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  1. Can't get it out of my head. It's an addicting song. I don't normally get much songs in my head, but I can't get this one out. I've been singing it for over a week now.
  2. They both taste the same to me. The only difference is they are from different manufacturers. I tend to drink Coke more though as it's more in shops compared to Pepsi.
  3. I just bought a brand new laptop which is capable of playing pc games but I have no idea what to play, buy or what is good. Where do you get your gamer reviews from? I would love to try a few new games. What games do you love playing?
  4. which do you prefer PS2 (Slim) or PS2 (Classic) I actually prefer the PS2 (Classic). It's slightly more bulkier but it looks much better.
  5. I got my server DDoS'ed once. It destroyed my router and made my server overheat. I ended up buying a new router with a proper Firewall built in. I've had several attempts at being DDoS'ed again, but thanks to the Firewall it's never happened again. I quite like hackers, actually, if it wasn't for them my server would still be vulnerable.
  6. For the iPhone Temple Run isn't that great, screen is too small. It's ok on a tablet. Angry Birds is good on the iPhone. Good laugh if you've got nothing else better to do. On my first mobile, my favorite game would've been snake.
  7. My computer will just run Crysis 2. I'm planning on rebuilding it at some point to get a bigger SSD, better processor. But that'll be when I've got money, which isn't very often.
  8. Bad quality as I have so many monitors. But yeah generic desktop.
  9. Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 640 4GHz (Overclocked from 3GHz) Memory: 2x 4G DDR3 1300MHz Manufacturer: Custom Built Graphics: x2 nVidia 450 in SLI Monitor: Two 17" Monitors, One 19" Widescreen Monitor. Case: Evesham Coolermaster Hard Drive: 120GB SSD and 5TB HHD (3TB and 2TB in raid) OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Board: ASRock M3A770de PSU: 700W PSU Think that's about it. It's a decent specification computer.
  10. Hi I'm Robert! I live in Canada and I love it. Can't wait to meet new people here! In my spare time I like to surf! Over and out!