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  1. Sorry to hear that
  2. All the idiots in America who voted for Trump and continue to support him must be ecstatic at having found their King.
  3. People think they're being good employees and "team players" showing up at work sick but they wind up doing more harm than good. Bosses who don't send obviously sick employees home are part of the problem too.
  4. I'd say it suits Halo Combat Evolved too, in fact this is mild in comparison to what I've experienced.
  5. It's always good to hear that progress is being made in this area. I just hope that a saying I've heard proves false, that fusion power is 40 years away and always will be.
  6. Here's the above truck with the finishing touches applied
  7. Impressive, very impressive.
  8. Ooooohhhh a heart attack on a plate but then again you're still young
  9. Welcome back the the world of gainfully employed drudges
  10. Good luck
  11. My wife and I watched Rogue One last night ourselves on Netflix. Wild way to spend our 30th Anniversary huh?
  12. I'm consistent, I suck no matter how much time goes by
  13. Hey wait a minute that's why I watch it !!!!
  14. When you come right down to it anything Russia or China can accomplish in terms of military technology can most likely be at least equaled or bettered by the U.S. There's probably a lot being done in that regard by the U.S. that doesn't get splashed across the media.
  15. I just watched Philadelphia with my wife.