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  1. got a bunch of friends going to be playing this weekend! Really liking this visor, just enough added to give it an awesome new feel!
  2. still trying to get my game to allow me to connect to the dedicated server, not sure whats wrong with it. Got it fixed, will have some friends on the server this weekend!
  3. just tried it out man, the new battle creek looks amazing! Just added more excitement to the full release for me! I'm going to pass it along, got some friends coming over this weekend I'll have to setup a lan for it!
  4. Thanks so much! I think i speak for everyone when I say its awesome what your doing!
  5. Thanks for the tip man, I will for sure look into some of those. But I do feel what nex has going here is awesome! I got some of the join friendly stuff and that to me looks amazing! So im more than exciting for this project to be done! Only wish I were further into my design degree to be able to help out!
  6. Im new here, But wow am I excited to help test this beta! I was feeling nostalgic and decided to see if there was any good halo mods out there and what a surprise I found you guys!