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  1. Oh, they did. It got to the point where I felt like kicking New001 players on sight.
  2. My son is 30 and he sounds like an old man some days.
  3. Now imagine yourself at 65.
  4. I resemble that remark you young whippersnapper you!
  5. In my entire life I've never heard the term "nip it in the butt" used, until now
  6. Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there
  7. Krazychic referred me.
  8. In instances I've seen several known cheaters will gang up on one team, usually red it seems. I've seen players switch when the teams are obviously uneven I'll let it go. If there's no obvious need to switch I'll switch the player back, if they persist I'll kick them. Truth to tell though, I've played little or not at all recently.
  9. Cobra Kai
  10. It's sunny but very cold, about 15F/-9C.
  11. They were all rescues/adoptions actually, one of them from work.
  12. I'm a cat person, at one point I had eight of them.
  13. You have an invisible plane to go with that?