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  1. No problem. You are still able to pick up grenades, so if that's an issue then let me know.
  2. You can try this: https://pastebin.com/bcRW1wzT
  3. Only works if biped's B out function usage is "shield glow source" and biped's shader change color source is C. If that doesn't fix your issue, then maybe tarikja is right.
  4. No problem.
  5. I want some ice cream.
  6. Thanks. Happy birthday @Sceny.
  7. I was hooking into HAC2's chat to fix an issue, and decided to mess around a bit.
  8. I was tired of seeing some blank names on the scoreboard that didn't render because of missing unicode characters (Japanese, Korean, Russian, etc).
  9. An issue with my darken screen overlay. It seems to negatively affect sprites that were created while it is active. Like most Direct3D overlays, I am rendering at EndScene. This issue can be fixed by rendering at BeginScene, however then the menu won't render at all if Open Sauce is installed.
  10. Been messing around with Direct3D a bit. Not sure if it's worth releasing.