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  1. God luck NeX it sounds like you're taking a big step up
  2. I just sprayed coffee out my nose laughing. Where the hell do you find this stuff Krazy???????
  3. Now that I might participate in
  4. But there's no such thing as Climate Change.......
  5. I'm really not interested in a photo "competition" with Krazy. When it comes to comparing our photos it's always been more of a mutual admiration thing to me
  6. The weather here is schizophrenic .
  7. Looks like you got the Swiss Army Knife of weed whackers
  8. I think the picture says it all
  9. They're closing for the day here at work tomorrow.
  10. Something Wicked This Way Comes, We've got a serious, major snow storm heading our way tonight through tomorrow and the forecast seems to get worse by the hour.
  11. I've finally found a dresser for my "bedroom" .
  12. Don't forget the car while you're at it.
  13. The weather's all over the map here at least as far as temperature is concerned. The night before last it went down to 4F/-15/C , by Wednesday it's supposed to hit 63F/17C before cooling down again for the weekend.
  14. Saw Blazing Saddles for about the 50th time, imo the funniest movie ever and there's no way they'd get away with making it these days.