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  1. Yah, what i'm saying though is you don't get anything from winning the war. Yes that's the goal of the game but you really don't need to, you get everything you can from the game with or without winning the war, so long as you don't complete a species homeworld. Wish there was just more reason to finish the war.
  2. Still i think most people are doing the homeworld when there is one, just for the x2 bonus experience. Expecting everyone to fight one species for 2 days is a bit unreasonable, especially people trying to get unlocks. I haven't seen what happens when you win a war, but if you do complete a homeworld you lose access to playing against them the remainder of the war. That's another thing, why try to beat the homeworld when if you just lose you'll always have access to the three species to play against. Doesn't seem like there's any award other than the achievement and a cape for winning the war.
  3. Have this game, played the shit out of it. The harder difficulty is a lot easier with people that know what they are doing. Staying closer together in the center to be able to see patrols on screen and to kill them before they alert more units to come. While you are taking on the other units, takings out the patrols that still spawn to alert more reinforcements while you are taking on already summoned reinforcements. What probably makes the "justice" the best gun in the game (non DLC wise) is that it shoots through units and is automatic. So while you are dealing with reinforcements you can shoot through them to kill the scouts behind them to stop them from calling more reinforcements. The war does seem kind of pointless to me at least, when attacking a homeworld of one of the alien species you have 48 hours to do so. It seems like if the game just had more players in it it'd be a lot easier to beat the homeworld. Assuming the amount of influence needed is static and not determined by the number of players currently playing. Won't ever really know but it does seem to be static, i haven't seen the influence get to even more than half of what was needed to win before the timer runs out. Some different approach to this would have been nicer than a timer. That's just me though. As said DLC for this game kind of sucks, i didn't get the DLC but i see people use it a lot. Probably the 2 biggest ones are the "all terrain perk" which allows you to run on snow/swamp and the UAV which shows where samples are on the map, samples which let you get research points to upgrade your gear.
  4. Have you heard of sublime text? It's a lot better i think than notepad++. Also for an ide, you could look at pycharm. It's by jetbrains which make some pretty good ones.
  5. I also meant, either use it as a sub class OR keep it as a variable in the class. You only need one instance of HashTable. You can implement it either way, really. I did a quick check and it was like i thought, HashTable allows for duplicate items, but HashMap should only allow for one to exist. So you need to implement your own things some what. You need to implement begin/end() for the for statement. You have to implement your functions to make sure they work in the way he wants them to. Your insert function doesn't return a std::pair<> which it seems he wants (and is implemented the same way for HashTable). You return a bool instead and always return true, if you just do return table.insert(pair); it should work, (match the return type as well). Not sure if that's exactly the implementation he wants though. ------------------------ You guys seem to be having a lot of trouble.... There is one problem i found, as i implemented it myself. You have to create your own Find() function, and there's really no easy way you can go about it. You can implement a sub optiminal one but really the main issue is with HashTable. It should have provided a way to change the comparison function just as it did with Hash. If you are allowed to modify it then it'll be a lot easier. Note: there is a problem with implementing find(key), you don't have access to HashTable variables cause they are defined as private. You can't modify the comparison functions because those are hardcoded to use "<" and ">". You can also just implement find() by just looping through the elements in table using begin/end. This is a less than optimal solution, but the implementation of hash table isn't very customizable unless you are allowed to change it. If you are allowed to change the implementation of HashTable then it would look something like this: I only had to change like 3-4 lines in HashTable. Change the _find() function which used the greater than/less than operators to use the templated one instead. Both of you probably shouldn't use this one though. If the prof googles the code he might very well find this thread .
  6. At a guess this line isn't working is it? dict.insert({3, "three"}); You need an overload of insert() for Pair. Using the braces { } is also used for the creation of a std::pair, you'd need double braces to create a list, like so: { { 10, "a" } } // a list with a single pair in it Implementing "insert(const Pair&)" and such should fix your error. Again that's just a guess, it'd help if you posted the line where the error occurred (line 138 means nothing to me as i dont have the exact source). Also if all your functions are going to be 1 : 1, where you just call table.function() in every hashmap function, then you could probably subclass it and leave the implementation. I was just operating under the assumption HashTable didn't have the desired implementation of HashMap. Use your best judgement here, or you could just do trail and error. Testing the HashMap code with a subclass will probably be easy. The only problem you might have is when the test code tries to insert "another four" with the 4 as a key, which already exists in the hashmap. It looks like for a hash map, he doesn't want the value to be replaced.
  7. Yah the HashTable only has one parameter, you can repurpose it to fit your needs with Templates ! Firstly, idk if he provided an implementation for the HashMap? Are you required to make it a subclass of the HashTable, cause that creates some potential conflict. So i'm going to go on the basis that your prof didn't ask you to implement it as a subclass. Your prof also kind of gives you a clue here in the hash map test code: dict.insert(std::make_pair(4, "four")); Notice std::make_pair, also if you recall std::unorder_map<> it gives some idea of what can be done. // add includes for pair/size_t/hash from std template<typename K, typename T, typename Hash = std::hash<K>> class HashMap { public: // if your prof REQUIRES you to have HashMap be a subclass, then you'd need to move PairHash outside the body and template it using Pair = std::pair<K, T>; struct PairHash { std::size_t operator()(const Pair& pair) { return hash(pair.first); } // we only want the first of pair to be used in the hash function private: Hash hash; }; // todo: just implement your find(), insert(), erase() accordingly now private: WSUHashTable<Pair, PairHash> table; }; I think that should solve the biggest problem you had, inwhich how you turn 2 parameters into 1. If you need more help, let me know.
  8. Do you still need help with this? Or have you figured it out?
  9. Been kind of slow lately, i wouldn't hope for too much, even though it seems i have a lot done, there is still even more to do. Small details pile up quickly and aren't as quickly completed compared to fewer larger details.
  10. There isn't any sort of gameplay or netcode in it yet so there wouldn't really be much to play. Yah it just mixes between frames, it makes it look a lot smoother without having to change too much so the game engine can continue to run at 30 fps.
  11. Nothing really special but, added mixing between frames, idk it doesn't seem like youtube is 60 fps but the second example is drawing the animations at 5 fps as an extreme example to show what's happening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnUnIhxDIPo
  12. Pickachu is best starter, for those that got the yellow version .
  13. It should be used exactly the same as blitzkrieg from what i can remember of it. This includes regions, which only work for editable mesh though. Using anything else will cause the selection for the regions to be obliterated. It also supports exporting vertex weights, which should be setup similarly to bluestreak. It does calculate the checksum, the problem is the order children are attached to their parent matters. Unfortunately there isn't any way to know what this order is using 3ds max. It sorts the list of objects alphabetically, even if internally the order is equivalent to the order they were attached to their parent. https://github.com/sprinkle131313/junglegym/releases/
  14. Yah open source is a good policy, but for games i don't know. What it does is allow for the project to be forked, which usually gives variety and such. For a game though, where the user base interacts with each other, all this does is fragment it and there is no way to enforce it otherwise.
  15. @NeX Yah some programs don't always support that kind of renaming so i just stick with right clicking. @WaeV Maybe eventually but right now it still needs a lot of work.