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  1. I thought I had put a post in here the other day, but i guess not! Lol. Any word on progress on this script request? I thought I should ... The purpose for the script request is not to stop camping, or to penalize anyone for camping in a vehicle in any way. The purpose for the script request was to resolve a long standing problem with Halo where it does not automatically respawn vehicles that get jumbled up and stacked into confined spaces like caves or bases. Consequently, if a player stuffs a cave or base with vehicles the vehicles never respawn. This makes it nearly impossible to score, or travel into or through such areas and consequently ruins gameplay, unless someone wants to do the tedious task of unravelling the gordian knot and individually remove each vehicle. The script is only intended to "fix" a known problem which is all to often exploited by too many.
  2. Whatever happened to this script? Was just checking to see if anything ever came of it. I should reitterate that the idea behind this script request was NOT to be some kind of anti camp script. The purpose of the script was to resolve a problem that Halo has when groups of vehicles are stacked/stuffed into confined areas such as bases or caves. In such cases the normal vehicle respawn is circumvented and no longer works properly. The end result is that the vehicles in these areas no longer respawn automatically...for the remainder of the game...or until someone physically tries to untangle the gordian knot by removing the vehicles individually, a process that is tedious and takes all fun out of the game. So again, the purpose of the script is to just have an automated way of keeping UNATTENDED vehicles from accumulating in bases or caves or wherever other user-definable or defined choke points. It's just intended to be a means of "jump starting" the game if you will to get past this apparent glitch which interrupts Halo's vehicle respawn. Some players take advantage of this bug and stuff the bases to prevent other teams from capturing flags, or they stuff caves to prevent players from using the caves for traffic, etc. I hope this helps. Thanks
  3. One other thing I have noticed. The announcer either doesn't always work consistently, or I'm doing something wrong. I am noticing that when I Teabag someone (even though I have modified the area to allow for a little wider proximity), and I am Teabagging relatively fast in terms of kill time to teabag, I get no message. Other times, I can teabag after what I would consider a time span longer than that which the teabag announcer would allow, maybe several seconds, and it DOES work. Ideas? P.S. I have been trying to catch you guys on TS, but have been missing you. Any windows of time when you guys are regularly on your TS server?
  4. Update -- We've been using this script since my last post, and love it. We are now in the process of implementing it on all of our other servers as well. It adds another dimension to fun gameplay. Half the time we try to tbag a killed opponent, but end up getting killed doing so by another opponent and get tbagged instead! I would ask, though, that maybe someone could look into randomizing messages. Maybe allow for a text file of messages, or have an area within the script to define a number of messages that would be randomly selected each time the tbag event occurs....? Also, I noticed that the longer the script runs, it seems to get glitchy. Randomly uses player names that are not in the game (but were previously)...
  5. 002 - I actually LOVE the idea of this script. We are always looking for fun things to do to enhance the whole gameplay experience. I haven't implemented it yet, but we will do so soon.
  6. Thanks for considering this request. Basically, I'm with option 2 as well. However, I don't know about respawning a vehicle if someone is actively in it; after all, the initial idea was simply to prevent stuffing bases, caves, portals, or other choke points as defined by the admin. If you are going to essentially kill off a camper in a vehicle, it's not much of a stretch to kill campers in general. I don't really have a problem with campers in or out of vehicles. I agree that they are a challenge to deal with, but if you're good enough, or if you attack with strategy, you can still play the game. A rats nest of vehicles that can't otherwise respawn and prevents one team from being able to get the flag altogether is quite frustrating though, and could result in players quitting the game - kinda ruins it for everyone. I should note, I rarely get a complaint about camping (other than the occassional "noob" comment, lol), but I always hear it when someone starts stuffing the bases. However, if it could be an option of the script that can be turned on or off as an implementation choice by the admin, it could not hurt. BTW, good to see you NeX. I should clarify something. The area definition(s) may incorporate one or more "areas" on a map, i.e., red base, blue base, red cave, blue cave, red portal, blue portal, etc. May be more areas, may be less, as defined by the admin.
  7. Thanks for the obvious suggestion, lol. Consider the following though: 1) If a player stuffs a base or cave with vehicles it unfortunately circumvents Halo's normal respawn, so for the whole game, you get a tangled mess that never clears. Noobs know this and take advantage of it. 2) you may already have specified a respawn for the map, or you may not otherwise want a respawn at all -- this is only to keep the bases and caves or other specified areas clean.
  8. I would like to ask if there is a script to fill this niche, and if not, could one be developed? The issue is that people fill up bases and caves, park on portals, etc., (such as in BloodGulch, for instance) with vehicles. At the moment, if we admins are lucky enough to be in-game at the time, we go through the gyrations of having to figure out who the perpatrator is, warn them accordingly and then potentially start up a whole hornets nest of bad feelings from the player. Hopefully they see our texts, or even understand English (lol). We warn them not to "stuff" vehicles and kick them if they continue. I am definately now evolving from the "carry a stick" approach in admining servers (very time intensive and increases negative player interactions too) to developing a more proactive "server self administration" approach by implementing more creative ways to automatically keep the peace in the server and avert problems before they even get started. What I am looking for is a way to identify areas in maps (bases, caves, portals, etc.) so that when a player deposits a vehicle in one of these areas, it will automatically respawn in a determined and definable amount of time, say 5, 10 seconds. Instead of chasing down the offender and texting, then kicking, having them come back and curse the admin, and then banning them, this cuts to the heart of the matter by making it simply a waste of time for the offender to stuff the vehicles in the first place. Problem averted, no offender in the first place, everyone is happy, no one has to go through the unpleasantries of being warned/kicked/banned. Is there already something out there, and if not, can someone develop such a script. I think the important thing is to make the coordinates of the defined areas user-definable, and make the respawn time also user-definable, so as to allow the individual admins flexability in setting these values. Let me know. Thanks
  9. I am also interested in incorporating AI into PC, but was told to forget it because it wasn't possible. My interest is to put some of the covenant characters into games for the purpose of randomly attacking players of both red and blue teams while in game. Kind of adding another level to the real time game, sort of like having a 3rd team. If you are interested, we run a teamspeak server. Come in and ask for me - a booger. Our server addy is rubidium.typefrag.com:7080. I am on from EST 10pm on, most frequently on weekends. Would really like to collaborate with other modders as well.
  10. if you need folks to test, please include me. We're in middle of several projects, and the time savings would help out tremendously.
  11. 002 - whatever happened to this project. Did you ever rewrite a new mapbuilder? If not, does anybody know the latest version of Eschaton and where to reliably download it (without bugs)?
  12. Other than the fact that someone thought it a good idea to make Halo2 a Vista-only game. I think the idea of HaloPC not disappearing yet is due to other iterations of Halo all being console based to keep the masses inside the fence when it comes to copyprotection and safeguarding sales (Microsoft will most likely never return to the PC platform for these reasons). But there are plenty of folks out here still that enjoy the experience of playing using a PC keyboard (me) and have either not mastered the console controller, or do not have the coordination and dexterity to bother! Personally, I find playing on a console controller a very distasteful experience, and I've never had a problem whipping anyone into submission who dared trying to play me with one!
  13. I've noticed that lots of servers show up in the internet lobby in Halo PC that are much higher listing than regular alphabetic listing would allow. Is there some sort of character generator out there that is being used to get these servers listed higher in the lobby?
  14. Ouch! Better get a pair of waders! Going in the deep weeds!
  15. Is there any documentation anywhere that identifies the tags themselves, i.e., weapons\tag_473 = pistol?