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  1. A new update to both packs has been released to include custom map preview images on the map selection screen: The downloads links and the Nexus Mods page have been updated with the latest release
  2. Not gonna lie, the first time I saw the new ramp in Damnation, I thought the same.
  3. With the latest MCC update and the release of the updated HEK, I am happy to announce the early release of these two map packs. NHE (Neutral Host Edition) and the more recent PE (Patch Edition) are popular in the Xbox competitive community, and it is my pleasure to bring the latest versions of the maps to MCC in an easily-distributable format. NOTE: These map packs are not intended to be an "official" or comprehensive NHE or PE release for MCC in the traditional sense. They do not include the features from the Xbox mods (notably the training mode, neutral host mode and talking timer). These are essentially "vanilla MCC" releases of the maps from those mods, built with the new tagset that was released with the updated HEK. In other words: there are no "base tagset" or gameplay modifications in these maps - they are clean (except for Pat Race, see the list of PE changes below for more information). Other features, such as the competitive sound removal mod and no-spread mod, are redundant since they were added to MCC (use the new Hardcore settings toggle in the gametype editor in-game). This release does include, however, previously-unreleased recent revisions of some maps. I have also released these map packs on Nexus Mods and future updates will be posted there first. Here's my Nexus Mods page: https://www.nexusmods.com/users/47716?tab=user+files New Update (30 June 2021): custom map preview/thumbnail images have now been added! NHE map pack: For more information about the original NHE mod, refer to this site: https://halo1nhe.com/#features NOTE: Due to the limitation in MCC that requires vanilla map files to be replaced in order to run custom maps, the following maps are not included with this release: Double Take, Xbox Blood Gulch, Xbox Sidewinder, Xbox Rat Race, Xbox Wizard, Xbox Blood Gulch, Xbox Boarding Action, Xbox Sidewinder, Xbox Longest & Xbox Chiron TL34. It is only a matter of time before someone releases a "comprehensive" Xbox map pack that includes the entire original lineup. The intention with this map pack is to port the most-played NHE maps to MCC. Patch Edition map pack: Patch Edition is a brand new competitive mod aimed at "refreshing" the tournament map lineup, including some minor gameplay balance and level tweaks. Here is the full list of changes included in the PE maps: Download links: I have decided to leverage MCC Mod Manager to ease distribution and align map replacements for players wishing to run custom lobbies. More information about MCC Mod Manager can be found here: https://github.com/executionByFork/MCC_Mod_Manager#readme It is highly recommended that you use MCC Mod Manager to install the "modpack" version of the map packs. Otherwise you will need to manually replace the map files every time you need to run the maps, and manually restore your backed up files when you want to play with anticheat ON. All downloads below include a modified careerdb.xml file which renames the map names in the map selection screen to reflect the actual map, eliminating the need for a "cheat sheet" of which map is which. Read the included readme's for more information and installing instructions, as well as the full list of the map replacements used. NHE map pack v1.0 ("modpack" MCC Mod Manager download): https://mega.nz/file/y9cTEKra#DN5UCUlmqHaVjAo6N5sftjQP4KSIeurcXy743SXu3no PE map pack v1.0 ("modpack" MCC Mod Manager download): https://mega.nz/file/yo9VzQgb#TIuCcreJus8Abitoqyw3DBnAuv77Ua8jK8JqTd3LKPc If you are comfortable handling the map replacements on your own, use the below download links. Note that the files have already been renamed in the interest of standardizing the map replacements used (the maps in the above "modpacks" downloads have their original names, if that's what you're into): NHE map pack v1.0 (manual install): https://mega.nz/file/68s1lICY#OPTln-WUs5A84OpAw_lh9fcBKAOZsDHNvAxbE0DG5Wc PE map pack v1.0 (manual install): https://mega.nz/file/f50BjC4a#r10VPkLgi0Wc2pVVOFNFjREWLS435CZ6WnMqBpWR4VU NOTE: If you wish to mix some of the PE maps in to the NHE lineup, I suggest first installing the NHE pack, and then overwriting with the desired PE maps. The packaged maps were renamed with this in mind. For example: if you wish to play a NHE mapcycle, except you want PE Dreadnought instead of Xbox Derelict, simply start by installing the NHE map pack, then copy in carousel.map from the PE map pack (and overwrite). In other words, any map with both a "NHE" and "PE" variant take the same slot in the map selection menu. Credits: MCC map ports produced by: stunt_man Tester: hirsute Original NHE team: Creator/Lead Developer: dds Lead Programmer/Developer: insidi0us Developer/Lead Tester: Devilman Consultant/Contributor: stunt man Wizard: Mintograde Creator of Arsenic: CLuis Liaison Officer/Tester: Mudbone Legal Counsel: McDick HBIC: Meg Tester: NtG-Fr33 Consultant/Environment Artist: DSalimander Environment Artist: il Duce Primo Tester: Cujjer Patch Edition team: Creator/Producer: Patch Lead Developer: hirsute NOTE: For specific map credits, please refer to the readme included in the map packs
  4. Even though it lost the competition, this map still played better than a couple of the other entries. I enjoyed it
  5. Hello OC, I browsed through the SAPP: Script Releases section and didn't find what I'm looking for. Requesting a script that allows non-admin players (-1 level) to initiate a vote for lo3/map reset. Preferably, I'd like to be able to customize the command being voted for. For example, instead of lo3, I may do a countdown followed by a map reload (in order to fully reset combo-powerups like the one up to on Hang 'Em High). But I also use @Kavawuvi's fast load script: Would it be possible for that player votes to call a custom command, which I could specify in commands.txt? Greatly appreciate your help with this. Thanks EDIT: would also like a way to set voting threshold (ex: like for SAPP mapvotes, where "51" means >50% of votes)
  6. Glad these got ported with clean tagset To anyone wondering what these maps are all about: A few members of the long-standing 2v2 community of Xbox players released Halo 1.5 as a mod many years ago. These maps were never released on PC until Michelle's previous ports (I believe only Downrush/Zerohour?) about 3 years ago. Contrary to most custom maps released for PC, these were designed by high-level players that actually understand the intricacies of the 2v2 team slayer meta. The creators were acutely aware of the gameplay implications of their design decisions, and they made very few arbitrary decision in terms of player spawn placement, netgame equipment placement, pathing, etc. The result is a pack of 13 maps that, for the most part, can be played competitively or casually. In my opinion these maps are much closer in design to the smaller original maps (Chill Out, Prisoner, Hang 'Em High, etc) than anything the PC community has ever put out (keyword: smaller maps - not talking 8v8 big maps). All that being said, give them a try when a server goes up with them!
  7. Thanks sorry I must have skipped over that part.
  8. Which users?
  9. What criteria will be used for judging maps? For example will a good-looking-but-poorly-designed map win over a bad-looking-but-well-designed map?
  10. Sorry I don't come around here much... The teleporter shader I'm using in unreleased versions of my Xbox ports is actually a custom shader (2 shaders, actually) created by DSalimander. The ones in the "rc_final" versions of the maps is outdated, but was ripped from DSali's H2 Beaver Creek. The new one looks much better. I have an old thread for my project on here and I'll update it when everything's finished.
  11. Yes it's possible to port the Xbox versions of the maps, I've been working on them for awhile. Latest public releases are here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/82rc79du09el2q4/Xbox Versions - Final Release Candidates.zip?dl=1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/dthwxkf7r35whkb/Xbox Versions - Imminent %26 Levee.zip?dl=1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/dzu59884dtimxvi/xbox_exhibit_h1.5_rc_final.map.zip?dl=1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/nps0hgyhf3791nt/xbox_hotbox_h1.5_rc_final.map.zip?dl=1 It's not a complete set and is missing some maps, but I'll be releasing the final versions sometime in the next few months
  12. Ah well. Anyway it's thanks to him that I'm able to achieve equivalent (and better) results without NeX's script on my servers. I hope the info I posted above will be useful to anyone look to host this sort of thing.
  13. Actually I wanted to tag you and 002 but for some reason it wouldn't let me do two consecutive tags? Anyway just thought it'd be worth clearing up any lingering confusion about NeX's script and fixing the item time offsets. The above configuration is what I use in my servers and it's been working well. Also you said something about raffle tickets but I wanted to say, send them to... Kavawuvi's doppleganger
  14. Sorry for the bump but I just want to confirm that this doesn't work anymore. Forgot to answer back in October :/
  15. Haven't check in here in awhile, but NeX's script (which was truly an impressive techinical feat and groundbreaking at the time) is now obsolete. SAPP now has a command called disable_timer_offsets that, when enabled in SAPP's init.txt, fixes the problem addressed by NeX's script, regardless of gametype. It seems to be much cleaner and item times remain accurate. The functionality that was lost includes was the grace period at the beginning of the match and the on-screen timer. The benefit of using this method vs NeX's script: more stable server performance (I was experiencing seemingly random crashes all the time when using NeX's script),proper compatibility with floating powerups, and longer more accurate spawn times in long games (after the 30 minute mark). This lost funcationality can be restored though. Kavawuvi has since released a script that syncs "item time" with sv_map_reset (see attached full_reset.lua) and yet another script that adds some HUD elements (console output) including talking timer, teammate spawn countdown, and teammate pickup notifications for powerups/rockets (see attached team_info.lua). A grace period can be added manually by using SAPP's event system to simply display a countdown in chat to all players at the beginning of a match, leading into a "sv_map_reset". Personally I prefer the more graceful method of using SAPP's event system to force "gamespeed 0" (requires players to have HAC2, not sure what happens for players that don't have HAC2) for the first 15 seconds of a match, and display a countdown to all players, leading into a "gamespeed 1" when the match is to start. team_info.lua full_reset.lua @Tucker933