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  1. In her defense she got spayed this past Monday and was still feeling the effects so I'll wait a few more days before I make her start pulling her weight
  2. You just can't get good help anymore! She was helping me fold laundry and fell asleep on the job.
  3. Done
  4. Sadly one of the three kittens passed away a few days later while I was taking a day off for personal reasons. I'd intended to take them out of that situation anyway in the next week or so but after discussing it with my wife I took them home this past Friday. One of the kittens seemed to suffer a setback Saturday but we were able to bring them all to a Vet on Sunday, he prescribed an antibiotic for an upper respiratory infection and things are looking better
  5. Yes inside a truck tire What makes you think I'm going to wind up with three more cats?
  6. I downloaded the map and tried it for a minute or two on my PC before heading to work this morning, looking forward to playing on it with other players
  7. I watched a few episodes myself.
  8. Captain America Civil War
  9. .
  10. It's Christmas time again
  11. A typical evening.....
  12. We had our first snow storm of the season today. You'd think no one ever drove in bad weather before, it's taken me six hours to make it from work to a diner about half way home
  13. Looks like each of us cooked up a nice dinner
  14. One hour to go for culinary heaven. I've just put a Ziti in the oven