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  1. Cheers Pra 3 sorry for the late response have not logged on for a while,hope your well
  2. Late Farther in law used brew his own ,stones bitter pure rocket fuel blow ya socks off,he used to store in under the floor boards in the house to ferment and keep it at a even temp,brought back some fond memories
  3. Dowton Abbey
  4. Yea looks a great movie,must watch,same thing went on here at medomsley detention center,durham,england but for real back in the 80s,brought in by them prime minister maggie thatcher , called it the short sharp shock treatment there would give you 6 weeks boot camp violence and abuse started as soon as you walked in the door by prison offices,just now are there starting to find out what went on in them places,never went there myself few of my friends did for very minor offences like smashing a window.
  5. Welcome to england
  6. Yea back in the day bald guy you did what you were told out of fear, i was in maths class once and the teacher dragged a girl who let her mouth go along the floor by the hair