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  1. The thing I do not understand is no one did anything to the server. And only 2 of us have access to it. So why would this just all of a sudden happen out of the blue
  2. Hello. ÑE» Servers use to be below RG and above SMG. Been there for years and now all of a sudden my servers are on the last page. Any reason why and how do I get them back to their old spot. thank you
  3. I am having the same issue
  4. I see various games on the HAC2 list. Is there a way to get them onto my Halo PC servers??? Or is it possible? I really have no clue and would like to bring something different to my servers rather than the regular halo pc maps. Thank you.
  5. I am ÑE»Reaper, founder of ÑE». Just wanted to say hello and like the work some of you do.