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  1. NeX liked a post in a topic by GVPWuzHere in Halo: Revolution   
    You said mootjuh? That's my friend. Haha I actually know someone from the hpc modding community!
  2. GVPWuzHere liked a post in a topic by DeadHamster in Halo: Revolution   
    I just wanted to throw out that all the additional features being released with the map pack is pretty sweet in and of itself. Even if you had included those in stock maps it would be cool, let alone with the maps you're making.
    As for your issue with the visor; in the UNHI if you're willing to sacrifice your flashlight you can do the following;
    Go to the section near the bottom of the UNHI tag for your biped, there's a reflexive and in it is the flashlight meter bitmap reference. Throw in the bitmap for your overlay for the "background" bitmap, set it up however you have to there, and make the meter invisible.
    Then go into your biped, delete the flashlight attachment and under the ::UNIT:: section, check the box that says "Integrated light lasts forever."
    Finally, add this script to your mapfiles;
    (script continuous flashlights_yo (unit_set_desired_flashlight_state (unit (list_get (players) 0)) true) (unit_set_desired_flashlight_state (unit (list_get (players) 1)) true) (unit_set_desired_flashlight_state (unit (list_get (players) 2)) true) (unit_set_desired_flashlight_state (unit (list_get (players) 3)) true) (unit_set_desired_flashlight_state (unit (list_get (players) 4)) true) (unit_set_desired_flashlight_state (unit (list_get (players) 5)) true) (unit_set_desired_flashlight_state (unit (list_get (players) 6)) true) (unit_set_desired_flashlight_state (unit (list_get (players) 7)) true) (unit_set_desired_flashlight_state (unit (list_get (players) 8)) true) (unit_set_desired_flashlight_state (unit (list_get (players) 9)) true) (unit_set_desired_flashlight_state (unit (list_get (players) 10)) true) (unit_set_desired_flashlight_state (unit (list_get (players) 11)) true) (unit_set_desired_flashlight_state (unit (list_get (players) 12)) true) (unit_set_desired_flashlight_state (unit (list_get (players) 13)) true) (unit_set_desired_flashlight_state (unit (list_get (players) 14)) true) (unit_set_desired_flashlight_state (unit (list_get (players) 15)) true) ) That will turn on the flashlight for whichever of the players the user is in the game. The flashlight won't actually exist however, but since it's "on" the background bitmap will pop up, and there's your overlay. Since the UNHI are referenced from the individual biped, you can have an overlay for both Spartans and Elites, and have no overlay for the Flood.
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  4. greyham_666 liked a post in a topic by GVPWuzHere in Halo: Revolution   
    When I play the game without any mods, it's playable the maximum resolution I can set in game is 1280x768 and I'm fine with laying it like that but I don't want to lower any settings. The lowest resolution I will play at is 1024x768.
    Wow being able to run at 900p and over 45fps on HD 2500? What did you do to make it run so well? Just turn down the settings?
  5. GVPWuzHere liked a post in a topic by greyham_666 in Halo: Revolution   
    man, i think my kill streaks are gunna be going way down with all these gorgeous vista's......

    Also, when i was setting halo up on my uni laptop (lectures on mainframe subsystems can get hella boring) im pretty sure there were a couple of tweaks and mods that got Halo running better on my IntelHD 2500 of a 2nd Gen i3. to the point were i was getting playable (avg. 35 fps) at 1600x900 (laptops native res.) so break out the google-fu and see what you find, cuz i cant remember them for the life of me >_<
  6. GVPWuzHere liked a post in a topic by NeX in Halo: Revolution   
    Should be on the OP, but im not sure that i have them anymore :/
    With those specs you may need to run lower texture quality and particles to have a smooth fps rate....but it should be playable. Then i dont know, my old nvidia gt 520 on my desktop needs low settings to get >45fps.
  7. GVPWuzHere liked a post in a topic by NeX in Halo: Revolution   
    Sidewinder sky. I may reuse this sky (a daytime variant) for icefields...
    Not finished with the level shaders, and these are 0 quality radiosity lightmaps with Sapien, but that's the gist of it anyway. Hopefully this one won't give me too much more trouble to get into its final beta stage
    I'm so happy this project is slowly starting to wrap itself up
  8. GVPWuzHere liked a post in a topic by NeX in Halo: Revolution   
    But it actually jives with the look and feel of the Rev tagset pretty well, and it's a decently fun map to play. Seeing as it took such a short time to throw together, I don't feel bad at all about including it. If people hate it, they won't play it. Well, this stuff probably won't get played much anyway, but you know what I mean. I wouldn't have spent a day or more adding it, but for such a small expenditure of effort, I may as well
  9. GVPWuzHere liked a post in a topic by NeX in Halo: Revolution Beta   
    Cool, hit up nosclan.net, I'm sure some of our guys and gals would join ya. A fuller server's a funner server. Yes I know funner isn't a word, but it was best for the idiom.
  10. NeX liked a post in a topic by GVPWuzHere in Halo: Revolution Beta   
  11. GVPWuzHere liked a post in a topic by shredthegnar in Halo: Revolution Beta   
    Thanks so much! I think i speak for everyone when I say its awesome what your doing!
  12. GVPWuzHere liked a post in a topic by NeX in Halo: Revolution Beta   
    Halo: Revolution Beta Maps:
    This release is a 2-map pack, and is available for download for all 3 versions of Halo
    Custom Edition Combat Evolved (PC or Full Version) MiniDemo (Mac Exclusive) The maps included are a remake of both H2 Battle Creek (DSalimander's version) and the Custom Edition map Dichotomy (Arteen)
    They have been completely retextured, with added features, scenery, detail objects, as well as a new tagset. They are therefore renamed to
    Stagnant (BC)  
    Polarity (D)  
    It is my end goal to have a server up and running for CE and PC for both of these maps, which will be hosted up until the eventual full release of the Revolution project. Currently I have only managed to get one up and running for PC/FV, and haven't had the time to open a CE server. This post will be updated with information regarding the CE server when it is up and functional, so please be patient.
    Revolution Public Beta Server for PC:
    PC MD CE **NOTE**
    These maps are completely unprotected and open source. Feel free to host them on your own servers, and do with them what you wish.
    To follow the development of this project, please visit the topic in the Works In Progress section of Halo 1 Modding and Development
  13. GVPWuzHere liked a post in a topic by Ken10Ness in Halo Anniversary   
    I would love someone to rip Halo Anniversary's files to put in Halo CE, it is just a modified version of Halo 1 on the original Xbox and Halo CE uses the same engine as that and not only that it is just Halo 1 Xbox modified for CE and a few extras.
  14. GVPWuzHere liked a post in a topic by NeX in Halo: Revolution   
    That's the plan, stan. School will start and I don't need this holding my attention. I can retexture/add scenery to a map and finish it graphically in about 1 solid day of work. Since the weapons, vehicles, biped, and 99% of the HUD is finished, that's about all that's left. I figure 8 more maps in ~ 6 weeks is doable. Ill still be around and do random stuff, but ill probably move to a new project next year after school let's out again. The only bummer is I hoped to do a matching UI, but the time just isn't there unless someonee else hops aboard who's an expert on them.
  15. GVPWuzHere liked a post in a topic by NeX in Halo: Revolution   
    Death Island Beta:
    Full album - http://imgur.com/a/lFGIP#0
  16. GVPWuzHere liked a post in a topic by NeX in Halo: Revolution   
    3 maps are up in alpha, where they'll stay until testing indicates that they no longer need gameplay tweaks. Once they're done for that, and testers have played them into the ground, I'll fix leaks and work on making them pretty and moving them into beta. Timberland is in its second alpha run, due to some scenery issues and weapon/vehicle placement, while icefields and dangercanyon are in their baby alpha stages. While they test, ill be on vacation, so no updates for a bit. Once I have suitable beta versions, things will pick up again.
  17. GVPWuzHere liked a post in a topic by NeX in Halo: Revolution   
    Halo: Revolution
    This is a project that I started originally for Vanilla Halo: PC (Combat Evolved), and was initially Join-Friendly. It featured an updated tagset from the original Halo, with new models, textures, effects, etc.
    The original project was intended so that you could replace your original .map files with the new ones, and join any regular server simply to see newer graphics. There had been mods like this in the past, such as the FTW projects, or RTE (relive the experience). I did figure out with this original side how to expand texture sizes to make the same reference call a higher resolution texture without adding bitmaps, which was pretty neat. I also figured out (independently, however I don't claim to be the first to use this method at all) how to use cubemap reflection and specular alpha channels on diffuse texture for scenery environments to get bump maps to show independently of dynamic lighting (explosion, light volume tags, etc) . 
    These maps ranged in size from 200-300MB/map, which I found unacceptable. Not only this, but the BSPs must be the same in order for a join-friendly map to work, which limits what you can do creatively very much.
    -Detail Objects
    -upgraded level geometry
    -baked lightmaps
    -balanced and variable gameplay
    ...to name only a few drawbacks of join-friendly.
    I've decided to release the completed version one maps, that should work fine, on here now. Of these, some are open source, the others I could not find the originals to, however if I do stumble across them, I'll update this post with links.
    Join Friendly .map files for Vanilla Halo PC (.zip)
    Derelict (carousel) Chillout Damnation Prisoner Chiron TL34 (putput) Wizard  
    Bloodgulch *if any links are wrong, let me know so I can update*
    I do not claim to have made any of this stuff from scratch, except for some textures. A lot of particle effects I have made from scratch, or have made use of others' high resolution sprites and sometimes re-used particles used elsewhere in the mod. However, every asset that I did use has been tweaked and customized. I don't remember all the credits that are due, but here's the list I can remember:
    NOS guys for helping me test these.
    and others I can't remember. If you use the content directly from Rev, please credit, this may not be all 100% custom, but it took some damned hard work to get it all together and working that way. That includes the original authors of the stuff, mainly because I ripped a lot of it without permission (sue me).
    Nothing in the protected versions should be absent from the open source maps, so all of the tags should be available in some form or another.
    Obligatory update of current progress
    The following spoiler is here as an archive of the original post at the start of this project - it's an OLD download, and doesn't reflect current progress. It was left behind in favor of the new version because it is large, buggy, and cumbersome to play. View and read, but download and install at your own risk.