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  1. If you want the names to come up by default add multiplayer_draw_teammates_names 1 to init.txt in you CE folder
  2. Thanks for the replies, two more things - Any change the warthog antenna will get the 60fps makeover? #noanimationsleftbehind - The shield/HP top right of the split screen HUD doesn't seem to sit properly, it looks glitched and nothing like the xbox hud
  3. Holy shit, you got 60fps animations working across the board, the madman did it... A few things: - What does chimera_block_mo do? No discernable differences - chimera_widescreen_scope doesn't work as of build 39 - Would you not consider the 'shrink empty weapons' command a form of cheat? - While the distinctions between interpolate 0, 3, 6, 8, and 9 are clear, anything in-between these numbers is also an accepted command, so then what does interpolate 4, for example, do? - Why include your own FOV setter when HAC2's one suffices? Furthermore, why make it a 'vertical' FOV setter? Horizontal FOV is more widely used. - One thing that Btcc22 never got around to doing was managing to scale the pulse animation of the radar, would you be able to do this like you can in Open Sauce? (Better yet, if you could somehow manage to inject Lumoria's or some other such HD HUD into the game via Chimera you would make me very happy.) - If something could be done about the sniper's shitty shitty out-of-place zoom bars you would also make me very happy - I don't know if it's a problem with the original animations or the interpolation code, but the sniper's melee is very twitchy. (aaaggghhh, playing with interpolate on 3 then switching back to 30pfs animations looks so bad now lol)
  4. alright sweet, I was asking as I put "about" into my init.int to see when HAC2 updated, and it would be nice to have a similar one-liner present below HAC2's line for Chimera, but seeing as chimera does not autoupdate I guess it isn't necessary. One more thing you're probably aware of though, despite getting on average 100fps with interpolate 9 enabled, I still get some kind of stutter. This stutter still persists in a lesser capacity when interpolate is set to 0. Why is there still a reduction in fps when all enhancements are disabled? And secondly, why is there stutter when fps >60? cheers. 1280x720, HD 5500, latest drivers, i5-5200U 2.20GHz. If you need any other info just ask away
  5. great work, could you add an "about_chimera" command similar to HAC2's "about" command? cheers
  6. Good day, old sport. 'Tis merely a preference of mine, and is how Halo CE has been played lo these 12 years.
  7. Can you please update your SAPP, remove grenade spam punishments, remove spawn protection and remove the profanity filter for fuck sake. k thx ib4 Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
  8. If this game night is still going ahead, add me on Steam: Zetren. Mind you I'm getting bloom issues with Reactor and Valhalla on my HD5500 and have yet to find a solution.
  9. Why do people continue to play/host on old versions of this map? You'd think "Bigass Final" would be a givaway. http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=48232
  10. And I'm still rattling about on an old gtx 260...
  11. I dreamt last night about her, I held her hand and stroked her arm but she wouldn't look at me, someone sat between us but we kept holding hands until the pale four walls towered over me again.
  12. This, this right here folks.
  13. Treat children like adults from a young age: don't hit them, don't yell at them, reason with them rather than order them around, don't suppress sexuality, allow them to speak their minds, be honest and happy around them, give them a fair degree of autonomy, and no such behaviour will come about. All forms of child hitting are now categorically child abuse according to the American Psychological Association. The edgy teenager is nothing but a myth and is in fact the product of a suboptimal childhood. Look into the ACE studies, the works of Alice Miller and Real Time Relationships by Stefan Molyneux if you're interested in these areas. I for one fully stand up for these teenagers, in their loneliness and feelings of insignificance and isolation you cannot but expect for there to be hostile dispositional repercussions.