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  1. 2G speed kind of sucks.
  2. Howdy.
  3. You are loading the script through event_start, I assume. If so, you can change OnScriptLoad function to this: function OnScriptLoad() register_callback(cb['EVENT_GAME_START'], "OnGameStart") register_callback(cb['EVENT_GAME_END'], "OnGameEnd") OnGameStart() end
  4. Hello.
  5. Your post leaves me a bit confused. What do you mean another truck or tank pops out? Does the original vehicle not get deleted when the destroyed variant is created? I'm also confused as you say it works for the falcon, however, the settings for the falcon in the script you uploaded are the default settings (meaning nothing changes unless you change it yourself). Also, some minor things you can consider: Giving every destroyable vehicle the same settings as a falcon might come across as being unbalanced You also have the scorpion's tag path set to "altis\\vehicles\\scorpion\\scorpion_mp", but the destroyable scorpion used is "altis\\vehicles\\scorpion\\scorpion" The katyusha truck isn't destroyable as far as I'm aware, so having settings for it would show little to no effect
  6. The vehicle_seat.lua that you uploaded isn't edited. You need to set DRIVER_REQUIRED_FOR_PASSENGERS to true.
  7. Are you able to load other scripts fine? What version number of SAPP are you using?
  8. Does it say if the script successfully loaded? It's still going to display the "enter side seat" message. That is client side, and can't be fixed with just SAPP.
  9. If you don't want someone entering the gunner seat when the driver seat is empty then you can set DRIVER_REQUIRED_FOR_GUNNER to true as well.
  10. Maybe this? You could try setting DRIVER_REQUIRED_FOR_PASSENGERS to true.
  11. Hey man, could you do me a huge favor? I need really quick help with my VPS. I'm almost finished with the VPS server. Only problem I have is when I run the server it shows up on the server list, I join then it shows me glitched then disconnects me immediately! I don't know what the problem is. When I get on the terminal this is what it says:


    003d:fixme:ntdll:EtwEventRegister ({5eec90ab-c022-44b2-a5dd-fd716a222a15}, 0x10001123, 0x1001e020, 0x1001e038) stub.
                    003d:fixme:ntdll:EtwEventSetInformation (deadbeef, 2, 0x1001bc10, 43) stub
                                                                                              Using profile path ..
    Failed to read data file header bitmaps

    Failed to read data file header sounds

    Failed to read data file header loc

    0042:fixme:winhttp:get_system_proxy_autoconfig_url no support on this platform
                                                                                  0042:fixme:winhttp:WinHttpDetectAutoProxyConfigUrl discovery via DHCP not supported

                                                                 sv_log_rotation_threshold: 16384
    sv_name: {BC} Official Team Server
    sv_maxplayers: 16
    Failed to read MOTD
    sv_motd: motd.txt (FILE NOT FOUND)
    >> beavercreek                    ctf
    >> boardingaction                 team slayer
    >> carousel                       classic rockets
    >> chillout                       team king
    >> damnation                      ctf
    >> deathisland                    ctf
    >> gephyrophobia                  ctf
    >> hangemhigh                     ctf
    >> longest                        ctf
    >> prisoner                       ctf
    >> ratrace                        ctf
    >> wizard                         ctf
    Failed to load sapp.dll!
    sv_name: {BC} Official Team Server
    sv_maxplayers: 16
    sv_public_value: 1
    Dedicated server is running on map beavercreek (0 / 16 players)
    Use the 'sv_end_game' command to stop the game.

  12. Taxi for SAPP v1.0 Taxi 1.1 for SAPP Taxi v2 for SAPP Taxi v3 for SAPP