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  1. Good question, maybe 002 would be up for it. This raises a question; How many people here use phasor? (My impression is 'none') If none, why have a phasor script section at all? Seems 'out of place' since it's not used by people here.
  2. Sounds like the double rainbow guy . . . Don't know if I would call that getting buzzed, but it can definitely boost adrenaline.
  3. Phasor Script: Block flag/ball holders from driving/gunning Link: http://pastebin.com/LkUsx2rM
  4. Gone - try setting your weapons to both "Normal" and "Generic" in your gametypes.
  5. Gun-Game/Arms Race for Revolution Maps by Nex Script: http://pastebin.com/pgLkXLd3 Random Weapons for Revolution Maps by Nex Script: http://pastebin.com/TGxNCji4 edit: the carbine wouldn't take a clip update, I guess it only has an ammo slot? Updated gungame and random weapons to prevent error, blocked: writeword(m_weapon + 0x2B8, clip) if you downloaded gungame above before this edit, redownload, same url above
  6. I am very familiar with HAC2, thanks - I don't use it as there are random client crashes, yes, I updated as well. Not interested in it. Fixed config.txt file: http://www.mediafire.com/view/r8lgyx07deophi0/config.txt Offending config.txt file: http://www.mediafire.com/view/gmdpw4g1r44n67n/config-my-orig.txt This fixed the drunken monkey blur on the hud of nade launcher. Also, working on developing gungame and random weapon scripts for your map, I usually begin with retrieving weapon/biped/vehicle tag names with eschaton, then I plug them into a utility script for phasor, which will allow me to retrieve damage tags of projectiles and melee, etc for use in builing a custom script for the map(s) In the event you might find it useful: http://pastebin.com/rxLBYLih -- Type: 'coord' - writes your x,y,z coordinates in or out of a vehicle to screen and game log -- Type: 'vehname' - writes the tagname of the vehicle you are in - useful for CE maps. Note: Protected CE maps will return '<protected>' to screen and game log -- Type: 'weapon' - writes the tagname of the weapon you are holding - useful for CE maps. Note: Protected CE maps will return '<protected>' to screen and game log -- Type the abbreviation for these objects (on the right of --) to spawn them near you -- plasma pistol -- pp -- needler -- ne -- revolution shotgun -- sg -- plasma rifle -- pr -- revolution assault rifle -- ar -- nade launcher -- nl -- rev pistol -- hp -- rocket launcher -- rl -- revolution sniper -- sr -- plasma_cannon -- pc -- carbine -- cb -- flag -- fl -- ball -- bl -- plasma -- pl -- frag -- fr -- healthpack -- hl -- overshield -- os -- active camo - ac -- biped -- cyborg -- change time of day for the entire server, type: -- daytime -- /tod 0 -- night -- /tod 1 Often there are weapons that are too powerless/powerful, or unwanted for gun game and random weapons scripts, so I will modify the damage done to balance gameplay and/or advancement.
  7. I'll check my config.txt for my settings, no no - not using hac2
  8. On trench, I noticed with the nade launcher, the hud is blurred - much like you would expect while using a scope
  9. You should update your original post with links to your newest maps, or - to the page they are located on
  10. Title: Asylum_v2 size: medium Author: Spartan 2507 Description: Halo REACH Asylum beta map. this maps is based on the original halo REACH map, I hope you enjoy it Edited from V1: Minor changes to fix gametype issues and to add additional gametypes and one spawn that dropped you through the map Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/o5kzzo1u2zjriop/asylum_v2.zip
  11. Yes TCK, I read that. (Momma lernt me good n taught me how to read words n stuff ) Do you administer the forums? Sorry I didn't know, I'll direct it to you from now on.
  12. I did forget to mention that I thought the lightmaps were very well done, clear and matching the environment, didn't catch any issues - but I wasn't looking for them either. And schmexy biped too!
  13. When there is a will, there is a way. OF COURSE it shows server time when I am logged out, but that default time zone is 7 hours ahead. Sometimes this is as simple as using a plugin that reads the ip of the visitor and displays their local time. Sometimes it is setting the server time to sync with the boards default time. Countless other boards have solved this, it shouldnt be something that users just "get used to." Just because you all are used to it doesn't mean it cannot be fixed. And I can tell, as anyone can, that Tucker takes pride in forum performance, appearance and orderliness. This post was intended for him as useful feedback. If there is a IPB solution, would you use it? - is there a reason not to?
  14. Even though I have my time zone correctly set for GMT - 7 (Mountain) if not logged in, It shows a different time for posts. Example: I just posted in Halo revolution thread and logged out, and it shows I posted at 1:53am instead of 5:53pm. His thread also stated his test would begin at 8pm eastern and now shows it already concluded? Yeah, not lovin it edit: Logged in, it shows I made this post at 1:01 am - I get the time setting changes once logged in based on my settings, maybe you are hosting in new zealand?
  15. I noticed on snowcast, the reticle for the plasma rifle does not change to red on an enemy. Love the sanctuary map - and neither map would allow me to change time of day