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  1. Probably aborted. I got bored of it probably around the time the first CE3 it was featured. aLTis probably has other things he'd rather focus on. As for Kirby I'm unsure, but he probably also has other things he wants to do. Unless things have changed significantly since I left the project, a janky method was being used for creating and destroying objects because spawning new scenery as a host does not sync with clients. Chimera would be easier to accomplish this, but I'm pretty sure aLTis isn't up for the task.
  2. Minor update: Changed the way devcheats.ini is found Removed MSVC dependencies (suggested by @Vaporeon) DOWNLOAD: devcheats.zip
  3. You can try this and let me know if it helps. https://pastebin.com/A3bMRB4k
  4. It should have been 2 tickets.
  5. 002 sure is stingy.
  6. Dragon Ball FighterZ
  7. https://pastebin.com/Si8p170v You can add new damage effect tag settings for custom maps that don't use default tags if you want.
  8. I did so many heists back in 2015. That's pretty much all I did in GTA Online. I think around summer 2015 there were too many hackers, so I skedaddled. How is it now?
  9. Belated happy birthday.