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  1. You said mootjuh? That's my friend. Haha I actually know someone from the hpc modding community!
  2. You guys are so smart!
  3. When I play the game without any mods, it's playable the maximum resolution I can set in game is 1280x768 and I'm fine with laying it like that but I don't want to lower any settings. The lowest resolution I will play at is 1024x768. Wow being able to run at 900p and over 45fps on HD 2500? What did you do to make it run so well? Just turn down the settings?
  4. Pentium dual core @2.3 4 GB ram Intel HD 2000 I had to reinstall Halo because for some reason the files couldn't be found. So now I'm trying to find the beta maps again. I have them all except Death Island. Can someone help? I thought it was on the forums but when I typed any keywords in the topic to search for it, I only got 3 posts and those posts didn't have the link to google drive that has the beta maps.
  5. Will I be able to run it? Lol
  7. I wish I knew how to do this stuff. I try to get on and engage in codecademy but I just can't sometimes. The games draw me away.
  8. I can't anymore, I've done a lot of reinstalling and experimenting since my last post and just kept the ui.map and all the modded maps, it still works. I haven't tried out the emblem system yet. But it's downloading as I'm typing this.
  9. I keep having problems now after the patch for halo 1.10 released, but I didn't get the patch. I open the game and then it closes automatically. I found out that it is something with the mods, it's not the maps or the ui, so it cancels out some files, I know you don't work on this anymore and you restarted it all. But maybe you could think about that before something happens. Or maybe did I do something wrong? I don' have any mods except this one. Is this a common thing? How do I fix it?