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  1. My headphones came from the dollar store. Cost me $2. They usually work for about 2 months at a time before I have to go out and get a new one but it's better than buying some good ones and then having them break a few months later. I'm using dollar store earphones right now because they didn't have any of the headphones, they work perfectly except one of them won't reach my right ear without leaning in close to the computer. Still better than paying $40 or however much though.
  2. I prefer coke over pepsi. I'll drink pepsi but I've always preferred the taste of coke. My family drinks coke as well so I rarely get offered pepsi anyway, except for in restaurants. It's kind of annoying when places only have pepsi but I'll still drink it.
  3. Nowadays the only thing I am signed into is skype. All my friends have moved over from msn to skype and I barely ever use facebook so I pretty much always use skype to contact people. I use it to talk to friends in real life as well as people I've met in forums and chat rooms. It's fun talking to people I know online not just through text and skype has made it much easier.
  4. I don't think I have any personal information online. I'll give away my first name, age, and country but I usually don't go into any more details than that. I never give away my address or anything like that. I've never met anyone from the internet in real life but someday there are a couple people I would like to meet. But given I'm 16 and the two people I would like to meet are 15 and 13 it won't be able to happen any time soon as we are a really long way away from each other.
  5. So as you probably heard the Wii U is coming out soon. The release date is November 18th and there's going to be basic option for $300, or the deluxe for $350 which also comes with a game, better hardware and some other stuff. The wii u looks amazing so far and I hear it's already sold out in some places. There are so many good games at launch, they certainly learnt from the 3DS. Anyone else looking forward to it?
  6. I often get my ideas from TV shows, or games. Sometimes I just get a random idea pop into my head and I try to get it on a computer quick, as I often forget about them. I sometimes get ideas while I'm trying to sleep too, but I've usually forgotten it by the morning. D:
  7. I am using Opera at the moment. It is an underrated browser in my opinion. It's the fastest browser on my computer. For a long time I used Firefox, but then it started crashing, so I had to switch. I quite like Opera so I don't think I'll be switching again any time soon.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm Hissae! My real name is James, I'm 16 years old and I'm from Canada. In my spare time I go on forums, and play video games. I'm a bit of a designer too. I just found this placed and it looked pretty cool so I figured I'd sign up. I am looking forward to getting to know every one of you!