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  1. giraffe where the Dennis do you get those animations lmfao
  2. Halo PC = Halo Combat Evolved, released 2003. Halo CE = Halo Custom Edition, released 2004. A stand alone expansion pack with everything Halo PC has plus modding capabilities. Here are all the steps to get Halo running perfectly on a modern operating system. Halo's latest official version is v1.10 (released 2014), and has 3 community patches: HAC 2 (2016), Open Sauce (2015), and Chimera (in active development). HAC 2 and Chimera are compatible with Halo PC, while all three are compatible with Halo CE. It is generally recommended to play Halo CE, however PC and CE are separate games with separate server browsers. Open Sauce and HAC 2 do not work together, Halo will crash after a map downloads, therefore it is recommended to switch to HAC 2 when playing multiplayer, and Open Sauce when playing singleplayer. Update your graphics and audio drivers before you begin. 1. Update Halo PC/CE No previous patches required. https://www.bungie.net/en/Forums/Post/64943622?page=0&sort=0&showBanned=0&path=0 On first install, make sure to run the content of the redist folder in the Halo CE directory. 2. Make Halo PC/CE Recognise Your Graphics Card If your video card was made post-2006, Halo PC/CE will list it as ''Unknown'' in config.txt located within your Halo PC/CE folder. To fix this: 1. Double click Halo PC/CE, then immediately hold down Ctrl. 2. A small widow will appear with a code such as ''0x05e2''. 3. Copy this code and open config.txt in your Halo folder. 4. Under your graphics card vendor, before Unknown = "Unknown", create a new entry named after your graphics card, e.g 0x05e2 = "GeForce GTX 260". Add the following in bold: UseAnisotropicFilter -- Improves the quality of oblique textures. DisableBuffering -- Reduces input lag (needs a good PC). break -- Needed at the end. 3. Make Halo PC/CE Recognise Your Sound Card 1. Go to Control Panel > Device Manager > Sound Controllers, right click and open the properties of your audio card. 2. Go to the Details tab and make a note of the 4 characters after VEN_ and DEV_ under Hardware Ids under Properties. 3. Go to config.txt in your Halo PC/CE folder. If your vendor is matched by an already-present vendor, create a new line underneath in the same fashion as the rest. For example, if DEV_AA01 is my device ID, I create the following line 0xAA01 = "High Definition Audio" beneath that vendor. 4. If your vendor is not present, create a new vendor line. For example. AudioVendor = 1002 "AMD" Add the following in bold: HeadRelativeSpeech EnableStopStart break To test if you've done everything correctly, add OldDriver, save, and launch Halo. You should see a warning message. Hit exit. 4. Install HAC 2 HAC 2 is a unofficial patch for Halo PC/CE by Btcc22 compatible with Halo PC and CE. Features include cosmetic improvements, map downloading and engine budget upgrades. Despite its name, an anticheat component was never implemented. Official websites: http://blog.haloanticheat.com/ Video by Storm showcasing many features (many of which have been surpassed by Chimera, mentioned below) Recommended HAC 2 features Console commands (in bold) are executed by pressing tilde (left of one) and hitting enter. Chimera will unlock Halo's console. custom_chat 1 -- Replaces Halo's ugly chat console with a Reach-style replacement. font_size x -- Adjusts font size of custom chat. copy -- Will copy the server's IP and password onto your clipboard. If a friend sends you a server address, copy, and right click to paste in Halo's console. play_during_queue 1 -- Allows you to remain in the current game until a free slot is available in the bookmarked server you attempted to join. F6 -- Adjust FOV. F4/F5 -- Bookmark servers. Crucial HAC 2 Tweaks hac_widescreen 0. HAC 2's widescreen HUD fix (which is not perfect) has been superseded by Chimera's and Open Sauce's implementation detailed below. It is important to disable this as HAC 2 has it enabled by default. Chimera on Halo PC does not have a widescreen fix integrated, so keep this enabled for Halo PC, and after installing Chimera execute the following: scope blur 0 -- Removes zoomed-in scope blur. chimera_widescreen_scope_fix 1 -- Makes the zoom HUD a circle rather than an oval. chimera_sniper_hud_fix 1 -- Fixes sniper's elevation reading on singleplayer. 5. Install OpenSauce Compatible with Halo CE only. Open Sauce v4 adds post processing, advanced shading and support for high definition maps. HAC 2 and OpenSauce are incompatible with each other. It is recommended to use HAC 2 for multiplayer, and Open Sauce for singleplayer as per their respective feature set. To install them both and avoid incompatibility, remove Open Sauce's dinput8.dll from Halo CE's folder, and HAC 2's controls.dll from the controls folder as required to disable either mod. HAC 2 should never be disabled for Halo PC. http://www.halomods.com/ips/index.php?/topic/848-opensauce-v400-release/ Single Player Version 3 Utilising Open Sauce, SPV3 by Masterz1337 and the Custom Mapping Team is an entirely free stand-alone re-imagining of Halo 1's campaign. A contender to Halo Anniversary with new items, enemies, levels and graphics. https://www.reddit.com/r/halospv3/ http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=47823 Project Lumoria Project Lumoria is a beautiful campaign for Halo CE which stays true to the classic feel of the engine. Launch with the included UI or with the Universal UI below (recommended). http://www.lumoriace.com/ Original Campaign in Halo CE Thanks to the work of austen1000, playing the original (PC) campaign on Halo CE's engine is possible and comes with enhancements. Open Sauce will improve graphics and the UUI will unlock all levels automatically. http://vaporeon.io/hosted/vidya/halo/Halo Campaign for Custom Edition (austen1000).7z If the glass in the first corridor of Attack on the Control Room looks bad, add -use 14 as a command line parameter (details on how to do this below). 6. Install Chimera Chimera, developed by Kavawuvi/002, has a whole host of fixes and features and is fully compatible with HAC 2 and Open Sauce. It unlocks animations from 30fps to whatever is supported by your monitor, implements a widescreen HUD, speeds map loading, eliminates warp, automates setup for controllers, and more. While only officially supporting Halo CE, it will work with Halo PC albeit with some features removed. It is recommended to join their discord to remain up-to-date with the latest nightly releases which have surpassed build 49 feature-wise: https://discord.gg/ZwQeBE2 As the face of this patch is changing rapidly, I have not included any recommended tweaks as they may be redundant in a future update. Type "chimera" in the console in game to get a list of commands or see the below documentation for a complete list. Documentation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OmkwbJTLmuVEqJGTtkLlbRpbdZ_QBHoj86MzC7mXM_g/edit#heading=h.j2mjtefu4gim 7. Add Command Line Parameters Right click on Halo's shortcut, and add the following to the ''target'' field as desired. A space is required before each. -nowinkey -- Disables Windows keys. -nojoystick -- Disables joystick detection, improving game load times. -novideo -- Disables intro movies (Halo PC only needs this). -screenshot -- Press ''print screen'' in-game to take high resolution .tga screenshots saved in your Halo directory. -window -- Launches in a window. Press ALT Enter while windowed to enter borderless window mode (HAC 2) -timedemo -- Launches in benchmark mode, the results of which are saved as timedemo.txt in your Halo directory. 8. Enable Antialiasing Standard MSAA/SSAA does not work on Halo PC/CE and will result in an instant crash or a black screen. NVIDIA users force FXAA in your control panel. AMD users force MLAA in your control panel. 9. Online Performance Set Halo network settings according to your internet upload speed. Use http://Speedtest.net as a guide or login to your router. Speedtest reports lower upload speeds than actual, so select next highest setting in Halo if upload results are slightly lower than what is available. In multiplayer servers, type ''/info'' into chat ingame to check if the server uses nolead. Nolead, part of SAPP server software, patches Halo PC/CE's notorious netcode problem whereby players must apply ''shot leading'' by shooting his target slightly farther than one would think naturally, this worsens the higher your ping. Nolead fixes this and for new/inexperienced players especially, a server that implements it is highly preferable to servers that don't. Take full advantage of Halo's glitches, especially backpack reloading!: http://web.archive.org/web/20140827140412/http://www.thehaloforum.com/halo-1/140298-halo-multiplayer-applicable-guide-h1-xbox.html 10. Install The Universal User Interface This UI replacement for Halo CE removes update checks (we won't get any more official updates), includes menus for custom made and original singleplayer maps, and has nice graphics. To install, drop into your Halo CE maps folder. http://www.halomods.com/ips/index.php?/topic/652-universal-ui-official-thread/ 11. Recommended Console Commands To execute the following at each Halo launch, create init.txt in your Halo PC/CE folder and paste them there. multiplayer_hit_sound_volume 1 -- Loudens hit sound in Halo CE and PC. (Default: 0.7) multiplayer_draw_teammates_names 1 -- Halo CE only. Shows player names without having to hit F3 every time you join a game (Default 0). mouse_acceleration 0 -- (Supposedly) reduces mouse acceleration. (Default 1) cls -- Clears console output, in this case the above commands. Other Console Commands rasterizer_fps 1 -- Displays a detailed FPS counter. about -- Shows HAC 2 version (HAC 2). fov x -- Sets FOV (HAC 2). show_hud 0 -- disables HUD (HAC 2). devcam 1 -- Hold left-click to move, hold down middle mouse button, scroll up/down to adjust speed (HAC 2). ALT Enter -- Minimize the game if in fullscreen mode. Enter borderless window if in windowed mode. ALT F4 -- Quit to desktop. CTRL F12 -- View your FPS. Optional: Restore EAX effects EAX is environmental audio, things like echoing footsteps and reverberating bullets. If you are on XP you don't need to do this. Microsoft rewrote the audio code on Vista+, hence the incompatibility with this XP-era video game. I have not achieved good results with this restoration, it is glitchy at times, however your mileage may vary. If you know a better setup please PM me and I'll be sure to credit you. NOTE: If you have an Asus or Creative audio card, this may not apply to you. Check your respective audio card vendor's website for a possible workaround first. Community For its age Halo PC/CE has a vibrant and large community. Players use https://discordapp.com/ to contact others (RIP Xfire). Open Carnage https://discord.gg/a8nU2uK SPV3 https://discord.gg/gTYqUYs Rebel Army https://discord.gg/hqebJp Halo 1 Hub https://discordapp.com/invite/PASbNqB Sparky's Discord https://discordapp.com/invite/kZSJs8b Join us in the forums. http://halomaps.org http://opencarnage.net Check out the CE3 team for annual show and regular map reviews. http://haloce3.com Check out StormUndBlackboard for map reviews and banter. https://www.youtube.com/user/StormUndBlackbird Their Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/WwDqD8x Suggestions welcome.
  3. Build -556 Hi there, great work as always. One annoying thing... the red damage indicator arrows have been centred 4:3 with your widescreen fix enabled. Can you put the left and right arrows back over to the far left and right? Could you also have an option to have the Carnage Report and "game join" image to be stretched if desired? It doesn't look so bad stretched on 16:9, imo, and that's what I'm used to, having them 4:3 looks a little less consistent. EDIT: another unintended consequence, the grey chat bar is centred 4:3 too, could you stop it from being chopped off at either end? EDIT 2: UUI Halo sign doesn't centre properly with your widescreen fix. Also, critical bug: disabling mouse acceleration makes vehicle (hog at least) mouse movement while in a seat cause the screen to go completely grey or white. Exiting the vehicle doesn't fix this
  4. If you want the names to come up by default add multiplayer_draw_teammates_names 1 to init.txt in you CE folder
  5. Thanks for the replies, two more things - Any change the warthog antenna will get the 60fps makeover? #noanimationsleftbehind - The shield/HP top right of the split screen HUD doesn't seem to sit properly, it looks glitched and nothing like the xbox hud
  6. Holy shit, you got 60fps animations working across the board, the madman did it... A few things: - What does chimera_block_mo do? No discernable differences - chimera_widescreen_scope doesn't work as of build 39 - Would you not consider the 'shrink empty weapons' command a form of cheat? - While the distinctions between interpolate 0, 3, 6, 8, and 9 are clear, anything in-between these numbers is also an accepted command, so then what does interpolate 4, for example, do? - Why include your own FOV setter when HAC2's one suffices? Furthermore, why make it a 'vertical' FOV setter? Horizontal FOV is more widely used. - One thing that Btcc22 never got around to doing was managing to scale the pulse animation of the radar, would you be able to do this like you can in Open Sauce? (Better yet, if you could somehow manage to inject Lumoria's or some other such HD HUD into the game via Chimera you would make me very happy.) - If something could be done about the sniper's shitty shitty out-of-place zoom bars you would also make me very happy - I don't know if it's a problem with the original animations or the interpolation code, but the sniper's melee is very twitchy. (aaaggghhh, playing with interpolate on 3 then switching back to 30pfs animations looks so bad now lol)
  7. alright sweet, I was asking as I put "about" into my init.int to see when HAC2 updated, and it would be nice to have a similar one-liner present below HAC2's line for Chimera, but seeing as chimera does not autoupdate I guess it isn't necessary. One more thing you're probably aware of though, despite getting on average 100fps with interpolate 9 enabled, I still get some kind of stutter. This stutter still persists in a lesser capacity when interpolate is set to 0. Why is there still a reduction in fps when all enhancements are disabled? And secondly, why is there stutter when fps >60? cheers. 1280x720, HD 5500, latest drivers, i5-5200U 2.20GHz. If you need any other info just ask away
  8. great work, could you add an "about_chimera" command similar to HAC2's "about" command? cheers
  9. Good day, old sport. 'Tis merely a preference of mine, and is how Halo CE has been played lo these 12 years.
  10. Can you please update your SAPP, remove grenade spam punishments, remove spawn protection and remove the profanity filter for fuck sake. k thx ib4 Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
  11. If this game night is still going ahead, add me on Steam: Zetren. Mind you I'm getting bloom issues with Reactor and Valhalla on my HD5500 and have yet to find a solution.
  12. Why do people continue to play/host on old versions of this map? You'd think "Bigass Final" would be a givaway. http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=48232
  13. And I'm still rattling about on an old gtx 260...