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  1. U said there fix for object spawn so that mean does vehicles spawn are also affected? For in race gametype. If so then will play/test with it. Cheers, DB
  2. Also can add detect the player warping? Let say with antiwarp 5 and have function to detect someone are on warping. If warping detected then their lap time will not be recorded. In some cases if someone happen to be lag to which could lead to warp. (unless SAPP are smarter enough to tell difference between those two.) In result of lap time does not be recorded, but afterward he are clean on next lap wihtout warping at all then their lap time can be record. It should be function for player to be recorded or not each lap.. rather than whole game or banned from record permanently. In couple days ago, at DFS race server in CE (they also use this script) I saw one noob player intended to warping which to boosting warthog speed with my own eyes. So in the end he holding many best time records which are impossible for us to beat by about 10+ seconds margin or something. Cheers.. think this should be last time to addressing along with @JuliquE suggest.
  3. I have three displays are 1080p. One AOC are 144hz and others Dell are 60hz. And all three are 24 inches each. But problem is if I set AOC display to 144Hz then some programs like Chrome or Win.10 Apps are still in sync to 144Hz even through they are in Dell 60Hz monitor. That resulting screen tearing and shuttering. That why I using 60Hz on all monitors and just use 144Hz for game. GTAV, COD, and etc. I had 4K 27 inch Samsung monitor a last year.. but that monitor function kind crap and it are not for me being on game use. So end up I traded it for GTX 970.
  4. Also will be possible to include decimal seconds number? Just included tenth and hundredth should be enough.
  5. Playing around with Surround thingy.
  6. Upgraded it to Win10 on main computer. Loving it. Here my backgrounds.
  7. I pirating BDrip movies.
  8. One 65 inches 4K Seiki UHDTV for Living room, and two 55 inches 4K Seiki UHDTVs for two bedrooms. All UHDTVs does have ChromeCast and CableBox connected.
  9. Bit fall behind, since some fansubs dropped/stalling shows that I watching. Anyway, for Summer 2015 anime I will watch: Durarara!!x2 Ten Working!!! Gatchaman Crowds Insight Dragon Ball Super To Love-Ru: Trouble - Darkness 2nd (Mostly like will be censored in tv broadcast, if so then waiting for BDs) Denpa Kyoushi TV (continuing from Spring)
  10. Hearing from birth but lost by fever (not know which specific) when I was baby.
  11. English and American Sign Language
  12. ^^ it's just me or image link broken? Here mine, took screenshot from Surface Pro 3 running WIndows 10 Insider Preview build 10130.