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  1. In all honestly, there's loads of mods out there for the Fallout games and I'm not really suprised the content Bethesda has created was at least somewhat similar to something fan-made. Maybe they did take inspiration, but I don't think that they tried to copy the mod.
  2. Some pics of me exploring Far harbour: (Rifle is from a Mod, not DLC) Proof that this is the best DLC ever!
  3. In case you're feeling a little sad. His face is clearly the best part of the song.
  4. I'm Jealous of your speeds. And this is my internet on a good day!
  5. Today we had to put my Cat to sleep. I don't think I've been this sad since my Grandad died when I was 13. RIP Lilo, you were a good cat, I practically grew up with you. And only 10 years old. :'(
  6. today was my birthday i got a pencil
  7. >tfw your screenshot quality is so bad it looks slightly like pixel art
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FQtGJjYkSY
  9. I've completed both games so much times that I just like to mess around in 'em. Playing with console commands is fun- the idea of being able to spawn a ledgendary deathclaw wherever I want makes for some interesting encounters. Not to mention some of the mods out there.
  10. I speak every language in existence (except Finnish)
  11. 4k image:
  12. I'm actually looking forward to it :c