurefall Firefight Airlock The Fall of Mombasa The Flood: Forgotten Exile Suggestions Welcome.
  14. Do you mean this fog? https://cdn.gamer-network.net/2017/articles//a/1/8/8/0/3/0/4/010.jpg.jpg/EG11/resize/690x-1/quality/75/format/jpg If so, @Moses_of_Egypt has confirmed that it will be fixed in the next release of his Refined Campaign, so sit tight.
  15. @Vaporeon's UI has been updated with a change to the custom map filter in multiplayer filter settings. Also, the guide has been updated to be more aesthetically pleasing.