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  1. Holy Crap was just playing on my server late at night, and I only Just Notice how amazing the music is now. It's not clunky or over-bearing but nice. Surprising really. Anybody else having a similar experience?
  2. Haha does the delection of settings happen to you as much as it did me in the alpha
  3. This game looks like it is going to one of the best space simulators out, I'm already intending on purchasing one ofthe packages but i dont know yet. If you guys havent heard head over to https://robertsspaceindustries.com and have a look at some of the screenshots or amazing gameplay they have of this new game coming out soon!
  4. Im happy you brought it, i kinda need it at the moment
  5. Evening Everybody, My Name's DawnFatal, but you can all call me Dawn. Some of you (mainly Tucker) may know me as ISOTURTLE, But that name has long been forgoten. I've decided that I'm Going to make my way into the realm of Formuming (Own Word, Creative license and all that) So here I am! I'll go ahead and let you all know a little about me: Actual Name: Kyle Job: IT Technician Hobbies: Computer games (Steam URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/DawnFatal) Electronics, Hacking (learning), Coding (Visual Basic (little knowledge) & C# (Again Little Knowledge) Likes and Intrests: Electrical equipment, Good Books, and Gym. But yea Lovely to meet you all and I'm sure ill be seeing you around! ~ Dawn ~ Watching, Always.
  6. So because nobody on this forum will know what it is, The Orange Card is a test based on the MOE 2.0 infrastructure (in which we’re currently transitioning to MOE 4.0 at work) I’m in need of somebody who can help me at “Hacking” the test. The only reason I say this is because they’ve not updated the test in over 4-5 years which is putting it well out of date (Considering they're trying to teach old information to people like me who are working with Win 8 and 7 all day and not XP). The test is based around XP which is hard to believe. I only ask if there is any tools that can be used to access sql databases or a way to see whether there is a way to track what data is pulled for the test to happen. I believe the test is run off of Java script, but unknown. I’d only like this because my job is sort-of on the line because of this Bullshit they call a test, so I figured I can study real hard know everything sit it and fail because that’s the way its designed or… know my shit, get all the answers and Ace it! No harm no foul. Please help me if you can. Please Help me ~ Dawn ~ Watching, Always.
  7. The Only reason that i want to cheat is because the people that are running it are complete and total Assholes, but that is government for you. But yea i work for a stateschool and they keep making my life hell because this test is so far out of date and they expect you to learn shit that you're never going to need because its so far out of date.
  8. I remember you too Nick!
  9. Welcome to the forum Bro hope you enjoy the people and the place
  11. I am in need of a car and am looking for some ways to make money online. Things like surveys, word processing, working for people It would be much appreciated as i need to get around a $1000 au
  12. I have a job, but it's shit and selling stuff and mowing lawns isn't really feasible considering i'm still in school and am currently doing exams and was really looking for more of an online solution
  13. Hahaha Thanks Guys, Much appreciated Luf you all!
  14. Im Looking for a headset that has a clear tube spiral that sits behind the ear. I'd also like to have a wrist microphone too. Anybody know where i can find one?
  15. Hahaha Thanks guys really helpful yea it's for a mr smith costume so yes thats exactly what i was looking for
  16. Welcome
  17. Funniest shit i've seen in a while! Good song 2 actually http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gsXTyyqQCg&list=HL1365059417
  18. I want to develop an app for iPhones and other apple devices but don't know where to start application side and code side, can anybody help?
  19. Hey guys! Just recently i have came up with an idea for an Android app (which in time i would love to port to Apple). It is game related but i'm not going to disclose much information about the idea due to intellectual property. But, regardless i would like to request a thread android Application development. Tucker If you see this a Application Development specific thread underneath the Game development thread would be great. ~Thanks In Advance - Xzenn www.zxzenn.com
  20. Yea just anything to help. And Tucker i kinda meant a Development section :-)
  21. Today i learnt Some more Java! Functions and arrays today
  22. SnipeYa Introduced me
  23. I believe That religion brings hope to some and disparity to others. I am an atheist by choice and choose not to fall to any higher power. I think some people need religion, but i do not. To follow on to the question at hand, i believe that some people believe that they are being controlled and do reckless things that they lose control over. So yes i believe that People can be controlled and manipulated to do things by a higher power.
  24. National Buttsex
  25. Oh my god thanks so much art