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  1. Been playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy and Tokyo Xanadu eX+ while afking RuneScape.
  2. ; Applies to: DualShock 4 controllers on Windows 10 (default Microsoft drivers) axis_1_n=Right Stick Up axis_1_p=Right Stick Down axis_2_n=Right Stick Left axis_2_p=Right Stick Right axis_3_n=Left Stick Up axis_3_p=Left Stick Down axis_4_n=Left Stick Left axis_4_p=Left Stick Right button_1=Square button_2=Cross button_3=Circle button_4=Triangle button_5=L1 button_6=R1 button_7=L2 button_8=R2 button_9=Share button_10=Options button_11=L3 button_12=R3 button_13=PS button_14=Touch Pad pov_1_w=D-Pad Left pov_1_e=D-Pad Right pov_1_n=D-Pad Up pov_1_s=D-Pad Down
  3. It's possible with a lua script. Not sure if without as I've never bothered properly looking over sapp documentation.
  4. Which Linux distro are you using? Which version of Wine are you using?
  5. No problem.
  6. Maybe something like this would work, but if I recall correctly not for Race or Oddball: https://pastebin.com/uusiF9f2
  7. Was allowed to remove stents today. Feeling pretty relieved now, since they were very uncomfortable.
  8. Found these on my old hard drive. sapp_pc_9.5.3.7z sapp_pc_9.8.1.7z
  9. Just recently started playing Bug Fables. If you like Paper Mario and Paper Mario TTYD then you might enjoy it.
  10. You could send a chat message, and then have it kick or ban with the original commands. However, names with unicode characters probably wouldn't show up correctly. Or you could have it say kicked/banned by "the server" without any issues. https://pastebin.com/GQLxk80W
  11. I can sleep all day and still be tired.