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  1. Hey, I'm Jericho from the {MAG} clan. Had an account on this forum since last summer, never got around to introducing myself or posting anything until recently. Not much to tell, I'm a Computer Technician in NY (born and raised). I guess that's about it, you can see my Rig in the "show off your setup" topic. Nice to meet you all!!
  2. If he calls you Clarice, run...run like hell.
  3. You two stop fighting or I swear to god I'll turn this server around and no one gets to go gaming!!
  4. I plan on making some upgrades with my tax return but I probably will not get to the monitor. I'm planning on a new CPU, more RAM, headset, maybe a new mouse and definitely some case fans. Oh and a custom mouse pad. I was telling Tucker the other night that I got the monitor for free from an old boss at a computer store I used to work at since the monitor did not work but it was barely used. I took it apart, found it had a blown capacitor, soldered a new one in and it's been working fine ever since. It's a Viewsonic 19" 1280x1024 75hz and I usually run it at that in V-sync.
  5. I meant hard for me to complain. I already know I need to upgrade some things and the parts I need. It's a matter of money and most of mine goes to my apartment and my vehicle and various other bills.
  6. That's a 19" Viewsonic that I got for free so, hard to complain about it, lol.
  7. Sir yes Sir!! Lol actually I already plan on having vistaprint make me some custom mouse pads soon. Green Chieftec Dragon. I've had it since around 2002, they don't even make them anymore. It's one of the original cases made with a side window.
  8. Nice Rig Leo. We have very similar video cards btw. Not sure which model you have of the EVGA 660, but mine is the 3GB edition. Purchased it in March 2014.
  9. My Camera kind of sucks but here is a picture of my gaming rig: