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  1. So it would be like, b test or are you saying b *test* if the players name were test and does this ban them by the hash also? And by the way, thanks OO2
  2. Hey, Is it possible to ban players by their name? thanks
  3. Fake news...lol!!! I would recommend following that link, and see where it goes ITS A JOKE!!
  4. Assuming that the cheats use these as trackers, is there a way, to remove the player indicators in halo? I think that if we did that, we can make the wall hacks and aimbots obsolete? Would that work? Could this be done server side? thanks BMF
  5. yep....my bad, it works fine. So I understand, if its 110 kills and 40 deaths, they get kicked, and so forth, correct 002?
  6. BTW....this script doesnt appear to be workin :-(
  7. Yep...isnt there a way to negate this hack? They all have it, and they are all using it. Just google diego halo hack and see for yourself.
  8. I cant tell if its working, i Ill let you know. But I wanted to say thanks a bunch! I wish I were able to do this myself, but I cant. Otherwise, I would. I hope this helps the innocent players, and the really good ones understand, its for the good of the community. EVERY one of my maps are CTF, but they are treated as Sniper. We are inundated with hackers. They are all using this Deigo Multihack, thats widely availabe. so im wondering if there is ANY way to kill this thing? If you check it out, this is for sure a HALO killer. Like 002 said, the only real way to stop them is to have a password, and thats just a pain in the butt! Thanks again dudes, and HEY Praetor!!
  9. I appreciate your point of view, and I dont know what else to do. I went into my server yesterday, and there was a hacker in there, who was 635 and 15. Admins, good or bad are scarce. I am desperately trying to hang onto this game, and I have many members and admin working and asking what the hell to do. I usually have more than 25% of the total HALO CE traffic on my servers. The more traffic, the more cheaters. And most the good players are leaving this game too. I wanted to play with this, and see if it might diminish at least some of the cheaters. Thanks 002 Getting this error 002 EventCallback >> OnKill >> Lua Error: [string "max_kdr"]:13: attempt to compare number with string
  10. Hey everybody, and thanks for all the help! I was wondering, since I am running unlimited clips, on all my servers, and the hackers have overridden them all, if there would be a way to set a KDR kick, and specify a min and max for each. Ideally, (for example) if somebody has 100 kills and 30 deaths, they get kicked, but not until they get 100 kills, and so forth. Id like to be able to experiment and change the ratio. With IP changing, and Hash changing, HALO will soon be dead, if somebody doesnt figure out how to stop the hackers. Its nearly impossible to ban them, sometimes range banning works, but most of the time, that doesnt either. Anybody have any solutions to this? I tried setting a server with HAC2 but it was empty 24/7. This is a last ditch effort to annoy the cheaters enough to make them quit. Any ideas? Thanks RGBMF
  11. Is there a lua script for written for Hugeass?
  12. Hey Everybody, Can somebody please tell me how to turn off nighttime in Hugeass? Many Thanks bmf
  13. Hey all, How do you set a server, to give more than 2 weapons to a player at load out? Is that in the game type, or what? And can you designate which weapons you get? Thanks for all the help! BMF
  14. Thanks giraffe I really appreciate that! Bunches!! Works perfect!!! Maybe that will help keep the server from crashing! Well see!! Many thanks! BMF
  15. Hey gents, As some of you might know, I am running the BIGASS map on our servers. Its crashing at least twice a day, and sometimes more. I know ALTIS has said that running to many scripts will kill it, and I am only running one, the biped script. I am wondering if just having the favorite armor for most, haunted might be easier on the server. NOW, could somebody please tell me how choose a default armor from the choices that are available on the map? The kids really love this map, and we thank Altis for that! As always, your help is appreciated! BMF