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  1. Hey, I'm NightShadow but I usually go by Alex. I am a 18 year old high school senior from Indiana, who programs on the side. I am currently working on a project to release several Internet/networking-related programs, the first being a low CPU/RAM using, full-featured Webkit-based browser. I also am a member of a gaming clan/anime club planning a convention in Ohio. I also like anime, gaming and music. My favorite anime currently is KILL la KILL, and my favorite game right now is Sims 2 (since I got it free of Origin), as my favorite game changes quite a bit. I always enjoy a good chat so hit me up if you want. Thank you for reading.
  2. I really could use one of those, unforunately, I'm low on money. Stupid minimum-wage part time job.
  3. What features would you guys like in a browser? I am starting a Internet networking project with several Internet-related programs, a minimal on resource, yet full-featured browser being the first project. It is based on WebKit and I want to see how many features I can throw in a minimal browser before getting too much CPU/RAM usage. Thanks!
  4. I'm about to make a Steam and I was wondering, what's a good mid-range shooter game, requirements-wise? I have the following specs (Asus K55N-DS81): AMD A8 4500M Quad-Core @ 1.9GHz AMD Radeon HD 7640G 512MB VRAM 500GB SATA HDD 4GB DDR3 RAM
  5. Anyone watch Nostalgia Critic, or any of the people on the That Guy With The Glasses website? They do satirical reviews, usually to some pretty crappy stuff. I watch him sometimes, but I watch Rap Critic and Todd in the Shadows more, since they review music. Said site is at: http://thatguywiththeglasses.com
  6. AMD sucks. Fuck this shitty A8 APU crap. No games will run :|
  7. TL;DW. Huge drive though.
  8. Miss Murder by AFI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMxU2ToSunY
  9. Yes. It's a monitor I got at Goodwill, cause I'm too poor (me, not my family lol) to buy an HD monitor
  10. Hey, I'm That Punk Guy but my real name is Alex. I am a 17 year old high school junior. As you can tell, I'm very into punk stuff. My favorite bands include Three Days Grace, Sum 41, Green Day, Rise Against, 10 Years, Seether, Breaking Benjamin and a lot more rock/punk bands. Other than punk rock, I like anime and manga, computers and videogames. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Oh also, I love chatting so feel free to add me on Skype (at "live:thatpunkguy95" without quotes).
  11. Yes. YES!!! No Doubt is my favorite.
  12. Yes it's fucking Windows 8 deal with it.
  13. Up In The Air by 30 Seconds to Mars
  14. I have.... $0.03 in PayPal lol. So yeah, no custom building for me right now. Maybe when I get a job.
  15. I found this site through a forum. A certain forum to promote your website.
  16. It looked.... the same? I'm new.
  17. Crysis. I wanna play it so bad but a friend told me it requires like, a gaming rig of a system.
  18. I only buy direct from Amazon myself. I'm less than 20 miles from one of their warehouses so they ship very quick. I know this because my aunt works at that one.