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  1. That's what I was thinking
  2. So a Tennessee lawmaker made a video where he bought a long-gun and then decided to set up a lemonade stand, selling lemonade and his new rifle. It's actually kind of hilarious. What do you think about the laws?
  3. I work with children and get this stuff every week at where I volunteer. It sucks that society looks down on men working with children, but at least everyone is concerned for the well-being of children now.
  4. I'm currently on the Season Finale for Season 2. I'm gonna have to get the game and play that to hell as well... Guys.. I need help. I'm addicted.
  5. I just started the show a few days ago, and I can't stop... Have you been bitten?
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Q-cKpxY67Q
  7. I bought a new watch!
  8. That's sad to hear! Hopefully things can get straightened out soon! How long could we expect the raffle to keep going as well, or will that be affected at all?
  9. Kali: I need to run to my car to get the thing to pay for this thing. Tucker: What thing? Kali: College application fee... Tucker: Fuck college, acquire bitches
  10. I think you're acting now... I really wish I didn't have my stutter. It gets really annoying when on the radios. "One Tree Niner Eeeeeeeeeeeeecho Romeo, inbound full stop" doesn't sound great and takes up valuable time in the air.
  11. Welcome to... back... to... back? Hello.
  12. We use Chrome on XP at the flight school I work at...