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  1. It's cloudy and only 71F/21C but the humidity is absolutely disgusting.
  2. I bought a WiFi extender because the half of my house furthest from my router was a WiFi dead zone for all intents and purposes.
  3. I used to like my steaks well done but my taste has evolved and I now prefer medium or medium rare.
  4. Any takers ladies?????
  5. Did pretty much nothing it was a lazy day.
  6. Either that or he might get the home confinement extended so you've gotta ask yourself if it's worth the risk.
  7. The irony of it is hilarious he wanted to go to prison to get away from his wife and now he's got six month's home confinement.
  8. In my opinion our presence at any level is a waste of time. The Afghan people themselves seem unwilling to put up a spirited fight against the Taliban so why are we wasting lives and money over there?
  9. No way in a million years would any police force in this country be allowed to do that.
  10. Like he said It seems to me a start 100 times the size of the Sun presuming you mean diameter would have a mass far more than 100 time that of the Sun and therefore far greater then 100 times the gravity. How do you know neutron stars can only be 10-20 miles across wouldn't that depend on the size of the star it was formed from?
  11. A Logitech G340 headset because my old one broke, I like Logitech products and the ear pads and head band are blue which is my favorite color.
  12. Actually in the version I have the assault rifle fire rockets and the shotguns fire fuel rod cannon projectiles.
  13. In Chaos Gulch the sniper rifles fire tank projectiles.
  14. I just watched Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time.