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  1. I just did in another separate post!
  2. https://imgur.com/6U8cFL7 https://imgur.com/E4ovzzM BG_Turrets.zip
  3. Is it possible to port Xbox Maps to CE?
  4. Obviously "new" maps to play on! ability to mod re-create and use for Halo CE gameplay from Moses of Egypt: Yes and no. Yes there are tools in the MEK that can do a lot of it for you, no there isn't any 1:1 converter nor a straightforward way of doing it. It requires some knowledge and skill. Refinery is capable of ripping xbox maps and creating sbsp tags that can work for both xbox and pc. HBOC is capable of manipulating entire directories of bitmap tags and converting them from pc to xbox or xbox to pc. You can toggle all tags from xbox to pc format, but you still need to go in and manually tell hboc how to deal with certain things. For example, you need to know which tags are multipurpose maps and tell hboc to swap their channel orders from xbox to pc format, xbox only texture formats(a8, y8, ay8, a8y8, p8) need to be converted to a halo ce format, and hud meter tags in monochrome format need to have their alpha and intensity channels swapped before converting to a halo ce format. The mode to mod2 converter is capable of converting all models in a directory to an equivalent gbxmodel tag. There are things that my tools wont do for you though(such as replacing shader_transparent_generic tags with some equivalent shader_transparent_chicago or something similar), but it does do most of the heavy lifting for you if you can figure out how to use it. If you're confused about how to use the HBOC, open it and click on "Useful help". I made sure to put in any explanations people might need. I can't think of anything else you might need to know atm, but that should get you most of the way there.
  5. If I were to import a modded vehicle (boat) into another map. How would I change the water surface so that the boat actually drives on top of water vs sinking to bottom? Or is there a setting on modded boat that allows it to glide over the water? Thanks
  6. got it to work! Thanks for your help! A friend of mine supplied with some of his scenery objects and I was able to successfully place within the map.
  7. Do you know of any large scenery objects that you could use? Largest I have seen have been doors? Just looking to add this to a map and not design the entire bsp.
  8. wow pretty big area lots of water! means lots of scenery objects!
  9. I have noticed that the camo does not work for all players? I observed directly a player trying to "crouch" and camo does not come on; yet it works for me "sometimes" (another issue?) Just an FYI...not sure if anyone has experienced these issues as well? Thanks
  10. The script that giraffe proposes seems to be most viable solution thanks
  11. Curious how to "fix" the issue of having bipeds stack on top of each other when placed online in a server? Not sure if this is connected to why AI don't sync well online?
  12. I merely placed the biped at new locations on the map so there are no other bipeds spawning prior to the placement?
  13. it worked TY
  14. what would be the correct "syntax" for spawning a vehicle on a specific map (vehicle is in map) using the event system folder using x-y-z coord Thanks
  15. Thanks!
  16. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/614183/Pearl/Pearl 2.zip says file not found?
  17. "msalerno" now manages the HAC2 database: if you message him on Steam he will put your work up within "minutes" ! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198267379556/
  18. Ok, here's my question. How do I add a "button" to my php BB board that would call up a specific template so that others on the same board would always use. I tried looking on their site but could not find the correct info for Example: I would have a area in the forum that would have Admins go to "ban players" on Halo: this would be the Template I am thinking of: Ban ReportBanned Player: A-HackerBan Type: PermServer: Golden EyeBan Date: March 8th 2017Player Hash: CD-Key Hash: f45c0d4f2efd9fe17a4ccc1d2f739b13Banlist Data: IP:
  19. Thanks, just sent you a "donation" ! always a pleasure visiting this site!
  20. Thanks I will look into it. I did see these but with my lack of managing a board (site) like yours; I thought you may have used this method at one time. Thanks for the help in the right direction!
  21. ok so I have this problem running this script. Sometimes the teambipeds work and yet on other games it reverts back to the normal bipeds assigned to the map 1) I am running CTF mode 2) I have blue team set as a "Pirate Biped" 3) screencap of my bipeds in map (below) -- Team-based Bipeds 1.1 by 002 -- Configuration TEAM_RED = "deathstar\\poqisland_modv1\\biped\\tag_2085" TEAM_BLUE = "deathstar\\pirate_ship\\biped\\tag_112" -- Free-For-All Biped Selection: -- true = Randomly choose biped in free-for-all -- false = Alternate between red and blue FFA_RANDOM = true -- End of Configuration api_version = "" DEFAULT_BIPED = nil RED_BIPED = nil BLUE_BIPED = nil function OnScriptLoad() register_callback(cb['EVENT_OBJECT_SPAWN'],"OnObjectSpawn") register_callback(cb['EVENT_GAME_END'],"OnGameEnd") end function OnScriptUnload() DEFAULT_BIPED = nil RED_BIPED = nil BLUE_BIPED = nil end function FindBipedTag(TagName) local tag_array = read_dword(0x40440000) for i=0,read_word(0x4044000C)-1 do local tag = tag_array + i * 0x20 if(read_dword(tag) == 1651077220 and read_string(read_dword(tag + 0x10)) == TagName) then return read_dword(tag + 0xC) end end end function OnObjectSpawn(PlayerIndex, MapID, ParentID, ObjectID) if(player_present(PlayerIndex) == false) then return true end if(DEFAULT_BIPED == nil) then local tag_array = read_dword(0x40440000) for i=0,read_word(0x4044000C)-1 do local tag = tag_array + i * 0x20 if(read_dword(tag) == 1835103335 and read_string(read_dword(tag + 0x10)) == "globals\\globals") then local tag_data = read_dword(tag + 0x14) local mp_info = read_dword(tag_data + 0x164 + 4) for j=0,read_dword(tag_data + 0x164)-1 do DEFAULT_BIPED = read_dword(mp_info + j * 160 + 0x10 + 0xC) end end end end if(MapID == DEFAULT_BIPED) then if(RED_BIPED == nil) then RED_BIPED = FindBipedTag(TEAM_RED) end if(BLUE_BIPED == nil) then BLUE_BIPED = FindBipedTag(TEAM_BLUE) end BIPED_TO_USE = RED_BIPED if(get_var(PlayerIndex,"$ffa") == "1") then if(FFA_RANDOM == true) then if(rand(0,2) == 1) then BIPED_TO_USE = BLUE_BIPED end else if(PlayerIndex % 2 == 1) then BIPED_TO_USE = BLUE_BIPED end end elseif(get_var(PlayerIndex,"$team") == "blue") then BIPED_TO_USE = BLUE_BIPED end return true,BIPED_TO_USE end return true end function OnGameEnd() DEFAULT_BIPED = nil RED_BIPED = nil BLUE_BIPED = nil end
  22. actually worked for me by not having any maps load in either ini.txt file (Halo CE main Directory & Sapp ini.txt as well) the mapvotes worked by simply placing them in mapvotes.txt file in sapp directory. Thanks for your help!
  23. I have visited Sapps official site and looked under mapvotes & mapcycles and tried to follow along but still I am not able to get mapvotes to show on screen after game is skipped. Can someone provide a "basic" setup on how this should look under Halo ini.txt file & what it should look like under Sapp ini.txt file. I am pretty sure I have everything setup correctly under the mapvotes.txt file & mapcycle.txt file. I believe the culprit lies within the actual ini.txt files. I have also used the unload command via the console and loaded it back up successfully. I have also used the "reload" command as well. All of which showed on screen as being successfully completed; however I am still not seeing the "vote options" after skipping to next map. Example Mapcycle "entry: bloodgulch:ctf:8:16 Example Mapvote "entry": dangercanyon:ctf:Danger Canyon - ctf:0:16 Thanks
  24. actually I answered my own question: All the player spawn points were removed therefore player could not spawn! I had to add in new player spawn points!
  25. I recently modded a map by adding a teleporter pair and duplicating scenery that was already on the map. Map looks like it loads ok, but won't start stuck on screen saying "waiting for space to clear" Map does have existing teleporters. Also I did try to run map in Slayer mode & CTF (same result) I was able to open the map with "Sparkedit" and noticed that all the player spawn points have been removed and all the MP flags as well. (broke map?) Thanks...