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  1. My 21st is in December but I've been able to drink legally since I was 18 ;D
  2. It depresses me that they'd likely reelect the crack smoking violent lunatic over someone who's worked in the sex industry. Great slogan though.
  3. Happy 21st mate (Arbiter already posted the video )
  4. I'd be down, provided the time is good for me, between work etc
  5. I think he means the Galaxy S5
  6. Galaxy S5 It's excellent
  7. hey

    Hello friend
  8. I tried it and found it unplayably laggy. But I've moved house since then to a place with better internet, so it may be better... will have to give it another go.
  9. League Championship SeriesLolesports.com
  10. Fantasy.lolesports.com Does anybody here follow the LCS at all? Definitely worth watching for any LoL player. If you do, we should try out the new fantasy draft beta. Gonna be sweet. I'll make a league and send invites if at least 3 people are interested.
  11. Hullo there, welcome! I wish I had a majestic beard and copious amounts of charisma. Also being good at games would help but I'm usually pretty trash.
  12. Happy birthday mate
  13. This is pure gold.
  14. IS THAT MY BOY THE ARBITER HOLY DAMN How you been man?!