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  1. Picture taken in an abandoned building not far from my house. Possibly more to follow as I sort through them.
  2. My belated plans for the 4th. Sleep 'till 10:00, clean my bathroom (sort of), do some laundry, grill a couple of steaks, watch Netflix and go to bed.
  3. Happy 4th all you 'Muricans out there!
  4. I've got no plans to upgrade at this time as I'm doing fine with 16GB. If I do upgrade I imagine it won't be until I upgrade the PC itself.
  5. There's a wide range of manufactured items I don't think China should be trusted with. These range from any Defense related electronics to high strength hardware to pet treats with a lot of items in between.
  6. I'm not very demanding, 16GB is doing me fine.
  7. I've had mine for a week and finally unpacked it today. It's probably the coolest computer accessory I've bought in ages.
  8. I love it, I've just set it as my Desktop background
  9. I've got three of them in my house as most of my windows are odd sizes and regular window A/C units won't fit. I think they're life savers.
  10. I'd probably die if I tried this.
  11. Taken through a window screen hence the fuzziness.
  12. I just bought one of my own
  13. Been wanting one of these
  14. Yeah that's a bit bigger than usual, nice of him/her to pose for me wasn't it.
  15. I got my new stove delivered to day and better yet there's a big pan of ziti cooking in it
  16. In her defense she got spayed this past Monday and was still feeling the effects so I'll wait a few more days before I make her start pulling her weight
  17. You just can't get good help anymore! She was helping me fold laundry and fell asleep on the job.
  18. Sadly one of the three kittens passed away a few days later while I was taking a day off for personal reasons. I'd intended to take them out of that situation anyway in the next week or so but after discussing it with my wife I took them home this past Friday. One of the kittens seemed to suffer a setback Saturday but we were able to bring them all to a Vet on Sunday, he prescribed an antibiotic for an upper respiratory infection and things are looking better