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  1. It's called Karma.......
  2. Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. The support for 002 has been very uplifting
  4. Nice to know there's a couple of great tits errrrr I mean fits as Admins
  5. No doubt it's going to have some impact if my family and I are any example. We order from Amazon all the time and I for one will most likely do my Christmas shopping through them.
  6. Some Wein Cell batteries for my 35mm cameras.
  7. Maybe there's an abbreviation for it.
  8. That they call it Rush Hour when nothing moves?
  9. Why is it....? You park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?
  10. It would be a horrible burden to bear
  11. There would be murder on a scale unseen in Human history.
  12. I don't consider myself "politically correct" by any means but that's just wrong and way beyond tasteless.
  13. Sounds remarkably like a typical work week at my job. The problem here is that a lot of supervision here are Engineers by education and in my experience are not always the most practical people. They're constantly trying to "reinvent the wheel" and in the process making things harder than they have to be. There's also a culture of blame constantly going here which doesn't make things any easier.
  14. As much as I agree with your sentiments I fear you'll most likely have a hard time finding a a job where you'll be allowed to just one job as you'd like. You'd probably have a specific job as your main focus or title but in today's climate you're very likely to be pulled into other people's tasks at least from time to time almost anywhere you work. It's been that way for me through 40 plus years working full time positions for various employers especially with everyone trying these days to do "more with less".
  15. One of my cats would have given the dog a swipe across the snout
  16. Indeed I've got almost identical weather here 21C and sunny
  17. Happens to me pretty much every winter.
  18. This is just wrong. He should have been put in jail a little time among the general population would have done him some good.
  19. Yeah if you want to catch your fish precooked
  20. No, just......no. That would keep me from wanting to be over there at least during the summers.
  21. Saw that last night with my wife
  22. What worries me is not so much that North Korea has gained or might gain the ability to strike cities on the U.S. mainland but what is probably a much easier goal, to launch an EMP attack on us. Such an attack if successful would devastate this country and is probably more easily achievable for a country like North Korea or for that matter Iran.
  23. As potentially damaging or even catastrophic a sufficiently powerful coronal mass ejection could be I wonder what if anything is being done or has been done to protect our electronic infrastructure?
  24. A tribute to all the Media asshats for their incessant hyping of Irma.
  25. Go you