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  1. As an Apple Maniac, I always use Safari. It is my default web browser on my desktops, on my iPad, on my iPhone and on my iPads. Safari's performance is the best and it always gets improved. For example, with OS X Yosemite, Apple will also introduce new features and design for Safari. Of course, I have used most of the modern web browsers. Google Chrome has a wide variety of useful features, while Firefox is very fast. Comodo Browser tries to focus on security and safety, that's why many people use it while they visit their Paypal or their Credit Card e-page.
  2. I enjoyed reading your review about the image hosting company that I mostly use. I remember that a close friend recommended imgur to me. He is a Graphic Designers and he is in need of uploading big images, that's why he uses it. Unfortunately, I do not want to spend some money on imgur because I am completely satisfied with my Standard Plan. Finally, I would like to say that I adore its awesome design and structure!
  3. I currently own a couple of cell phones. I use my BlackBerry Bold 9900 for business staff. BlackBerry operating system is very professional and useful especially if someone is interested in receiving and sending emails every moment, has access to the Internet and open heavy applications like SalesForce. My second cell phone is an iPhone 5S 32GB. As you understand, my iPhone is far better than my BlackBerry so I am seriously thinking of stop using the BlackBerry. iPhone has the most advanced operating system and many innovative features. It is very convenient and I am looking forward to downloading iOS 8.
  4. Yo!

    Hey everyone! My name is Panos and I am a 28 years old male from Greece! I have studied Business Management and Organization and I am currently working at a pharmaceutical company. Of course, in my free time, I always like joining in forums and getting to know more people. In addition, I enjoy reading reviews and watching videos on YouTube about tech stuff. Anyways! I am interested in talking to all of you! If you have any questions about me, please don't hesitate to send me a private message!