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  1. Found these on my old hard drive. sapp_pc_9.5.3.7z sapp_pc_9.8.1.7z
  2. Just recently started playing Bug Fables. If you like Paper Mario and Paper Mario TTYD then you might enjoy it.
  3. You could send a chat message, and then have it kick or ban with the original commands. However, names with unicode characters probably wouldn't show up correctly. Or you could have it say kicked/banned by "the server" without any issues. https://pastebin.com/GQLxk80W
  4. I can sleep all day and still be tired.
  5. All I ever play is RuneScape.
  6. No problem. You are still able to pick up grenades, so if that's an issue then let me know.
  7. You can try this: https://pastebin.com/bcRW1wzT
  8. Only works if biped's B out function usage is "shield glow source" and biped's shader change color source is C. If that doesn't fix your issue, then maybe tarikja is right.
  9. No problem.
  10. I want some ice cream.