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  1. Shit son that's T-Shirt weather
  2. It's warmed up to 5 oF here.
  3. Insane Villain Survivor?
  4. Hey man Saturday's high temp. is supposed to be 10, the low -11. To all my overseas friends that's Fahrenheit by the way.
  5. Hey Pudd you can bunk at my place it's nice and toasty here
  6. Being the old coot I am I probably won't make it to midnight so I want to wish everyone on OC a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
  7. I've just watched Captain America for about the 25th time.
  8. Happy Birthday NeX
  9. I just thought I should let you know the high temperature here today is going to be -2oC
  10. I tried eggnog ages ago and could never figure out what the excitement was about.
  11. Gotta show this to Bobby
  12. Does that mean you're wearing a hoodie and a scarf?
  13. Just employ eyewitness weather forecasting, open your window and see what you've got.
  14. 'Bout damn time.
  15. I'm both surprised and happy the driver survived
  16. What do you do about the fumes, I'm assuming it's fueled with kerosene.
  17. Male or female strippers?
  18. It wasn't and it's only going to get worse
  19. Now that the Republitards are running things in Washington it's only going to get worse.
  20. What is that on top, snot?
  21. Getting older beats the alternative......
  22. Sorry to hear that Any idea what caused it?