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  1. It's sunny but very cold, about 15F/-9C.
  2. Lately I've been running into an issue in my 2 servers where I check for aliases when a new player joins the server and I'm told there's no alias for the player, not even their current profile name. I checked the alias text files in both servers and found that one had been last modified on 8/30 and the other on 9/2. It seems to me that these files should be constantly changing as players join. Can anyone tell me why the alias text files are no longer being added to, perhaps there's a size limit to the document in SAPP. Help would be very much appreciated
  3. They were all rescues/adoptions actually, one of them from work.
  4. I'm a cat person, at one point I had eight of them.
  5. You have an invisible plane to go with that?
  6. I remember running a join friendly server from my home PC back around 2004-2005, it was pretty popular and fun while it lasted. As I remember I ran BG and Infinity with cliff mods.
  7. Sunny and in the 30s for this weekend.
  8. The hardest part for me was going from getting out of bed and walking six feet to my PC back to the whole process again of getting ready for work and the driving sixty miles to work.
  9. That's cool, as long as you've got good people to delegate to
  10. Tucker, you and those who have contributed to Open Carnage have every right to be proud of what you've accomplished. I hope Open Carnage is around for a long time to come.
  11. I applaud the kid in the Subaru, if you're afraid to drive in the snow stay home!
  12. Congratulations!
  13. Nothing much is going to change here, as usual for the last several years it'll just be the four of us at my house. The only difference this year is that my son and daughter will be arriving here from their own places instead waking up in their bedrooms here. The only restriction that I'm aware of is that you're not supposed to have more than 10 people gathered at your home which won't be an issue here.
  14. It makes me wonder how this guy handles real life.
  15. Looks interesting, I like it
  16. I don't game that much so maybe that's why I don't understand the point of spending the money on a game just to cheat on it.
  17. I'm not here all that often but I haven't seen anything political in a while.
  18. We've got a good sized population of Bald Eagles an an assortment of water birds here. It's a matter of getting the motivation to go out and get the pictures.
  19. I've got a PIxel 4XL which I got for the camera. Like you I had a PIxel 2 previously. I'm pretty happy with it so far.
  20. Because haters gonna hate Boss.
  21. Picture taken in an abandoned building not far from my house. Possibly more to follow as I sort through them.
  22. My vote would be for the 401k