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  1. I'm glad your are had no damage.
  2. As you'd stated, it sounds like bad RAM to me.
  3. Congratulations
  4. Almost all the games are empty these days, Halo and Halo CE's best days are long behind them.
  5. I'm feeling pretty good actually, I've got a heart monitor on me for 30 days. Tha next two weeks should be interesting.
  6. I had a stroke a week ago Saturday, it was mild and I was only in the hospital a few days but I have to wait until the 17th to see if I can go back to work. I'm close to retirement so depending what I hear I may or may not go back to work.
  7. Oh, they did. It got to the point where I felt like kicking New001 players on sight.
  8. My son is 30 and he sounds like an old man some days.
  9. Now imagine yourself at 65.
  10. I resemble that remark you young whippersnapper you!
  11. In my entire life I've never heard the term "nip it in the butt" used, until now
  12. Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there
  13. Krazychic referred me.
  14. In instances I've seen several known cheaters will gang up on one team, usually red it seems. I've seen players switch when the teams are obviously uneven I'll let it go. If there's no obvious need to switch I'll switch the player back, if they persist I'll kick them. Truth to tell though, I've played little or not at all recently.
  15. Cobra Kai
  16. It's sunny but very cold, about 15F/-9C.
  17. Lately I've been running into an issue in my 2 servers where I check for aliases when a new player joins the server and I'm told there's no alias for the player, not even their current profile name. I checked the alias text files in both servers and found that one had been last modified on 8/30 and the other on 9/2. It seems to me that these files should be constantly changing as players join. Can anyone tell me why the alias text files are no longer being added to, perhaps there's a size limit to the document in SAPP. Help would be very much appreciated
  18. They were all rescues/adoptions actually, one of them from work.
  19. I'm a cat person, at one point I had eight of them.
  20. You have an invisible plane to go with that?
  21. I remember running a join friendly server from my home PC back around 2004-2005, it was pretty popular and fun while it lasted. As I remember I ran BG and Infinity with cliff mods.
  22. Sunny and in the 30s for this weekend.