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  1. Now that's 100% honest.
  2. I like it, brief succinct and to the point.
  3. Worked, pulled down another day's pay, then I'll go home eat dinner watch TV some and go to bed. Then I'll repeat it tomorrow.
  4. I'm running 32GB on my PC for no real reason other than the fact that I had an Amazon gift card at one point and couldn't think of anything else to use it on so I bought 16GB of RAM to add to the 16GB I already had.
  5. I graduated in 1974 (no dinosaurs weren't walking the Earth then). I wasn't a very social person then to say the least and was basically a loner, not much has changed in that regard since then so I've no real contact with former classmates.
  6. I watched the National Geographic series Mars on Blu-Ray it was fascinating.
  7. I wish Kim Kardashian and her family were history now.
  8. I won't tell other kids what to do but I'll sure as hell call the parent(s) on it if the kid's being obnoxious enough.
  9. Don't you know that it's up to everyone but the parents to keep their brats under control these days?
  10. I've done as you suggested and things look good so far. I'll have a new motherboard on Monday and I've already got a new mid tower case so the issue shold be resolved.
  11. The first time my family and I went to Disney Word in 1995 we were flying home in LaGuardia airport in Queens NYC. It was January and the weather was a bit rough and we encountered turbulence as we neared the airport to the point that the flight attendants were looking nervous. We hit the ground pretty hard on landing to the point where my son who was 4 at the time looked at my wife and I and said "we crashed".
  12. Considering he hasn't had a successful missile test yet I wouldn't doubt they were fake, in fact those missiles look like they were built in someone's backyard.
  13. Propaganda was basically what it was. From what I heard of the casualties and damage we didn't get much bang for our buck, pun intended.