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  1. got it to work! Thanks for your help! A friend of mine supplied with some of his scenery objects and I was able to successfully place within the map.
  2. Do you know of any large scenery objects that you could use? Largest I have seen have been doors? Just looking to add this to a map and not design the entire bsp.
  3. wow pretty big area lots of water! means lots of scenery objects!
  4. If I were to import a modded vehicle (boat) into another map. How would I change the water surface so that the boat actually drives on top of water vs sinking to bottom? Or is there a setting on modded boat that allows it to glide over the water? Thanks
  5. I have noticed that the camo does not work for all players? I observed directly a player trying to "crouch" and camo does not come on; yet it works for me "sometimes" (another issue?) Just an FYI...not sure if anyone has experienced these issues as well? Thanks
  6. The script that giraffe proposes seems to be most viable solution thanks
  7. I merely placed the biped at new locations on the map so there are no other bipeds spawning prior to the placement?
  8. Curious how to "fix" the issue of having bipeds stack on top of each other when placed online in a server? Not sure if this is connected to why AI don't sync well online?
  9. it worked TY
  10. what would be the correct "syntax" for spawning a vehicle on a specific map (vehicle is in map) using the event system folder using x-y-z coord Thanks
  11. Thanks!
  12. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/614183/Pearl/Pearl 2.zip says file not found?
  13. "msalerno" now manages the HAC2 database: if you message him on Steam he will put your work up within "minutes" ! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198267379556/
  14. Thanks, just sent you a "donation" ! always a pleasure visiting this site!
  15. Thanks I will look into it. I did see these but with my lack of managing a board (site) like yours; I thought you may have used this method at one time. Thanks for the help in the right direction!