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  1. I find it kind of funny that players bother to hack in the PC version of Halo.
  2. Ahhhh the good old days
  3. Thank you
  4. It's a bright sunny morning and 3 degrees.
  5. Happy New Year to All!
  6. Merry belated Christmas, everyone.
  7. Am you really?
  8. I'm glad your are had no damage.
  9. As you'd stated, it sounds like bad RAM to me.
  10. Congratulations
  11. Almost all the games are empty these days, Halo and Halo CE's best days are long behind them.
  12. I'm feeling pretty good actually, I've got a heart monitor on me for 30 days. Tha next two weeks should be interesting.
  13. I had a stroke a week ago Saturday, it was mild and I was only in the hospital a few days but I have to wait until the 17th to see if I can go back to work. I'm close to retirement so depending what I hear I may or may not go back to work.