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  1. My eyes!!!!!!!, my ears!!!!!, they BURRRRRN!!!
  2. Hello, I've recently set one of the maps on my server to a Slayer game type where it had previously been a CTF. When the map was running with the CTF game type a player would start the game with two weapons to alternate between. Now with the Slayer game type the player starts with only one weapon and must pick up a second to be able to alternate between two. I'd like for players to be able to alternate between two weapons from the outset, can someone please tell me how this is done? Thank you
  3. Setting the starting equipment in the item optiond to generic did the trick, thanks.
  4. Nex do have a a site you can link me to to get the plugin(s)? I tried google and didn't have much success.
  5. Very nice I have a collection of 35mm cameras including a couple of Canons and some lenses.
  6. Hello, I've been modding an Infinity map in preparation for putting it up on my server. I'm using Sparkedit and it's been going well except for one issue. I want to place Rocket Launchers in the map, they show up in Sparkedit fine, but when I run the map to try it they're not showing up anywhere I've placed them on the map. I've tried changing game types but they still won't appear in game. I'd appreciate any assistance offered. Thanks